Making History
A secluded outpost has served the City of Ardougne for generations, playing stage to many exceptional events. Its current occupant wants to employ your skills to construct its true history before time runs out and history itself is wiped away!


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements:
Priest in Peril
Other Requirements:
A way to enter Port Phasmatys (Ecto-tokens, Coins or completion of Ghosts Ahoy), Ring of dueling (For quick transportation to Castle Wars).

Note: 24 Crafting, 40 Smithing and 40 Mining are not needed to start the quest, it simply allows you to make a sapphire amulet, making the quest somewhat easier.
Items Needed: Spade, Amulet of ghostspeak, Sapphire amulet

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Jorral who can be found at the outpost northwest of Ardougne.

He will tell you about the history of the outpost and will ask you to speak to three people: Erin the Silver merchant in East Ardougne, Droalak the ghost in Port Phasmatys, and Dron the warrior in Rellekka.

Erin the Silver Merchant

Make your way into East Ardougne and speak to Erin the Silver merchant. He will tell you of his great grandfather's enchanted key and you will ask to borrow it. This enchanted key changes temperature in certain locations. Head over to Castle Wars, and then go over the bridge to the north. Feel your keys temperature within this area. If you are in the right spot a message will appear saying the key is steaming.

You will dig up a chest and you will use the enchanted key to open it to receive a journal.

Droalak the Ghost

Now, travel to Port Phasmatys and speak to Droalak to the south of the general store. He will tell you of a timeline of the history of the outpost which he currently has, however he will not give it you unless you first give a sapphire amulet to Melina.

Melina can be found in the house east of the general store. Give her the sapphire amulet and she will then tell you she feels complete and will disappear. Return to Droalak and he will give you the timeline.

Dron the Warrior

Head over to Rellekka and speak to Dron in the northeastern side. He refuses to speak to you and directs you to speak to his brother Blanin instead. Go south and speak to Blanin who will inform you that Dron will only talk to you if you answer a variety of questions. Dron will then proceed to give you some information about his brother:

  • Dron wields an iron mace in battle
  • He eats rats for breakfast
  • He eats kittens for lunch
  • He eats bunnies for tea
  • His favourite drink is red spider blood
  • He is 36 years, 8 months, and 21 days old
  • He studies famous battles of the Fourth and Fifth ages
  • He lives on the north-east side of the town
  • His brother's name is Blanin
  • He has a pet cat named Fluffy
  • Five plus seven is twelve

Now return back to Dron but do not tell him that you spoke to his brother. Tell him "Why, you're the famous warrior Dron!", and he will then go on to ask you some questions. Respond with the answers given above and he will then tell you that he will answer any questions you have for him. Ask him about the outpost and he will then go on to tell you what history he knows of it.

Reporting back to Jorral

Report back to Jorral at the outpost will all the information and he will then collate all this together to give you the true history. He will write it all down in a letter and ask you to take it to King Lathas. Make your way to Ardougne castle and deliver the letter to the king. He will then give you another letter to give back to Jorral. Do so and Jorral will then make the outpost into a museum.

Head back to the Silver merchant in Ardougne and he will tell you that the enchanted key will help you to find buried treasure all around Ardougne. Use its temperature clues to uncover the treasure.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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