Fight Arena
The prosperous Servil family have been abducted by the infamous General Khazard. He plans to have the family battle for his entertainment in the Fight Arena.
Can you rescue the Servils before the tyrant has these innocent (not to mention wealthy) civilians slain?


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat levels 44, 63 and 137 without banking.
Items Needed: 5x Coins, Armour, Weapons and Food.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Start the quest by speaking with Lady Servil, located just north-east of the Tree Gnome Village. Offer to help free her family from Slavery.

Head to the east to a group of small buildings located just to the south of the monastery. The house in the north-east contains an armour stand which holds the Khazard armour. Take both the helmet and platebody as you need these to complete the quest.

Entering the Prison

After equipping them, head to the prison to the south-east of the Fight Arena.

Jeremy Servil is loated in the north cell in the east part of the prison. Speak with him and he will explain that one of the guards has the cell key used to unlock his cell. In the South-east corner of the jain, there will be a guard sitting near the table. Speak with him and you will learn that he is a drunk who likes Khali brew. Head to the western entrance to the jail and buy the Khali brew for five coins. Head back to the guard and offer him the drink. You will take the keys off him while he is drinking.

Gather together all of your combat gear and food and get ready for the fight. You do not need to use the Khazard armour anymore.

Use the keys you have just obtained on the prison door which will free Jeremy. A cutscene will play where you see Jeremy's father being attacked by an ogre.

The Fight

Attack the level 63 Khazard Ogre that has just appeared to help save his father. Khazard will appear after killing the Ogre and will lock you in a prison cell. Speak to Hengrad to continue on the quest.

The First Fight is against a level 44 Khazard Scorpion. Kill this and speak to Jeremy again who will get a Khazard Hellhound that is level 13Using Protect from Melee Prayer helps here as he has a high accuracy and can deal a lot of damage. You can use a safespot behind the Skeletons as shown below if needed.

Once you have killed the Hellhound Bouncer, General Khazard will attack you. He is level 112 combat. You do not need to kill General Khazard to complete the quest and gain the rewards. If you do decide to face him however, he has two forms.

Once defeating or leaving General Khazard, return to Lady Servil to finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Simon
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