Assist System


The assist system, introduced in 2007, allows you to temporarily use other people's skills in order to create items or unlock something. In exchange, the person who is offering the skills will be the one who receives the experience. The advantage to using this system is that the items stay in your inventory at all times and you will not have to trust someone else. For example, a player might want to cut a sapphire but does not have the level 20 crafting needed. Using the assist system, this player can find someone else that meets these skill requirements and - as long as the person receiving assistance has the necessary materials, they can have the sapphire cut as though they had level 20 crafting.

How to use it

The assist system is a very easy and efficient method of getting things done. You can both request and give assistance.

Requesting Assistance

In order to request assistance from someone, you first need to ensure the 'accept aid' is enabled so that the 'Req Assist' option will appear'. To do so, press the escape key on your keyboard to bring up a menu, then select 'Gameplay settings' to pull up the settings screen, then ensure that 'accept aid' is checked, as marked in red in the image below.

Once active, simply right-click on them and select the "Req Assist" option. The person can either accept or decline your assist request. If they accept your assist request, then ensure you have all the materials of what you want to do. Then simply proceed to manipulate the materials to do whatever it is you want to do just as if you had the level requirements. It will be done for you, but the person that provided their levels for you will gain the experience.

  This icon will appear in the top-right corner of the game screen for the person that is being assisted.

Giving Assistance

Giving assistance is similar to requesting it. Make sure that the assist tab is set to on, then when the person asks for your assistance a message will appear in your chatbox. Simply click on it to accept it, then an interface will appear. This graphic will display how much experience you have received from the assist system in the last 24 hours, and even more specifically from what skills. You can click each of the boxes to turn on and off what skills you wish to assist other people with. Also, as long as you want to assist the other person you will need to stay still. Moving will cancel the assist.


To prevent millions of easy experience points being gained rapidly, or from people easily bypassing quest requirements, Jagex has added several restrictions to the assist system.

  • There is a cap of 30,000 experience that can be gained per day through the assist system, which resets at midnight GMT. Once this limit has been reached, you can continue to assist others, however you will no longer gain any XP. To check how long before you are able to gain XP again, right-click the "Assist" tab (below the chat box) and select "XP Earned/Time". A message will appear in the chat box telling you how many hours and minutes until you can earn XP through the system again.
  • You cannot assist others to give them requirements for quests or tasks.

There are also some skill restrictions on items that cannot be made through the assist system.

Skill Restriction(s)
Cooking Gnome delicacies, lava eels
Construction Only flat-packs are "assistable"
Crafting Anything quest-related (Demonic sigils, lightning rods, slayer helmets, etc.)
Farming Trees, bushes, calquat, cactus
Fletching Blurite bolts, Ogre arrows
Herblore Sanfew serum, Guthix balance, Blamish oil, Magic essence, Relicym's balm
Magic Combat-related magic, teleportation
Runecrafting Can only craft multiple runes if the player has the level
Smithing Blurite items, Darts (unless Tourist Trap has been completed by both players), Dart Tips (unless Death Plateau has been completed by both players)

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