Penguin Hide and Seek


Speak with Larry at Ardougne Zoo in order to begin hunting penguins. He is marked by a gold distractions and diversions sign on the minimap, so he shouldn't be too hard to find! He will give you a blue notebook for you to record your penguin findings in; however, you don't need to be carrying it in order to spy on a penguin. Every Wednesday at the very beginning of the day, the penguins will usually reset - meaning they migrate to new areas of RuneScape - and their positions will differ from world to world.

Note: After finishing Hunt for Red Raktuber, Chuck the Polar Bear will take over Larry's job.

Spying on Penguins

Spying on penguins is no easy task! In fact, they are so tricky that they do not even appear on the minimap as yellow dots! There is key information that you need to know before you just run off and hope to find them!


There are no prerequisite skills or quests in order to begin hunting penguins, but it will be immensely helpful if you have the following quests complete in order to hunt penguins in the more reclusive areas of RuneScape:


Before you start to hunt penguins, it is necessary that you have yourself the proper items. Without them, it will extend the process and make it extremely tedious - and you may even find yourself killed! The following list has been created in order for you to have a general idea of what items to take with you when on a penguin hunting trip. Of course, as the penguins differ in location from week to week the items will be different to teleport to places; but having a rough idea is always good.

  • Teleport runes
  • Games Necklace
  • Ring of Duelling
  • Ring of Life
  • Explorers Ring
  • Dramen Staff
  • Ectophial; Camulet; Lyre
  • Food of your choice
  • Weight-reducing items (spottier cape, boots of lightness, penance gloves)
  • A familiar that will give you run energy (bull ant; spirit terrorbird)
  • Enchanted water tiara for traversing the desert
  • Ecto-tokens

Hunting Them Down

Now that you have all of the requirements down, let's focus on actually hunting them down! Penguins are always on the move so it will be extremely difficult to hunt them down unless you are in a large group. The official penguin hunting world is 60, and it usually has a lot people searching for penguins. Chances are if you see a hoard of people on this world, they will be hovering around a penguin that they have spotted! The most popular friends chat is "world60pengs" so use that to help find penguins. Once you see a penguin, click on it and select "spy on".

This will record that you have spotted a penguin so that you can report to Larry later for generous rewards. If you're having trouble finding penguins to begin with, speak with Larry (if you don't feel like travelling, use the NPC Contact spell in the Lunar Spell Book) and he will give you some of the following hints depending on where the penguins are located that week:

  • Somewhere in the Kingdom of Kandarin
  • Located Southern desert
  • Near pointy eared ones
  • Kingdom of Asgarnia
  • Located Northern desert
  • Near the ghost town
  • South of Ardougne
  • Located Around Ardougne
  • North of Ardougne
  • Kingdom of Misthalin
  • Located In the Wilderness
  • Located Deep Jungle
  • Located on an island, etc.
  • Where bloodsuckers rule
  • Where brothers quarrel
  • Located Port Sarim
  • Near a big tree with short people


Ten penguins roaming free throughout RuneScape. In order to blend in with the environment, you can expect that this cunning creatures will be concealing themselves in costumes! This may make it difficult to spot them, so turning up your RuneScape sound may assist in hearing them if they are nearby.

Disguise Image Examine
Barrel What's black and white and smells like beer?
Bush What's black and white and down to earth?
Cactus What's black and white and covered in spines?
Crate What's black and white and on a sneaking mission?
Rock What's black and white and looks like a rock hopper?
Toadstool What's black and white and covered in mushroom?

And during the holidays, the penguins might even feel a little festive and conceal themselves in something else!

Disguise Image Examine
Halloween What's black and white and smells of pumpkin?
Christmas What's black and white and covered in snow?

Polar Bear

After completing the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest, you can earn an extra point for finding a polar bear. Polar bears hide themselves in wells throughout RuneScape.

Ghost Penguin

After completing the Some Like It Cold quest (and Desert Treasure, up to where the player obtains a Ring of visibility), players who are wearing the Ring of visibility will be able to spot a Ghost Penguin that randomly moves around to the spawn locations of all "normal" penguins.

The Ghost Penguin can only be seen whilst wearing a Ring Of Visibility, and even then it is extremely hard to see because of its green, transparent appearance. Additionally it is very hard to find as it is almost constantly moving around to different locations.

When spotted, the penguin grants 3 penguin points which can be exchanged for experience or coins at either Chuck or Larry in Ardougne Zoo.


Penguins are typically worth one point a piece, adding up to ten points if you spot all of them with the possibility of an extra one for finding the polar bear. However, after completion of the Cold War quest, the more difficult five penguins will be worth two points each, adding up to a possible 16 points! Larry can hold up to 50 of your points, and then you will have to cash them in for rewards. You can either choose a cash reward, earning you 6,500gp per point, or skill experience. Beware - whenever you cash in your points, you have to cash in all of them at once! You can use the below calculator to work out how much experience you will gain:

Level Points

To calculate how much experience you will earn, use the following formula: Amount of points multiplied by (skill level times 25). So, if you had 50 attack and wanted to cash in 10 points, multiply 50 times 25 and then multiply that by 10. So you would earn 12,500 experience! You can cash in the experience for any skill at any level!

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