Dream Mentor
RuneScape is not the safest place to live - dragons, trolls, demons... dangerous and despicable monsters of all sorts roam free.

In this quest, you must help a fellow adventurer that doesn't do so well against these threats. With perseverence and the magical help of the Moon Clan, there should be no monster that can't be beaten.

But is that really true? How about the monsters in your dreams? How about your own inescapable fears? How would you defeat them?

Well, you'll soon find out as a tough and often bizarre quest awaits those of a strong will!


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements:
Eadgar's Ruse
Lunar Diplomacy
Other Requirements:
A combat level of 85
Ability to defeat four high-level monsters in succession
Items Needed: Seal of passage, Food (at least 3 different types: 15 for the first part and around 12 for the second), Astral rune, Hammer, Tinderbox, Pestle and mortar, Goutweed, Armour, A weapon

Items Recommended: Moonclan Teleport Runes, Super potion set(s)
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Make your way to Lunar Isle by speaking with Lokar Searunner at Relleka, and then talking to the captain of the ship. Ask him to sail you there. If you have the Lunar Isle lodestone activated, you can use the Home Teleport spell to reach Lunar Isle more quickly. Once you are there, go North to the mines and descend the ladder. You will see a tunnel marked with a quest symbol on the minimap, where a fallen man lays.

Reviving the man

Talk to the man and discover that he will need to be revived. Select the option to 'inspect him' and an interface will appear. The goal is to get all the bars to reach the 100% mark. Give him food until his health reaches 40%, then talk to him.

Continue to reassure him that everything will be all right. When his health and spirit has reached a certain mark, Cyrisus will proceed to stand up and ask you to see his friend at the Moonclan bank.

Go to the bank and talk to 'Birds-Eye' Jack. Access to Cyrisus' bank and his chest to put his items in will be granted. Take out the items Cyrisus requested, and bring yourself more food to raise his health to 100%.

Return tor the cave and give him the chest. He should get dressed now. Next, give him the food to raise all his status bars to 100%. Chat for a little bit and he will request for you to see the Oneiromancer so he can conquer his fear of combat. She can be found at the Astral altar, just south of the boat you took to get to the isle.

Conquering Cyrisus' fear

In order to get help for Cyrisus' fear of combat, you and him will have to enter the Dream World together and defeat a series of high-level monsters. She will give you a vial that you need to fill up in order to enter this Dream World.

To fill up the dream vial, follow these steps:

  • Fill it with water from the sink next to the bank.
  • Add a goutweed (can be obtained by planting a gout tuber, or simply steal one from the kitchen in the Troll Stronghold).
  • Add a ground astral rune (to do this, use a hammer on an astral rune and then grind the shards with a pestle and mortar).

Go to the bank and withdraw some good armour, a good weapon, and good food. You are going to have to fight four very difficult monsters WITHOUT PRAYER. Super potion sets are recommended, as well as any specific ammo or runes if you are a more effective ranger or mage, respectfully. Familiars are not allowed in the Dream World.

Warning: do not commence the next step unless you are ready to battle four high level monsters without prayer!

Cyrisus' Dream

Go to the middle of town and light the brazier with your tinderbox. Talk to Cyrisus and give him the potion. You will then be teleported to the Dream World. Four monsters right in a row will attack you now: levels 140, 134, 140 and 126. The first level 140 is the most difficult one, hitting constant 160s. If you use all your food on this one, don't panic - there is a safe spot to wait a while to regain your focus. For the second and third monsters, hide behind the stand with a book on it and they will not be able to reach you. The last monster, level 126, will frequently teleport around the arena, making it difficult to melee. It is relatively easy if you just range it between teleports.

When the last monster has been killed, Cyrisus will squish it and no longer have a fear of combat!

Return to the Oneiromancer and claim your rewards.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Yolk
Corrections submitted by: Yolk, Lord Arma, Dark, Quackyz, Power of Five