Feud, The
Ali Morrisane - RuneScape's self proclaimed greatest merchant is having difficulties. He is selling things at such a rate that he cannot keep his market stall in stock.

Word has it that he is on the lookout for someone to recruit him some help from his home town Pollnivneach, a somewhat anarchic place south of the Shantay pass.


Skill Requirements:
18 30 Thieving
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Be able to defeat a level 75 enemy.
Items Needed: Bucket, Gloves, 3x Waterskin (4), Desert shirt, Desert robes, Desert boots, Shantay pass, 1400x Coins

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Ali Morrisane who is near the cactus patch and silk store in Al Kharid.

He will tell you that he is the best tradesman in town, but explains that if he had more staff he would be able to sell more. He will ask you locate his nephew in Pollnivneach. Before agreeing to do so, buy a fake beard and karidian headpiece and use them together to create a desert disguise.


Make your way to Pollnivneach which is in the desert. Speak to one of the street urchins for some information on the town, the locals, and of Ali's nephew. Enter the southeastern pub and buy 3 beers from Ali from Barman. Speak to Drunken Ali and offer him a beer for his information. Do so until you have given him the three beers and he will tell you that Ali Morrisane's nephew disappearing could be linked to the Bandits and the Menaphites.

Go west of the pub and you will come across a purple tent belonging to the Menaphites. Speak to Ali the Operator regarding the feud and he will insist that it is the Bandits fault by stealing one of their camels, and then ask if the feud would end if the Bandits returned the camel. Following this conversation go head north and speak to a bandit and they will tell you that it was the Menaphites who stole the camel. Ask the Bandit if the feud would end should the Menaphites return the camel.

Speak to Ali the Camel Man to the south and ask him how much two camels would cost for sale. Ali will tell you that the ones outside aren't for sale but he has two more camels arriving later. Ask to have them for free, then for 200, and finally buy them for 500 coins. Ali will give you two receipts. Take one receipt to the Bandits and one to the Menaphites. However, a feud isn't that easy to solve and both gangs will call each other cowards and demand ten camels. Speak to Ali the Operator who will invite you to join the Menaphites in their goal to wipe out the bandits. Before you can join you must first be tested to prove your trustworthiness. Ali the Operator will set you the task of pickpocketing three villages.

  • For the first villager simply pickpocket them. If it is too crowded, lure them into a quieter place.
  • For the second villager ask Ali the Operator for advice. He will tell you to distract the villager. Pay a street urchin 10 coins to distract the villager and quickly pickpocket an villager with the arrow flashing over them.
  • For the third villager ask Ali the Operator for advice. He will give you an oak blackjack. Lure the villager into a quiet place, knock them out with the blackjack and then pickpocket them.

Stealing the Jewels

Ali the Operator will commend you for passing the first test but will now ask you to steal some jewels from the Mayor's house, and will give you some keys. Put on the fake disguise (or buy a fake beard and karidian headpiece from the general store) and hide behind the cactus infront of the Mayor's villa until it is clear to enter through the door. Search the study to the west to find a note containing the numbers "1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8". Climb the stairs and search the bed to find a second note containing the word "Fibonnaci". Search the picture to find the safe. Enter the Fibonnaci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5) and collect the jewels.

Take the jewels back to Ali the Operator and he will set you one last task; to locate the traitor within the Menaphites. Speak to one of the Menaphite Thugs who will state that it has to be Traitorous Al. Report back to Ali the Operator who will ask you to kill him stealthily.

Charming the Snake

Head to the hill west of town and speak to Ali the Hag. She will recommend using poison to kill Traitorous Ali and will offer to make you some if you bring her some ingredients. She will ask you to bring her a snake.

Ali the Snake Charmer can be found behind the pub.

Use a low amount of coins on him (around 3) and you will receive a basket and a snake charm. Use the snake charm on one of the desert snakes (by the Menaphites tent west of the pub) to capture it within the basket. Return with the snake to Ali the Hag who will now ask you for some camel dung.

Head to Ali the Kebab Seller and ask him for some hot sauce. With this sauce in your possession, head to the camel store and use it with the food trough. Shortly one of the camels will eat the food and you will see some camel dung appear. Use a bucket on the dung to scoop it up and return to Ali the Hag. She will make you some hags poison. Make your way back to the pub and speak with Ali the Barman about Traitorous Ali. You will learn that he's just gone to the toilet, so spike his beer with the hags poison.

Report back to Ali the Operator who will instruct you to speak to their leader outside. It will turn out that the Menaphite Leader has other plans to dominate the world however, and will send a level 75 tough guy to attack you. Kill him and the Menaphite Leader will hastily disappear. Talk to one of the villagers and you will find out that you have disrupted the balance of power and should deal with the Bandits leader too. Make your way to the northwestern side of town and speak to the Bandits leader, who will tell you that he will not leave without a fight and will summon a level 70 Bandits Champion. Defeat the champion and you will give the Bandits leader a final warning.

Speak to a villager once again but they will still refuse to talk to you and will instead direct you to the Ali the Mayor. He will tell you the locations of Ali Morrisane's nephew. Return to Ali Morrisane to receive your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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