A dangerous exiled criminal called Solus has returned once more to threaten the civilized lands of RuneScape. The White Knights responsible for dealing with this threat don't seem capable of meeting the challenge... perhaps some adventurer can succeed where they have failed?

Use all of your tracking skills, and a little Temple Knight technology, to track him down and bring this criminal to justice once and for all!


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements:
Lost Tribe, The
Priest in Peril
Recruitment Drive
Other Requirements:
33 Quest Points
Ability to kill level 33 Black Knights
Items Needed: 10,000x Coins, or, Enchanted gem, Law rune, Molten glass

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.

Getting Started

Speak to Sir Tiffy who can be found sitting on the bench in Falador park.

You will ask him if you can become a White Knight and he will inform you of a loophole and advise you to speak to Sir Amik Varze. You can find Sir Amik on the third floor on the western side of the White Knight's Castle. Speak to him about becoming a White Knight but decline his offer to be a squire. Tell him you know of a stranger who told you about a faster way of becoming a White Knight and ask to be his deputy. Sir Amik will agree that you are suited for the job but he cannot deputize you unless there is a crisis.

Crisis Briefing

Return back to Sir Tiffy and you will ask him to organise a crisis. Fortunately there is already a crisis regarding a very dangerous criminal, and Sir Tiffy will advise you to speak to Sir Amik again. Head back to Sir Amik who will inform you that a scout has information about the evil Solus Dellagar and will deputize you immediately.

Make your way back to Sir Tiffy once more who will give you some background information on Solus Dellagar, and now you must track him down. He will also offer some equipment that you must either buy or bring the required items for it to be made (law rune, molten glass and a slayer gem). Choose which option you'd prefer and you will receive a Commorb. Use the contact option and you will speak to Savant. She will brief you on your assignment and suggest you speak to Lord Daquarius of the Black Knights, and the Mage of Zamorak in Varrock.

Finding Solus

Go to Taverly dungeon and follow it through until you reach the Black Knights. Find Lord Daquarius who is on the western side and ask him for information regarding Solus Dellagar. He will refuse to tell you anything, however Savant will tell you that he is concerned for the safety of his men. Kill a Black Knight (level 33) and speak to Lord Daquarius again. He will reluctantly tell you that Solus left behind some fur, but will not say anything else.

Now make your way to Varrock and head to the south east side and speak to the Mage of Zamorak. He will offer you his information in exchange for 20 rune/pure essence. Make the trade and he will inform you that Solus has gone east. Savant will be stumped by these clues however you will work out that he must be in Canifis.

Venture over to Canifis and as you approach the city, Savant will give you some information on slow teleportation and direct you to scan the orb deeper within Canifis. Please note that you will need to approach the city from the south-western entrance for Savant to contact you -- teleporting to the Lodestone does not work.

Chasing Clues

Face a little north of the inn and scan the Commorb. Solus will appear briefly before teleporting away again and leaving a clue. You will now have to find Solus five times by using these clues which are completely random for each player. At each location, scan the commorb and Solus will appear before tricking you and teleporting elsewhere. On the third location Solus will attack you and drain the majority of your lifepoints however Savant will teleport you back to Falador. On the fifth location Solus will make you fight a Black Knight (level 33).

Picture Clue Location
Banana Banana plantation on Musa Point
Bear Fur Fur stall at Ardougne market
Blue Cape Champion's Guild (must enter)
Blue Wizard's Hat Wizard's tower
Bone Spear Dorgeshuun Mines
Cake Cake stall at Ardougne market
Castlewars Ticket Castlewars lobby
Cream Hat First floor of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, near King Narnode Shareen
Earmuffs Slayer Tower north of Canifis
Eyepatch Pirate's pub in Brimhaven
Fake Beard Ali Morrisane in Al Kharid
Fremennik Cloak Rellekka
Giant Frog Legs The Giant Frogs area in the Lumbridge caves
Goblin Mail Goblin Village, north of Falador
Greenman's Ale Bar in Yanille
Grey Toy Horsey Draynor Village market
Red Vine Worm McGrubor's Wood, west of Seers' Village
Unholy Symbol Spirit of Scorpious, north of the Observatory

Defeating Solus

You will learn the final destination for Solus is the Rune Essence mine, so make your way there. A cutscene will ensue in which Solus defeats all of the Temple Knights however it will leave him in a weakened state. Savant will tell you that you are the only one who can finish him. Once you have defeated him, take his hat back to Sir Amik Varze in Falador.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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