Elemental Workshop III
New secrets lay within the Elemental workshop. This time you have to solve a massive puzzle that could make you go crazy. Can you master the secrets, and figure out the puzzle to learn about the new secrets of the Elemental items?


Skill Requirements:
15 20 Mining
2 33 Defence
14 33 Smithing
Quest Requirements:
Elemental Workshop II
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Battered Key, Slashed Book, Pickaxe (any), 12x Coal, Hammer, Soft clay, Armour, Weapon (any)

Items Recommended: Camelot teleport method, Restore potion (if under 66 defence)
Reward: Click to reveal

Head to the Seers' Village Chapel and search the bookcases until you find a Ragged book. Read it, and you will find that its content has to do with the elemental body.

Leave the chapel and head north to the blacksmith, in the building west of the bank. Use the battered key on the odd-looking wall and descend the stairs into the Elemental Workshop.

Go into the west passageway and attempt to mine an elemental rock. As you try to mine it, a level 35 earth elemental will attack you. Kill it and pick up its elemental ore. Repeat this process until you gather three elemental ores.

Return to the central room and then head south to the furnace. Place the three elemental ores and the twelve coal you brought with you into the furnace to create three elemental bars.

Use the soft clay you brought with you on the ragged book. This will create a key mould. Use the key mould on the furnace along with one of the elemental bars to create a ragged elemental key.

You now must create a primed bar. Return to the central room and descend the stairs. Use the same method you used in Elemental Workshop II. Put an elemental bar on the jig cart, then dip it in the lava using the claw and the two old levers on either side of the claw. Place the bar onto the cart again, then pull the left lever first to pick up the bar and lift the crane. Use the right lever to rotate the crane. Now use the left lever again to dip the bar into the lava. Pull it again to pick it up. Next, pull the lever located underneath the yellow jig cart icon (on the mini-map) to move the cart towards the press. Finally, pull the lever near the pipes to flatten the bar.

Now that the bar has been flattened, it needs to be cooled down. Pull the lever by the yellow jig cart icon (on the mini-map) to move the cart in front of the water tank. Open the door with the lever in front of the cart and place the bar into the tank by rotating the corkscrew lever to the right two times. Once the bar has been placed inside the tank, close the door again and open the valves to let the water flow in. Then turn the valves again to let the water flow out. Open the door, rotate the corkscrew driver to put the cart back on the track, and close the door again. Then pull the lever to let the cart continue traversing the track.

It is time to move the bar into the wind tunnel. Pull the level located near the machinery to turn the fan on. Pull the level again to turn the fan off and move the cart back towards the crane. Pick up the primed bar and repeat the entire process again in order to create a second one.

You should now have a ragged elemental key and two primed bars. Now, climb back up the hatch into the central room and go down the stairwell to the west. Go down until you are at the bottom floor of the workshop. Head south and use the ragged elemental key on the body door to go through.

You should be in a room with a door and a slot next to it. Try to open the door and it will be stuck. Use the primed bar on the slot and the door will open.

Climb down either the east or west stairs and you will see a giant puzzle. The objective is to get all of the cogs spinning by pulling the levels in a sequential order.

Hint: The proceeding steps will show you how to solve the puzzle. It is recommended to use the zoomed out view so that you can see the whole puzzle at once. It will also save you from rotating the camera a thousand times. To the north of the giant puzzle will be two levers. The western level is to reset all your moves, and the eastern one will redo your last move. You only have 50 tries to solve the puzzle. When you pull one of the levels labeled A-F, you only need to puzzle it on one side; the other side will automatically be pulled also.

Pull the levels in the following order: 3, E, 6, F, 5, D, 7, F, 6, E, 4, F, J.

Now, continue by pulling the levers: E, 5, B, 6, C, 2, E, 6, D, 5, C, 3, E, 6, C, 3, E, 6, C, and finally pull number 5.

In order to activate the counter correctly, reset the puzzle by pulling the west lever (that says "reset" in the above picture). This will allow you to redo all the moves you did earlier, without having the issue that there is no power left in the machine. Now for the next sequence of levers to pull: A, 5, F, 6, B, 4, C, and 2.

The next set of levers to pull are: F, 6, C, 2, F, 6, C, 2, F, 6, C, and then 5.

Pull the following levers: 2, F, 5, E, 2, F, 5, E, 3, F, 5, E, 4, F, 5, and lever E.

Reset the puzzle again by pulling the western lever. Then continue with the following sequence of levers: A, 5, B, 6, C, 5, A, 6, C, 5, B, 4, C, 6, E, 2, C, 5, F, 2, C, 5, F, 2, C, 5, F, 3, E, 5, F, 3, E, 5, F, 6, E, 4, F, and lastly 5.

Reset the puzzle by pulling the western lever again. Proceed to pull the following levers: 2, C, 3, B, 2, A, 3, F, 2, B, 6, F, 2, C, 6, F, 2, D, 3, C, 5, F, 1, C, 6, A, 5, B, 6, F, 5, E, 3, B, 6, E, 3, C, 2, B, 6, E, 3, C, 2, B, 4, 3, D, and finally 2.

Reset the puzzle again and pull these levers: B, 2, A, 3, B, 2, F, 6, B, 2, D, 3, F, 6, C, 5, D, 6, F, 5, C, 6, F, 2, E, 5, F, 2, E, 5, D, 6, F, 4, E, and 5.

You are finally on the last step! Reset the puzzle one last time and pull the last sequence of levers: A, 5, F, 6, B, 2, A, 3, C, 2, B, 3, C, 2, B, 4, C, 2, F, 6, B, 2, D, 3, B, 2, F, 5, D, 6, E, 5, C, 6, F, 4, E, 5, F, 2, B, 5, A, 6, C, 5, and finally lever B. Congratulations, you completed the puzzle! It should now look like this:

Pull the following levers (no, this will not take forever!): 4, C, and 5. The middle part of the machine will rise again. Go up the stairs and enter the tiny room. Close the door using the lever, and push the big red button to produce a body bar. Pull the lever again to open the door. Take the bar out of the slot.

You must create a second body bar. Climb down the stairs again and puzzle the levers 4 and 5. The middle part of the machine will once again be lowered. Now pull the levers 4 and A to power up the middle. Pull the levers C and 5, and then proceed up the stairs. Use the last prime bar on the slot and enter the tiny room. Close the door using the lever, and push the big red button to produce a second body bar. Pull th lever again to open the door. Take the bar out of the slot.

Go upstairs to the central room of the Elemental Workshop and smith the two body bars into a body body on the workbench using a hammer and the ragged book.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Yolk
Corrections submitted by: Yolk, Tugboat, Nick D, Rebecca, Jack