Elemental Workshop IV
Thormac at the Sorcerer's Tower recently discovered a book in his collection that he didn't recognise, all about the fabled Elemental Workshop. As he'd heard that this was something you're researching, and he's more 'mystic' and this book's all 'cosmic', he'd love for you to pop by to pick it up.


Skill Requirements:
21 39 Runecrafting
18 39 Thieving
2 40 Defence
13 41 Crafting
14 42 Smithing
Quest Requirements:
Elemental Workshop III
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Hammer, Chisel, Knife, Battered key, Two primed elemental bars, At least two of each elemental rune

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal



1) At the Sorceror's Tower, search the bookcase on the ground floor. You will find a Notched book and be asked whether you would like to start the quest. Read through the book as soon as you get it - it details Vitruvius' experiments in the Cosmic workshop, and his attempts to animate a metallic machine. This book will later provide the instructions to create a set of gloves.

Finding the notched book

2) Following the advice from the book, head to the anvils in Seers' Village, and use your Knife with the whetstone. Through spiritual guidance or other means, you will somehow fashion a Keyblade. Keyblade Use the Battered key to enter the Elemental Workshop, and descend to the corridor on the lowest level. With the new Keyblade, unlock the doors at the south end of the corridor.

Making the keyblade Map of the cosmic and chaos rooms

3) Walk through the nearest door into the Cosmic room, containing a puzzle where four of sixteen pillars have been raised. There are already elemental runes placed into the emitters; remove these as you will be replacing them with different ones. In the opposite corner of the room, there is a Control panel which controls the puzzle, and an uncharged Draining machine that cannot yet be used. In the panel interface, the arrow buttons are used to alter the elevation of each emitter, and the circles represent each pillar, whom can be rotated. The Power Up button causes every emitter to fire a beam whose colour corresponds to the elemental rune placed within.

Initial state of the elements puzzle

The objective of the puzzle is for every beam to reach the opposite wall unhindered. A beam will only pass through a pillar if the spot facing its emitter is of the same colour (each spot also has a matching partner on the opposite site of the pillar). Simply use or remove elemental runes from the emitters to change the colours of their beams. A helpful tactic is to analyse the colour of spots on a particular elevation in a row or column of pillars in order to find a common colour.

Initially, only the raised 2x2 array of pillars and their corresponding emitters can be controlled, and only one elevation is available (i.e. it cannot be changed). After the 2x2 puzzle is solved, the pillars will reform into a 3x3 array, and the second elevation is unlocked. Finally, you must solve a 4x4 array of pillars with access to all three elevations. This is unsurprisingly the most difficult array - the emitter configuration is listed in the expandable section below (with elevation denoted in brackets), and the completed system is also depicted.

+ Emitter configuration for 4x4 pillars Finished elements puzzle

4) Firing all eight beams across the room provides enough energy to charge the Draining machine. Activate the machine; the metallic body sat beneath the charged plate is imbued with cosmic magic and becomes animated. In a cutscene, the automaton leaves the room and enters the Chaos room, demonstrating that it is resistant to the otherwise impassable fire grills around the area. It operates a device in the wall, which unlocks the doors to the Chaos room.

The activated automaton Powering the cosmic bar

5) Follow the automaton to the Chaos room and pick up the Shabby book in the corner of the room (later used to provide instructions for creating boots). Read it, and you will be advised of the need for Cosmic gloves, which insulate against the dangerous energy amid the machine in the room. Return to the Cosmic room and use the Control panel to charge the Draining machine once again. Place the Primed elemental bar below the charged plate (follow the steps in the previous quest if you don't have the primed bars) and operate the machine to imbue a Cosmic bar, which you take. Ascend to the upper level of the Workshop and use a workbench to create the gloves. Cosmic gloves

The computer levers

6) Back in the Chaos room, the machine therein is essentially a form of computer, used to control the automaton. The levers operate the conveyor belt loop and the RAMs, which are used to push the cubes into the CPU. If the CPU has finished processing or rejects a pair of cubes, they are sent along the flush path back on to the main conveyor belt. A fully-formed "command" consists of an Address cube (corresponding to a grey floor token in the room) and an Instruction cube being pushed into the CPU (in any order). If the automaton is sent to an Address it cannot reach, or asked to perform an Instruction that does not make sense, it will exclaim that the command is invalid.

Ultimately, the aim is to gain access to the Draining machine similar to that in the Cosmic room. To begin with, equip your new Cosmic gloves and break down the first wall leading to a pile of blank floor tokens.

+ Automaton commands to pass the first wall Breaking through the first wall

7) With access to the blank tokens, take one and place it on the workbench. Use your Hammer and Chisel to craft a new Astral token, with which to replace the cracked token by the shelves. Now that the Earth Address cube, and subsequently the Chaos floor token can be reached, send the Automaton to operate the device therein, which charges the Draining machine.

+ Automaton commands to unlock the Draining machine Charging the chaos machine Powering the chaos bar

8) As before, place the other Primed elemental bar beneath the charged plate. Operate the Draining machine and take the resulting Chaos bar. Ascend to the upper level of the Workshop and use the workbench to create a set of Chaos boots. Chaos boots

Brief guide

  • 1) Find the Notched book at the Sorceror's Tower and read it.
  • 2) Create a Keyblade from a Knife at the Seers' Village whetstone, and unlock the room at the end of the lowest level corridor.
  • 3) Complete the elements puzzle in the Cosmic room in order to charge the Draining machine.
  • 4) Use the machine to animate the automaton and unlock the Chaos room.
  • 5) Pick up the Shabby book and use the Draining machine to imbue a Cosmic bar, to be turned into a pair of Cosmic gloves.
  • 6) Program the automaton to break down the wall into the room with the blank tokens.
  • 7) Program the automaton to break down the other wall and operate the charging device.
  • 8) Imbue a Chaos bar and use it to make a pair of Chaos boots.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Doctor Shemp
Corrections submitted by: Doctor Shemp, Tugboat, Jack