Great Orb Project

The Basics

The Great Orb Project is a Runecrafting activity that requires two teams to gather orbs into different Runecrafting altars. The team that gathers the most orbs into the altars is the winner of that round. There are 6 rounds for free to play players, and 8 rounds of pay to play players.

To take part in a game of The Great Orb Project, players must have completed the Rune mysteries quest AND have at least level 50 Runecrafting.

After you complete a game of The Great Orb Project you will be awarded Runecrafting guild tokens. The amount you are awarded varies depending on how many times you won, lost or drawn in the previous game.


The Great Orb Project is located in the Runecrafting guild, this is south of Draynor Village.

The quickest way here is to use a Runecrafting guild teleport tablet, this will take you directly into the guild. If you don't have a teleport tablet, other ways of getting there include:

  • Using fairy ring code DIS to take you behind the Wizard's tower.
  • Using an Amulet of Glory's teleport to Draynor Village and run south from there.
  • Using the cabbage teleport on the Explorer's ring and running from the teleport spot.

Getting Started

The objective of the game is for teams to get as many orbs of your team colour to the altar. You must do this while repelling opposing orbs away from the altar to prevent the other team from scoring. Once the round has finished, the team with the most orbs in the altar wins the round.

To start a game, speak to either Wizard Vief or Wizard Acantha. They will give you a Runecrafter hat (the colour is dependant on which team you join), a Attractor wand, a Repeller wand and a Barrier generator. When there is 2 or more people on each time, a 1 minute timer will start. After the timer has finished, a portal will appear, enter it to start the activity.

An image of a player being warned about the portal spawning.

Image Name Use
Runecrafter hat Shows what team a player is on
Barrier generator Creates barriers to prevent orbs from passing.
Attractor wand Attracts orbs towards user.
Repeller wand Repels orbs away from the user.

If for any reason you will to leave the game before it has started, simply destroy one of the wands or speak to any wizard in the guild. This must be done before the portal opens.

During The Game

Once you enter the portal, you will be transported to the air altar to start the first of 6 (F2P players only) or 8 (P2P players only) rounds. The rounds take place at the following altars in this order:

  • Air
  • Mind
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Body
  • Chaos (P2P Only)
  • Nature (P2P Only)

When the game commences, you will find that there are green and yellow orbs around the nearby area. Your goal is to get as many as the orbs which correspond to your team colours into the altar. The box at the right hand side of your screen will show you the current scores of the round in progress. In addition to this, the winners of each round will be displayed at the top of the screen.

To do this, use the wands you were given just moments before. If you want orbs to come towards you, use the attractor wand. On the other hand, if you would like to get orbs away from you, use the repeller wand.

If you are wanting to play defensive, you may use your barrier generator to stop both types of orbs passing. This is most effective when barriers are created at choke points. It is also worth noting that, for a limited time, your wands will work against the opposing orbs.

Once the round has ended, a portal will appear, enter it to go to the next round. At the end of the round, you will also be given some essence (Pure essence if you are P2P), you may use this on the runecrafting altar during the current round or save it for later.

When the final round ends, a purple portal with a flashing arrow above it will appear to take you back to the Runecrafting Guild. Here you will be rewarded in the form of Runecrafting guild tokens.


Now that you have finished a game of The Great Orb Project, you will be awarded Runecrafting guild tokens. These are used to buy a variety of rewards.

The amount of tokens received depends on the scores of the previous game. For each altar a team wins, everybody on that team will be awarded 100 tokens, also, the team that wins the most altars will be rewarded with 200 more tokens. If both teams win the same amount of altars, everybody will be rewarded with 25 tokens.

To buy rewards with tokens, speak to Wizard Elriss.

Runecrafter Robes

Runecrafters robes will give you a bonus to your Runecrafting level during a game of The Great Orb Project. Apart from that, they have very little use.

Image Item Tokens
Runecrafter hat 1,000
Runecrafter robe 1,000
Runecrafter skirt 1,000
Runecrafter gloves 1,000


Talisman staves are used to create Runecrafting staves and the Omni-talisman staff. To attach a talisman to a staff, simply use staff or talisman on a runecrafting altar.

Image Item Tokens
Runecraftng staff N/A
Talisman staff 10,000

Teleport Tablets

Runecrafting teleport tablets will teleport you straight to the corresponding altar. These are a 1 time use item.

* Pay to Play only
Image Item Tokens
Runecrafting guild teleport tablet 15
Air altar teleport tablet 30
Mind altar teleport tablet 32
Water altar teleport tablet 34
Earth altar teleport tablet 36
Fire altar teleport tablet 37
Body altar teleport tablet 38
Cosmic altar teleport tablet* 39
Chaos altar teleport tablet* 40
Astral altar teleport tablet* 41
Nature altar teleport tablet* 42
Law altar teleport tablet* 43
Death altar teleport tablet* 44
Blood altar teleport tablet* 45


Talismans can also be bought with tokens. This can be a great source of money as water talismans are worth a lot more than the rest.

Pay to Play only*
Image Item tokens
Body talisman 50
Air talisman 50
Earth talisman 50
Fire talisman 50
Mind talisman 50
Water talisman 50
Chaos talisman* 125
Cosmic talisman* 125
Law talisman* 125
Nature talisman* 125

Guide Made by: Tom
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