Some adventurers explore the world of Gielinor on their own, while some prefer to be part of a like-minded community, completing quests and attending events together as a group. Clans have been around since the beginning of RuneScape, challenging one another in a bid to be the best or the most respected. Clans have access to their very own giant fortress floating in the sky, known as Clan Citadels. They can be accessed via a portal in the clan camp, upgraded and maintained by its team of members. More information on Clan Citadels can be found here.

To access the Clan interface, you need to find the Clan chat panel by going to your Social icon on the settings bar and selecting 'Clan chat'.

Using the Clan System

As almost all Clan functions are accessed via the Clan chat panel, it is important that you know how to operate this panel in order to make the most of this feature.

  • Leave Clan Chat: Allows you to temporarily leave your Clan's chat channel.
  • Clan Info: Displays your clan's vexillum, featuring various pieces of information about your clan such as member count, motif, and motto.
  • Clan Noticeboard: Allows you to view your Clan's events noticeboard. This button can also be right-clicked, revealing options for administering it and to send a clan-wide broadcast message advising of an event in the noticeboard.
  • Clan Settings: Opens the Clan Settings interface. For more information on this, please see Clan Management.
  • Invite Clanmate: If given permission by your clan, click this button then on the player that you wish to invite to join your clan. Note that they must leave their previous clan first, if they are in one.
  • Leave Clan: This will dissociate you from the clan entirely. You will need to be re-invited again if you wish to rejoin the clan as a member.
  • Your Clan: This tab is for viewing the panel appropriate for the clan that you're part of.
  • Visited Clan: This tab is for enabling guest visits to the chat channels of other clans.
  • Clan Ban List: This tab is for managing who is banned from entering your clan's chat channel. You can only ban those who are not part of the clan.

To send messages to the Clan chat channel, type "//" (without the quotes) before typing your message, or "///" to send messages to a visited Clan channel. Alternatively, you may type /c or /g followed by a space to lock the text input onto your own Clan's channel or the guest channel respectively, or by clicking the icon near the top of your chatbox.

Registering a Clan

To set up your own clan, you first need to go to the Scribe, who can be found north of the citadel portal in the Clan Camp located south of Falador. The charter will then need to be used on four other players, who need to agree to help found your clan. Please do note that you can only do this inside the Clan Camp. Once five names have been obtained on the charter (including yourself), take it back to the Scribe to proceed with finalise the registration. You will be prompted for a clan name, in which once chosen, the clan will be formed and you (or someone else if they are managing the charter) will automatically become the owner.

Joining and Recruitment

The act of joining a clan is as simple as having an eligible member of that clan send you an invite, and then accepting that invite.

If you are looking for a clan to join, there are several places you can check.

  • The RuneScape Official Forums have a section dedicated to clan recruitment, which are separated into different categories such as Questing, Social, Skilling and clans with a combat level range.
  • Asking a friend whether you can join their clan.
  • Viewing the information on clan vexillums planted by clan members.
  • Checking the clan camp on World servers with the 'clan camp' activity.
  • Looking up the clan directory and choosing one to join.

Please do note that some clans have certain requirements, such as a specific combat level.

To join another clan's chat channel as a guest, click on 'Visited Clan', then click 'Join Channel' at where the 'Leave Clan Chat' used to be. When prompted, enter the name of the clan whose channel you wish to join and press enter. If the clan's administrators allows guests to join, you will join the channel successfully.

Clan Management

The Clan settings panel can be accessed with the fourth button found at the bottom of the clan interface panel. It is separated into three categories: Clanmates, Clan Settings, and Permissions.

Clanmates Management

This tab presents you with several options that you can apply on individual clanmates. Clicking on the arrow next to their name on the list will reveal some available actions that can be applied to that clan member, such as rank, job, and bans.

  • Rank: This specifies what rank the clan member is within the clan. Available options from lowest to highest are Recruit, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, General, Admin, Organiser, Coordinator, Overseer, and Deputy Owner.
  • Job: This specifies what job the clan member is assigned to within the clan. This setting has no effect on what the clanmate have access to, with the exception of 'Avatar Warden' where it will grant a clanmate the permission to summon an avatar. To give a clanmate avatar warden access, they must be ranked Admin or higher first.
  • Ban from Citadel: Bars the clanmate's access to the main sections of the Clan Citadel.
  • Ban from Island: Bars the clanmate's access from the Citadel altogether.
  • Ban from Keep: Bars the clanmate's access to the main building (the Keep) of the Citadel
  • Save: Saves any changes made to the above options.
  • Kick: Removes the clanmate from the clan entirely. With the exception of the owner, an eligible ranked clan member may only kick up to two clanmates per day.

Clan Settings

This tab presents you with the options that controls the basic information of your clan. In this tab, the following settings are available:

  • National Flag: This is optional. You can choose a flag of a specific country, or the 'world' flag that will appear on your clan's vexillum.
  • World: Your clan's homeworld that will be displayed on your clan's vexillum.
  • Time zone: Your clan's time zone that will appear on your clan vexillum. This can be useful for letting others know what time zones that clan events are based on.
  • Clan time: This checkbox specifies whether the time in the time zone specified above will be displayed.
  • Guests in chat: These two toggles specifies whether or not guests are allowed to enter your Clan's chat channel, and whether they are allowed to talk in it.
  • Clan recruiting?: This setting specifies whether your clan's vexillum says that your clan is recruiting or not. This does not affect whether your clan can still invite new members in.

Underneath the main section are four more buttons:

  • Motto Editor: Allows you to set a clan motto up to 80 characters long that will be shown on your Clan's vexillum.
  • Motif Editor: Allows you to edit your clan's motif, in which four different colors can be set along with various symbols.
  • Keyword Editor: Allows you to set to 10 keywords that identify the characteristics of your clan, with a wide range of options such as 'Community', 'International', and many more.
  • Clan Broadcast Settings: Allows you or a clanmate with an eligible rank within your clan to set what kind of system messages relating to the clan will be displayed, such as when a clanmate has capped at the citadel, and who can see those messages.


This tab gives clan administrators and owners full control over what actions clan members can perform. There are subcategories available:

  • Admin: This category is controls who can carry out administration of the clan itself, including who can limit access of lower ranks to various parts of the clan citadel, recruit, lead a Rated Clan War, and edit the signpost in the citadel.
  • Chat: Containing just two options, this category controls the permissions of the clan's chat, including the minimum rank required to be able to talk, and the minimum rank that is required to kick guests out.
  • Events: This category controls who can operate various event tools available to the clan, including who can edit the event noticeboard, operate the clan battlefield, theatre and the party room, and who can begin a private meeting within the citadel.
  • Citadel: This category controls who can perform administration tasks of your clan's citadel such as upgrades, managing the avatar habitat, and setting the language.
  • Skills: This category controls who can manage the skill plots within the citadel, including locking of plots, viewing of clanmate's cap progress and moving the build tick.

Chat Management

If a guest has joined your clan's chat channel and find that they are disruptive, a clanmate with an eligible rank will be able to remove them by right-clicking on their name in the clan list or in the chatbox, then selecting Temp-ban or kick/ban in the menu. They will not be allowed back in the channel for one hour. If desired, they can be added to the clan ban list.

Extra Features

Clan Website

Each clan will be given a home page with various features such as clan statistics, events list and list of members who are part of the clan. To visit your clan's or another clan's page, go to the RuneScape home page, hover your mouse over the 'Community' option on the menu and select 'Clans'. You will be taken to an introductory page for clans with a search box at the top right corner. If you were logged onto the website, you will be taken directly to your clan's page.

Guide Made by: Simon
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