Tears of Guthix


The Third Age marked the era of the God Wars, a chaotic conflict among the deities of the realm that lasted over 3,000 years. After awakening from its slumber and ending the wars, Guthix came upon a cave, and there wept as it thought of scars that the world had suffered. The chasm wept as Guthix had, and the tears it shed had never ceased. Gaurded by the snake Juna, the cavern can be entered today by adventurers whom it deems worthy, and the tears collected for experience in their lowest skill. Entry is only granted into the cave once a week, and the player must have either gained 1 quest point or 100,000xp to access it.


To play the minigame, you need to be a member, and you must have completed the Tears of Guthix quest. You must wait a week since your last game, and you must have gained either 1 quest point, or 100k experience (which you can get from various skills). You can check if you are eligible to enter the cavern by checking the Tears of Guthix quest journal, or by telling Juna a story.


The Tears of Guthix cavern can be accessed through the tunnel in the south east Lumbridge Swamp Caves. A stepping stone is required to get to this area, which is populated by non-aggressive Giant Frogs. Players should bring a light source before venturing into the swamp caves to avoid being dealt heavy damage. Players entering through the Swamp entrance should additionally bring a spiny helmet to avoid damage dealt by wall beasts.

Getting There:

  • Use a Games Necklace to teleport directly to the cavern.
  • Enter the swamp caves from the hole in the Lumbridge Castle cellar (after partial or full completion of the The Lost Tribe).
  • Go through the first tunnel to the south to leave the Dorgesh-Kaan Mine, and walk south to reach the entrance.
  • Enter the swamp caves from the Lumbridge Swamp entrance. From here, you can walk around.
  • Head east till you come to the area right before the cave goblins.
  • walk south to reach the stepping stones.

1: Dorgesh-Kaan entrance 2: Swamp entrance 3. Tears of Guthix cavern entrance 4. Minigame, Games Necklace teleport 5. Magic Stone Mine


Talk to Juna and tell her a story. After you have told her about a quest you have completed, she will briefly tell you her thoughts on on it, and will allow you to enter the cave for a short period of time. The more quest points you have, the longer you can spend inside the cave. The interface in the corner of the screen shows time left in the cave, as well as the amount of tears collected.

Once inside, you will find blue tears and green tears rapidly oscillating in the walls. Players must collect as many blue tears as possible, and avoid collecting the green tears, which lowers the players tears count. Of the nine inner walls in the cave, three will always have blue tears, three will always have green tears, and three will always be empty.

The best strategy to do well is to remain calm. Staying at one wall is one possible course of action; other players prefer to walk to the nearest stream with blue tears. It is highly recommended to click on the spot before clicking the tears, as the tears might change by the time you get there. Also, waiting 2-3 seconds after a blue tears stream disappears is suggested, as it's possible that it may immediately reappear in the same spot.

Ornate bowl

Players with 80 Crafting and Mining will be able to make an ornate bowl. Speak to Juna about making an ornate bowl, and use a sapphire lantern on a light creature to go across the chasm. Mine a magic stone, and craft it into an ornate bowl. Speak to Juna again for her to store the ornate bowl for you. This bowl can hold up to 300xp per tear, instead of the 180xp that can be gained from a regular stone bowl.


Once the time has run out, you will leave the cave, and get experience in your lowest leveled skill. If you have two or more lowest skills, the one with the least amount of experience will gain the xp. There are some exceptions to this rule however (for example, if you are maxed, but your dungeoneering level is between 99-120, you will gain dungeoneering xp).

Players with a stone bowl will gain 6xp per level (at a maximum of 180xp at level 30+) multiplied by the amount of tears they have collected. An ornate bowl functions the same way as a stone bowl but it will grant 10xp per level (at a maximum of 300xp at level 30+).

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