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The friends chat interface can be accessed by hovering your mouse over the Social icon, then selecting the second option "Friends chat" from the picture menu that will appear. Using a friends chat lets you chat with your friends in a private channel. It is a great method for chatting to a group privately for Activities, PvP and PvM and just general chatting with friends as you train skills all over RuneScape.

Managing a Friends Chat Channel

When creating your own friends chat you have control over some settings which you can modify depending on how you want your Friends chat to operate.

Setting up the channel

Clicking the Join Chat button will prompt you to enter the name of someone that has an already set up channel. If you enter a player name that does not exist, does not have a friends channel set up, has an entry rank set which you do not have the requirements for or you are on their ignore list, you will not be able to join. To join your channel, simply enter your own player name.

If you wish to set up your own friends channel, click the Chat Setup button to bring up the interface shown. Here you can set different settings for your channel. Simply right-click on each option to see the available options.

Setting Description
Chat Name Available options are 'Set prefix' and 'Disable'. Setting the prefix allows you to set the topic of the Friends Chat channel, which will show at the beginning of every message sent into it. Choosing 'disable' will completely disable your Friends Chat channel.
Who can enter chat? Available options are the standard set of ranks, plus those who you have added in your friends list, and anyone else. You can choose the minimum rank that is required to join the channel. If you change this setting and some users no longer meet the new requirements, they will be removed after one minute.
Who can talk on chat? Available options are the standard set of ranks, plus friends and anyone else. You can choose the minimum rank that is required to be able to send messages into the chat.
Who can kick from chat? Available options are the standard set of ranks. You can choose the minimum rank that is required to be able to kick other users from the chat. You can use this to give certain users of your channel the ability to remove abusive or disruptive users from the channel.
Who can share loot? Available options are different ranks and friends. This is part of the LootShare feature. You can set the minimum rank or whether friends will receive their share of drops during team combat and group bossing. This setting is only effective for players who have LootShare enabled within the channel.
CoinShare Can be toggled ON or OFF. This option specifies whether players would receive a share of an high-value or rare drop in the form of coins. The amount received is 5% less than the Grand Exchange Guide price of the item.

Setting up the ranks

To assign ranks to your channel, right click on their rank in the main section of the Friends Chat Setup interface. This will bring up the options that are shown. Only the owner of the Friends chat channel can adjust these ranks. This allows the owner to set it so that a few people have the ability to watch over the Friends channel and kick offensive users while they are away.

Anyone in the Friends Channel that is assigned a rank by the owner will have one of the following icons associated with their name in the chat list.

Icon Rank
Jagex Moderators

Moderating a friends chat channel

If you feel that a player is abusing a friends chat channel, and you have the privilege, you can kick the player from the channel. To do this, right click on their name either in the chatbox or on the Friends Chat channel list, and select Kick. This will remove them from the channel and ban them from rejoining for one hour. You can only kick players that are of a lower rank than yourself, so, Captains can only kick Lieutenants and lower, but not other Captains or their superiors.

Kicking a user from the friends channel will display the message above, letting everybody know that someone has been kicked. You also have the ability to reset their hour-ban timer by attempting to kick the user again, or by clicking and then typing the offender's name. The owner of the channel can also add the player to their ignore list, which will permanently ban them from re-joining the channel until the player has been removed from the list.

Using friends chat channels

Joining channels

To use a friends channel, you first need to join one. To join one, click on type the owner of the channel and press enter.

Chatting in channels

Before you send any messages, you need to type the / symbol before anything you write. The message will automatically be sent into the chat box for all of the friends chat members to view. You can also optionally "lock on" to the friends chat with the command /f. This also works with Clan Chat, /c and Guest Clan Chat, /g. The benefit of "locking on" is you can change the destination of your chat messages without changing your sources, unlike the tabs where you only get to see chat messages from the chosen tab.

CoinShare and LootShare

LootShare is a feature in which you and your friends can use to share monster drops fairly amongst yourselves during activities such as group bossing. To use this system, players must be on a LootShare-enabled world, have the appropriate rank for the friends chat channel, and have the LootShare toggled on, and for players to receive drops, they must be located within 16 squares when the monster is slain. The toggle can be found on the bottom right corner of your Friends chat panel, and it takes two minutes to activate.

These icons indicate the status of LootShare. From left to right, they are off, on the 2-minute activation countdown, and active respectively.

With CoinShare, certain valuable drops will be converted to 120 shards which is then evenly distributed across team members and sent directly to their banks. The shards can then be sold in the Grand Exchange where other players can then purchase the 120 and combine them or purchase the item itself. CoinShare has no effect on lower-valued drops.

Popular Friends Chats

For General Chat and Help

Friends Chat Name Purpose
RuneZone RuneZone's official Friends chat!
Skiller General Community Chat
Mod Mark
Mod Infinity

For PvM

Friends Chat Name Purpose
BurstingLobs Bursting Rock Lobsters
CorpForLife Corporal Beast massing
247 K Kings Kalphite King massing
LS KK 247
SS KK 247
Rago PvM Vorago Learning massing
Nex Share Nex massing

For Minigames + Distractions and Diversions

Friends Chat Name Purpose
2flingfish Fish Flingers
BA_Games Barbarian Assault games
Fast_SC Non-combat Stealing Creation games
CabbageFC Non-combat Cabbage Facepunch games
Fast_Heist Friendly Heist games
Wbs United Wilderness Warbands
Synergy WBs
EvilTreeFind Evil Tree Hunting
Star_Find Crashed Star Hunting
World60Pengs Penguin Hunting (World 60)
W60pengy Penguin Hunting (ghost only)
Fast_Effigy Effigy Assistance
Demonmobs_FC Demonmobs hunting (non-wilderness)

For skilling

Friends Chat Name Purpose
Ffdn36 Nature Rune Running
Law_66 Law Rune Running
Mining Golds Living Rock Caverns
Tree_Hunt Crystal Tree hunting

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