Elemental Workshop I
Hundreds of years ago, a mineral was found that had the ability to change the property of Magic. The magicians, fearing the effect this may have on their profession, sealed this Workshop forever; or so they had hoped. See if you can rediscover the lost knowledge of elemental ore.


Skill Requirements:
15 20 Mining
14 20 Smithing
13 20 Crafting
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Must be able to defeat an Earth Elemental (level 35).
Items Needed: Knife, Pickaxe, Needle, Spool of Thread, Hammer, Leather, 4x Coal

Items Recommended: Camelot teleport
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Head to the house southwest of the Seers' Village bank, and search the bookcase.

Read the book to find out about an ancient workshop that was sealed off by magicians. Use your knife on the book to slash it open and receive a battered key.

Entering the Workshop

Now head to the building with the anvils and use the battered key on the odd looking wall to open it, and then climb down the staircase.

Go towards the western room, and attempt to mine an elemental rock. A level 35 Earth elemental will attack you, so kill it and then take the elemental ore it drops.

Now head into the northern room. Turn the right water control first, and then the left control, and finally pull the lever to get the water flowing.

Go back to the central room and search the crates to find some leather and a stone bowl. Then head to the eastern room and then fix the bellows using your leather, needle and thread.

Now head to the southern room, and use the stone bowl on the lava trough. Use the bowl full with lava on the furnace to heat it, and then head back into the eastern room and pull the lever to start the bellows.

The Shield

Use the elemental ore on the furnace to smelt it into an elemental bar, and then take it back to the central room and use it on the anvil to make it into an elemental shield.

Note: Make sure to have the slashed book in your inventory or it will not work.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Chas433
Corrections submitted by: Deathslayer, DaDa, Dark, Power of Five