Horror From The Deep
The Lighthouse protecting Kandarin's north-western coastline has mysteriously stopped operating, and contact with the Lighthouse-keeper Jossik has been lost.

The council would greatly appreciate it if somebody could discover for them what has happened to this most vital landscape feature.


Skill Requirements:
17 35 Agility
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
13 Magic or higher will be an advantage, Ability to defeat two level 100 monsters. The "Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl" must be completed.
Items Needed: 60x Steel nails, 2x Plank, Hammer, Swamp tar, Molten glass, Tinderbox, Air rune, Water rune, Fire rune, Earth rune, 1 Arrow (any kind), 1 Sword (any kind), Melee, Mage, and Range Attack Methods

Items Recommended: Games necklace (8), Prayer potion (4), Food, Armour
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


To start this quest The "Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl" must be completed.

Make your way to the Lighthouse, just North of the Barbarian Outpost. Speak to Larrissa, who is standing just outside of the Lighthouse.

Go South of Larrissa and cross the stepping stones. Go into the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course and speak with Gunnjorn. He will give you the lighthouse key.

The Lighthouse

Use the plank and 60 steel nails to repair the bridge to the east of the Lighthouse.

Go back to Larrissa and speak with her again. After talking to her again, go into the lighthouse and climb up onto the second level. Search the bookcase and take all of the books. Read all of them and fascinate yourself about the storyline.

Head up one more floor and use the swamp tar with the lighting mechanism. Now use your tinderbox on it. Now that it is lit, use the molten glass on it.

Climb down the staircase and speak with Larrissa again. She wants you to continue looking for her boyfriend, Jossik.

Finding Jossik

Descend the iron ladder that is located on the first floor. Ensure that you have read Jossik's journal, otherwise you will not be able to descend it.

Approach the strange wall and discover you cannot go through it. Use your air rune, water rune, fire rune, earth rune, arrow, and sword on it to unlock it.

Hint: You will not get these items back, so make sure that the sword is cheap!

Open the strange wall and climb down the ladder to discover Jossik. Speak with him.

After you are done speaking with him, a level 100 dagannoth will appear. Kill it.

Dagannoth Mother

After it is dead, Jossik will refute that was the monster that killed him. Then the dagannoth's mother (level 100) will now appear and proceed to attack you. It uses prayers and changes colours to represent what it is weak to:

  • Orange means to use melee attacks.
  • Green means to use ranged attacks.
  • Red means to use fire spells.
  • Brown means to use earth spells.
  • Blue means to use water spells.
  • White means to use air spells.

Hint: She will attack you with both ranged and melee attacks; however, her ranged attack is very weak so always use protect from melee if you have that prayer. If you happened not to bring the equipment to use one of the above attack methods, hiding behind the nearby rocks and waiting for her to change her colour again is an efficient strategy.

You will automatically be teleported out of the room and taken outside to receive your reward when the dagannoth mother is killed.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Yolk
Corrections submitted by: Yolk, Dx1438, Panda, Power of Five, Runic Lord, Danielle Girlz