Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains
Why are all the crops failing?
Can you help the Group of Advanced Gardeners to save their precious Farming patches? Does having green fingers help when faced with a 6-foot tall gorse bush with a nasty temper?
Do you suffer from growing pains?


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements:
Lost City
Nature Spirit
Other Requirements:
Be able to defeat a level 111 opponent
Items Needed: Secateurs, Amulet of Ghostspeak, Dramen Staff / Lunar Staff, Chaos rune, Spade

Items Recommended: Silver Sickle (b), Druid Pouches, Ectophial, Chaos rune, Teleportation runes
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Martin the Master Gardener. If you ask him what is wrong then he will tell you that his crops are failing. After a short conversation he will ask you to go and find out what is wrong.

You now have to ask 5 other farmers why they think the crops are failing. It does not matter which you ask. They will give various different answers but the fifth one will tell you it is the work of the fairies.

Now go back and talk to Martin. He will tell you to go and ask a fairy why the crops are failing.

Into Zanaris

Take the dramen staff you got in the Lost City quest and enter the hut in lumbridge swamp. Go to where the Fairy Queen usually is.

Talk to the fairy godfather and ask all the questions that are available. He will tell you that the Queen is sick and is being looked after by Fairy Nuff , next to the zanaris bank

Go and talk to Fairy Nuff. She will give you a list of symptoms and tell you to take them to Zandar Horfyre who can be found at the top of the dark wizard tower next to Falador.

Malignus Mortifier

Give him the list of symptoms and he will give a brief conversation about fairies and magic. He will then tell you to talk to Malignus Mortifier the necromancer who can be found near Port Sarim.

Talk to Malignus Mortifier next to Port Sarim. He is hard to miss, as he is surrounded by lv 13 mages and usually the odd clump of fungus. He says he will tell you how to kill the Tanglefoot if you bring him a skull from a grave in Draynor Manor.

Take your spade round the north side of Draynor Manor and you will see a lumpy grave with a circular headstone. Dig on top of it to get the skull.

Take the skull to Malignus. He will tell you that to kill the Tanglefoot you will need a pair of enchanted secateurs. He tells you to take 3 random objects and a pair of ordinary secateurs to the Nature Spirit.

After you have got the 3 objects and the secateurs, head to the Nature Grotto in Mort Myre swamp> Give the objects to the Nature Spirit and he will give you a pair of magic secateurs.


Return to Zanaris and prepare to fight a lv 111 monster with only your newly acquired secateurs. Squeeze through the gap in the wall next to the cosmic temple. Run past the small lv 45 tanglefeet and go to the larger chamber at the end of the corridor. Attack the lv 111 Tanglefoot. The higher your farming level the more damage you do to it.

Once the tanglefoot is dead, pick up the the Queen's Secateurs and take them to the Fairy Godfather.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Deathslayer
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