Rune Mechanics
Apprentice Clerval over at the Mage Training Arena is just a bit useless, which really isn't helping him to achieve his dream of being the first wizard in centuries to build a rune guardian from scratch. He might need some help to do some research, gather supplies, fix broken machinery, and, er, do everything else... (He really is useless.)


Skill Requirements:
21 20 Runecrafting
23 25 Construction
7 27 Magic
Quest Requirements:
Wolf Whistle
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: None

Items Recommended: Ring of duelling (8), Fire altar teleport
Reward: Click to reveal


Make your way to the Mage Training Arena, just north of the Duel Arena next to Al Kharid, and go down the ladder just west of the entrance. In the basement, talk to Apprentice Clerval. He will ask you to bring him a Rune Guardian and wants you to speak to several wizards for help. These are Wizard Shug, Wizard Edvin, and Wizard Dougal.

Wizard Shug

Go up the ladder and up a flight of stairs. Wandering around the Rewards guardian you will find Wizard Shug. He will tell you how to enchant emeralds without runes. Return to the basement and operate the workbench next to Apprentice Clerval to turn the two emeralds into two enchanted emeralds.

Hint: Talk to Apprentice Clerval and he will store the two enchanted emeralds for you.

Wizard Edvin

In the most Eastern room of the Mage Training Arena's basement you can find Wizard Edvin. Ask him for help resurrecting a Rune Guardian and he will ask you to test a prototype puzzle for him in exchange for the tool that will help you resurrect it.

Accept his offer and you will be teleported into a maze. Your objective is to reach the room with the green symbol on the floor by using the portals. If you don't know which route to take, simply look at the symbol patterns next to every portal and they will show you how many rooms and which direction you will be teleported in if you take that portal. From the starting took, take the portals in the following order in order to reach the end: West, North, North, North. Once you have reached the final room, leave it by using the switch in one of its corners.

Speak with Wizard Edvin again and he will talk to you about the history of Rune Guardians. After all the dialogue, he will give you a tool in which you can use to create a Rune Guardian.

Hint: Talk to Apprentice Clerval and he will store the tool and any other related quest items you may have.

Wizard Dougal

You can find the final wizard, Dougal, in the room adjacent to Apprentice Clerval. When given the option, choose "massage his ego." He will inform you that you need five body runes, five steam runes, and five mind runes to bring the Rune Guardian to life. Unnote the ten pure essence at a bank and walk to the fire altar. Enter it by using the fire talisman on it. Equip the binding necklace and use the water talisman on the altar to craft five steam runes.

Hint: Talk to Apprentice Clerval and he will give you the following materials to help you make the combination runes: a fire talisman, water talisman, ten noted pure essence, and a binding necklace. If you are unsure of what to do with these materials, search the bookcases in the basement to find a book on how to make combination runes.

Return to the Mage Training Arena's basement and show Wizard Dougal the five steam runes, along with five mind runes and five body runes.

Hint: Again, you can talk to Apprentice Clerval and he will store the runes and any other related quest items you may have.

Circuit Board

Give all the acquired items and 20 pieces of rune/pure essence to Apprentice Clerval. He will now ask you for help with a circuit board. Click on the animation table and a puzzle will appear. You will see a screen with nine pieces in which you must shuffle around in order to create a complete circuit. Just move the pieces found at the right to form a pattern on the left side. When you finish the puzzle, click the green button with the check mark at the bottom.

Talk to Apprentice Clerval yet again and discover that he is unable to craft the parts by himself. Tell him that you will do it, and he will give you back a pile of rune/pure essence. Use Edvin's tool with the essence to create a guardian head, body, arms, and legs. Ask the apprentice how to revitalize the guardian and a cut scene will begin. The rune guardian will be brought back to life, which you can ask Apprentice Clerval to have as your very own Rune Guardian pet!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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