Back to my Roots
Use your Slayer skills to battle out of control vegetation with an attitude, cultivate your wits and stretch your Agility to solve a cunning maze - all to make a gardener's day. Do you have what it takes to cut this quest down to size?


Skill Requirements:
17 55 Agility
20 53 Farming
19 59 Slayer
9 72 Woodcutting
Quest Requirements:
Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains
One Small Favour
Tribal Totem
Hand in the Sand, The
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Soft clay, Secateurs, Spade, Pot, Machete, Hatchet (any), Plant pot, 1000x Coins, Gardening trowel

Items Recommended: Antipoison (4), Food, Armour, Ring of charos (a), Karamja Gloves 3 (teleport to Shilo Village)
Reward: Click to reveal

Speaking to Horacio

Items needed: Soft clay

Go to Ardougne and speak to Horacio outside of Lord Handelmort's estate, a little north of East Ardougne's bank. Ask him who he is and offer to assist him. He will ask you to get a Jade vine, which can only be found right outside of Shilo Village. You will have to speak to Wizard Cromperty first.

Wizard Cromperty is located in the northeastern-most building in Ardougne. Talk to him and he will tell you to go to the RPDT depot.

Just south of Ardougne's east bank is the RPDT depot. Speak with one of the employees.

Open the smelly package on the table nearby. A severed hand of a wizard will be inside.

Go to back to Wizard Cromperty. After watching the cutscene, he will proceed to tell you to make a pot lid. There is a potter's wheel north of the castle (across from the river) on the east side of the road that takes you out of town.

Hint: You must make the pot lid after the cut scene, otherwise it will not work.

After you have made the pot lid, return to Wizard Cromperty once again and he will tell you to talk to Garth. Garth is a farmer in Brimhaven near the fruit tree patch.

Garth the farmer

Items needed:A pot, Your own made pot lid, A plant pot filled with soil, Secateurs, Spade, Hatchet, Machete

The next section leads up to agressive monsters with a max combat level of 100. Food, armour and antipoison are advised as well as the required items

Speak to Garth and he will teach you how to cut a jade vine. He will remind you to seal the cut jade vine in the pot as soon as you get it.

Travel to Shilo Village, but go outside. Go to the northeastern side, running around the perimeter of the entire village, and climb up the vines in order to enter the maze. Ensure you are ready for combat and have a healthy amount of antipoison in your inventory!

Climbing the vines

Start by heading east and climbing the vines. Then head south and climb down the next vine to be on the ground level again. To the immediate south of you there will be vines growing in a way that make a gate, with even smaller vines hanging from it. Cut them and crawl through. Go through yet another one of these and climb up the southwest vine.

Climb up twice and there will be a platform with a Karamjan jungle eagle flying around. Head east across the platform and then climb down, then proceed to swing on the vine. Go north and climb down twice, then crawl through two vines to the south. Do not go down the holes.

Climb up twice and cross a vine across the river. If you fall, look for a nearby hole that you can climb up. These holes will bring you to a random spot in the maze. When you do make it across the river, climb down twice, crawl through the first vine you see, then climb up a vine. Do not crawl through the second vine, otherwise you will have to start the whole maze over.

Head west and climb up, head west and go down, then head northwest and climb up. Cross the vine that takes you back across the river. Climb down two more vines and you should see some loose soil.

Dig up the loose soil to expose part of the vine, then cut it. Put it in your plant pot and wait to see if it will grow. If it does, quickly put it with the pot to seal it. If it fails to grow, keep cutting the vine and trying until it does.

Returning to Ardougne:

Items needed: A trowel, The sealed pot with the vine, A good hatchet (required for combat)

This section contains combat. Monster:Wild jade vine, Antipoison and food recommended

Go back to the estate in Ardougne and use the sealed pot on the patch. You need to have a trowel in order to plant it.

The vine will grow out of control and you will have to kill the plant. Have some antipoison, a hatchet, and some food, then tell Horatio you are ready to begin the fight. Use the protect from melee prayer if you have it, but keep in mind that it can attack with melee, ranged and magic.

Once you have killed it, cut the vine and speak with Horacio.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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