Dig Site, The
Feeling uneducated? Desperate for buried treasure?
"There's gold in them there hills" (well stream actually), as well as many other items that can be found at the Digsite. Join the students in their attempts to be a qualified archaeologist, and become experienced in making the earth move!
Have you got what it takes to unearth the hidden altar to one of Runescape's lesser-known Gods?


Skill Requirements:
18 25 Thieving
17 10 Agility
16 10 Herblore
Quest Requirements:
Druidic Ritual
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Vial, Tinderbox, Pestle and mortar, Cup of tea, 2x Rope, Uncut opal, Leather gloves, Leather boots

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


To start the quest, head to the Exam Centre which is located south-east of Varrock. Speak with one of the Examiners and ask them for an exam. They will give you an unstamped letter.

Take this letter to the Curator in the Varrock Museum. He will seal the letter for you. Take this back to the examiner. They will now give you the level 1 test.

No matter what you answer on this test, you will get the questions wrong. You will need to get the answers from the Digsite Students who are located all over the Digsite.

Digsite Students

Head north-west to the Digsite. Speak with the three students and ask each of them for help. Each student will tell you that they have lost something. They will give you the answers to the test if you find the lost item of theirs. You will need to note these answers down as you will need them later in the quest for the exam.

First, you will need to find a Teddy. Go to the two walkways on the hill between the Digsite and the Exam Centre. Follow the eastern walkway onto the top of the hill. Search each of the bushes at the top of the hill to find the teddy bear.

Next, you will need to find the Animal Skull. Pickpocket one of the Digsite Workmen until you get an animal skull. It can take many tries. If you happen to get a specimen brush while pick pocketing them, keep it as you will need one later in the quest.

Finally, head to the south-east side of the Digsite. Take the panning tray from inside the tent nearby and then try to pan the river. The Panning Guide will stop you and ask you for a cup of tea. After giving him the tea, continue panning the river until you get a special cup.

Return to each of the students and give them their lost items. They will give you the answers.

Re-taking the Test

Head back to the exam centre and speak with the examiner. Answer the level 1 paper using the answers below.

  • "The study of Earth Science is: The study of the earth, its contents and history."
  • "The people eligible to use the digsite are: All that have passed the appropriate Earth Sciences exam."
  • "The proper health and safety points are: "Gloves and boots to be worn at all times; proper tools must be used."

If you answered all the questions right, you will recieve a Level 1 Certificate and a trowel.

Next, ask the examiner to take the level 2 exam. Then, head back to each of the Digsite Students and ask them for the level 2 certificate answers then take the level 2 quiz from the examiner. The answers for the level 2 quiz are as follows.

  • Correct sample transportation: Samples taken in rough form, kept only in sealed containers.
  • Finds handling: Finds must be carefully handled, and gloves worn.
  • Correct rock pick usage: Always handle with care; strike the rock cleanly on its cleaving point.

After completing the level 2 certificate, ask the examiner for the level 3 quiz. Afterwards, head back to the three Digsite Students and ask them for the answers again. This time however, the female student will want an uncut opal. Head back to the river and pan for one if you did not already get one from panning for the special cup. The answers you will get are as follows.

  • Sample preparations: Samples cleaned, and carried only in specimen jars.
  • Specimen brush use: Brush carefully and slowly using short strokes.
  • The proper technique for handling bones is: Handle bones very carefully and keep them away from other samples.

The Ancient Talisman

Now that you have answered all of the Digsite exams, you can dig anywhere you want. While in the examination centre, take the specimen jar from the cupboard on the south wall. If you did not get a specimen brush earlier, pickpocket one from the workmen.

Speak with the archaeological expert in the examination centre. Then head to the north-east end of the digsite and use your trowel on the soil until you find an Ancient talisman. You may need to use the trowel with the soil a few times before you get the talisman. Take this talisman back to the archaeological expert in the exam centre. He will tell you that its a talisman of the god Zaros. He will give you an invitation letter that you will need to show to the workers to get permission to go down into the boreholes.

Search the cupboard on the south wall in the Exam Centre to get a specimen jar. Next, head to the north-west corner of the Digsite to where there is a winch and a digsite workman. Show the Digsite Workman the Invitation letter. He will let you go down into the Digsite Dungeon. Use a rope on the winch and head down.

Head slightly east and search the bricks blocking the path. You will find that it is impossible to pass, and you will need to clear the bricks. Grab an arcenia root which is located on the west wall near the rope you came down on. You will be needing this later.

Head back to the surface and use your other rope with the second winch located in the north east of the digsite and then head down the winch. Speak with Doug Deeping there and ask him how you could move a large pile of rocks. He will give you a chest key.

Creating a Chemical compound

He will tell you that you should blow up the bricks. To do this, you will need to mix ammonium nitrate, nitroglycerin, ground charcoal, and arcenia root to get a Chemical compound that can blow up bricks blocking the path.

Use the chest key on the chest in the tent near the panning site to get a chemical powder. Next, use a trowel on the barrel to the west of the tent to open the barrel. Use your vial on the barrel to get some unidentified liquid. Finally, search the specimen tray to the north of the tent to find some charcoal. Grind this charcoal with a pestle and mortar to get some ground charcoal.

Head back to the Exam Center. Show the chemical powder and the unidentified liquid to the archaeology expert. He will tell you what they are. Mix the nitroglycerin and the ammonia nitrate together. Add the ground charcoal next and then the arcenia root. You will get a chemical compound.

With a tinderbox, go down the north-west winch. Use the chemical compound on the bricks blocking the path and it will blow up. Enter the room and pick up the stone tablet in the center of the room. Take this back to the archaeological expert and use the tablet on the expert to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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