Clockwork Syringe, A
Everyone loves getting mail, right? So, when a huge and mysterious package arrives for you at your house, you wouldn't think it to be the beginning of another madcap pirate adventure. Yet it is, and this one involves barrelchests, vengeful seagulls and more concussions than all previous pirate quests combined.


Skill Requirements:
25 50 Dungeoneering
19 61 Slayer
23 62 Construction
24 65 Summoning
14 74 Smithing
18 74 Thieving
2 76 Defence
Quest Requirements:
Rocking Out
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: None

Items Recommended: Good armour, Prayer potion (4), Super restore (4), Good food (Lobster +)
Reward: Click to reveal



Make your way to the portal to your player-owned house, Postie Pete will appear with a note.

It will be left on the portal for you. There will be an option in the portal interface, use the option if you're prepared for a fight against Barrelchest mk II (Level 188).

The fight will only commence if you investigate the large box.

Fighting Barrelchest

The fight should be relatively easy, take melee armour (Rune should suffice), protect from missiles and take some emergency food.

Watch out for his special attack! It lowers your constitution level, potentially reducing the maximum Life Points you can heal to!

After defeating the boss, talk to the Estate Agent who will repair all damages free of charge (apparently according to the insurance you somehow pay for).

Zombie Head

Then talk to the zombie head.

He refuses to let you know of any information so you must torture him:

  1. Use the second option.
  2. Use the third option.
  3. Use the fourth option.
  4. Use the first and fifth options whenever you can!
  5. Use the second option again when it finally becomes available.
  6. Use the third option and you should be done.

Another more slap-dash method is to click all the options as much as you can!

Bill Teach

Teleport using the Ectophial to Port Phasmatys (or use an alternate route). Talk to Bill Teach in the pub.

Make your way to 'The Adventurous' (Bill's boat) on the pier and travel to Mos Le'Harmless.

When you're on the island, make your way to the smaller of the two adjacent pubs (Northern one) and try to sit on the chair in the corner. Order a "Long Drop" and confirm, you should fall to the basement of the pub and meet Bill Teach there.

He will ask for evidence, so place the zombie head on the table. After a short dialogue, he will give you a teleport scroll to ask Braindeath for a Twiblik night special.

If not already, make sure you have two free inventory spaces! Equip some armour with a good melee defence bonus (preferably 200+ if possible) except for the helmet and cape. Take good food such as monkfish, shark or rocktails and at the very least, one prayer potion. Remember a couple of antipoison potions (or an anti-poison totem if you have one).

Note: Familiars may not be taken into the dungeon

Braindeath island

Use the scroll teleport to Braindeath Island and ask Captain Braindeath for a Twiblik night special. You must agree to help him in return because he has a dilemma of his own. He has lost some workers in a dungeon to the north of the island. You must investigate the situation whilst he gets the Twiblik night special.

Make your way downstairs and out to the north of the compound. Sneak past 50% Luke by clicking the gate and making a snide distraction.Remember your potions, food and armour! Equip the helmet and diving gear if not already. Run to what looks like a resource dungeon entrance.

Enter it, turn on the 'Protect from Missiles' prayer and run down each of the three forks and talk to the workers. However, to talk to them you will likely have to clear the room of enemies. Don't underestimate the Malpractitioners (ranged)! They have a very accurate Ranged attack and can poison you starting at 58 damage! Return to Captain Braindeath, take the Oath and receive the Twiblik night special.

Now the focus is on delivering the Twiblik night special to Bill. Teleport back to Mos Le'Harmless and get back to Bill via the 'Long Drop'. After speaking to him for a short period of time, you open the Twiblik night special to find a strange array of items. Use these amusing accessories to your advantage so the zombie head tells you where the Barrelchests are being built.

Go south to board Bill's ship and choose "A Clockwork Syringe" option to continue.

Brainsplatter isle

Talk to Bill and you should find that the ship is bombarded by heavy cannonfire!

Now you have to find your way to Bloodsplatter Isle yourself. Go to the lower level of the ship to make a Cannonball-barrel boat:

  1. Pick up a hammer, tinderbox, a barrel and three gunpowders from the repair and gun lockers.
  2. Use the gunpowder on the chain to flash-heat it. Use the anvil to smith the chain and cannonball together.

Go back up the ladder to the main deck and click the cannon which has the option "Take-The Ride Cannon" to take you to Bloodsplatter Isle.

Baron von Hattenkrapper

As you arrive, you should be a few steps away from a Perch Rock which you should investigate.

A bird flies down and you soon learn that it's the same bird from Rocking Out. His name is Baron von Hattenkrapper, and he is very angry for what you did, but eventually forgives you. You and himself have a common enemy; the Barrelchests. You must use your Summoning skill to manoeuvre him and drop cannonballs on the Barrelchests.

After all of them have been destroyed a cutscene appears. Swim back to The Adventurous and update him on the situation.

Bill can now sail to Bloodsplatter Isle, ask him to take you to the dock. You will now have access to the factory compound. Run into the North-Eastern part and pick up:

  1. A surgical mask
  2. A roll of bandage
  3. Bundle of parts
  4. A few pieces of gunpowder and about 3 barrels

Try to run to the yellow dots and you will get jailed!

Barrelchest Disguise

Easily escape your cell and return to Bill by signalling on the dock. Bill will construct a barrelchest disguise if you give him the materials. After receiving the disguise, you gain more access to the compound to sabotage the operation. After obtaining the disguise, sail back to Bloodsplatter Isle and wear it.

There are five separate rooms, each with a notice board. You must get a note from each notice board as evidence to store in a file. However, getting the note is not always so easy. You may be attacked by Grimterms so leftover food from earlier can be useful.

Letter One: Go to the South-West room. Subdue the Dis-orderly by sabotaging the gas canister. Tell a joke to each of them after the laughing gas fills the room. Then brutalise all three of them. Take a note from the notice board.

Letter Two: Go to the Western room. You will be attacked by a couple of Grimterns. Use your Barrelchest powers to dispose of them. You can use the cannon to temporarily stun them (right click the Grimterns and click the cannon option). After they are dead get a note from the notice board.

Letter Three: Go to the North-West room. Talk to whoever is in the beds and find out that they are very drunk. Take a note from the notice board.

Letter Four: Go to the North-East room. and loosen each of the (three) undead arms and then leave. After the short and amusing (and possibly scarring) cutscene, take a note from the notice board.

Letter Five: Go back to the main room, revert to human form temporarily and collect three barrels and three gunpowder. Use the gunpowder on each barrel and then become a Barrelchest again using the disguise. Head to the South-East room. An attendant will ask you to finish the Barrelchests. Use the gunpowder-filled barrels to your advantage and sabotage them. Destroy any Barrelchest and a chain reaction will occur and destroy the others. As a result the attendant will be killed. Take a note from the notice board.

All the notes should be compiled into one item.

Return to Bill by signalling from the dock.

Mi-Gor and Murphy

Bill will give you mini powder kegs after talking to him.

Ask him to return to Bloodsplatter Isle so you can finish your mission. Head to the Eastern room (has a red line on mini-map). Pull the lever to activate the conveyor belts. Use the kegs on each conveyor belt as much as you possibly can. The two targets will spawn zombies on the conveyor belts occasionally, just use the kegs to blow them up.

You will see Mi-Gor and Murphy try to escape in a hot pursuit style get-away! Your job is to tail them and blow up their Zomboats. Get in the remaining zomboat and follow them!

Click on their zomboats to blow them up! You will need to defeat the other zomboats too. It takes five successful hits to destroy Mi-Gor and Murphy and two successful hits to destroy the rest. You can repair your boat with the tools icon in the interface.

After all hostiles are sunk, return to Bill's boat and return to Mos Le'Harmless. Return to the pub basement to finish the quest. Talk to Bill Teach to finish the quest. He will mutter something about needing you again.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Ashwin
Corrections submitted by: Ashwin, Simon, Quackyz, Dx1438, Tugboat, Power of Five