Defender of Varrock
Troubling reports are arriving from scouts in the Wilderness: zombies are amassing and organising. Zombies alone are incapable of such intelligent behaviour, and each time it has happened in the past great tragedies have come to pass. Captain Rovin, suitably concerned, needs your help to go on a dangerous mission to verify the reports.
Are the Varrock Guard just being paranoid, or could this be a major threat to their city?
Reading the Legend of Arrav in the Lores and Histories section of the website will give you a better appreciation of the storyline of this quest.


Skill Requirements:
17 51 Agility
22 51 Hunter
14 54 Smithing
15 59 Mining
Quest Requirements:
Shield of Arrav
Knight's Sword, The
Demon Slayer
Temple of Ikov
Family Crest
What Lies Below
Garden of Tranquility
Other Requirements:
Ability to defend against Level 104 Armoured Zombies.
Items Needed: Pickaxe, Light source, Blurite Ore, Spade

Items Recommended: Games necklace (8), Combat bracelet (4), Ring of duelling (8), Varrock teleport, Shark, Dramen staff
Reward: Click to reveal


1. Start the quest by speaking to Captain Rovin. He is located in the north-west tower of Varrock castle, second floor. He informs you about the organization of zombies in the wilderness. Rovin's scout, Hartwin, reports he saw a shadowy figure and a whole army of zombies. You're asked to investigate further.

2. Before asking Hartwin to teleport you to the wilderness, make sure you take some armour, a weapon, and some food. You're going to have to defeat 5 armoured zombies, level 104 each. Note; the wilderness is instanced during the quest, means it is not shown to other players, which makes the quest safe from pkers. Talk to Hartwin. A short cutscene will occure, showing Hartwin discovering some footprints. You will suggest following them, and see where they lead.

3. Follow the footprints. When they end, try investigatign bushes, trees, tree stumps, mushrooms, and bones near the end, to uncover the rest of the footprints. Note; turning the game on the lowest graphics would be a HUGE advantage. At some point, you will find a Grubby Key. Keep it in your inventory, and keep following the foot prints. In the end, you will receive a message at the enterance to the Chaos Temple that says: "The trail seems to stop as it reaches rockier ground. Hopefully you can find out what happened to the zombies in this area."

4. Use the key on the trap door, and go downstairs. Warning - Armoured Zombies will attack you as soon as you go down. Run north until the the hall changes its direction to west, and stay there. Click "Look-Over Balcony", and watch the short cutscene. In the cutscene, you will see Sharathteerk and Zemouregal talking about allying with Lucien. Zemouregal will decline the idea, as he has his own source of power: Arrav, who will take control on his zombie troops.

5. Collect 3 bottles from the west part of the corridor, and kill 3 armoured zombies. After each zombie dies, there will be a red mist hovering where he died. Use a bottle on the red mist, and fill all the 3 bottles you own. When done, head to the west door and go through it. It's important you kill the 3 zombies by yourself, as you can't collect the red mist from zombies other players killed.

6. Another cutscene will be shown, and you will learn that Arrav is under Zemouregal's control. Keep walking north, kill another 3 zombies to refill your bottles with red mist, and then walk east down the hall to look over another balcony. You will see that Zemouregal has raised an army of armoured zombies. He is planning on attacking Varrock. Hartwin will give you a Varrock teleport, so you can report the news to Captain Rovin.

7. Speak to Captain Rovin, and report the news. He will ask you to talk to Thurgo, to learn how to use the Shield of Arrav to defend Varrock. Travel to Thurgo's Peninsula, south-west of Port Sarim. You can use fairy ring teleport by using the code AIQ (requires Dramen or Lunar Staff if you have not completed Fairy Tale Part III) or use the Port Sarim lodestone. Speak to Thurgo, he suggests you find the great lost dwarven hall of Camdozaal and its Sacred Forge. He will give you a scrap of paper with the coordinates of Camdozaal.

8. Head to the Ice Mountain, and take a spade, a pickaxe, a light source and a Blurite ore with you. The secret location is just a few steps east from the white tree (see picture). Dig one more time, and you will receive a message saying you need something better than a spade to go through this rubble. Use your pickaxe on the rubble to create a hole in the snow.

9. Go down the tunnel, and talk to Ramarno. He will tell you to use the Blurite ore on the Sacred Forge. Once you do, a cutscene will appear with images of Traiborn, Queen Ellamaria, Lord Rologarth, and the Wise Old Man explaining how to tap the power of the Shield of Arrav. Zemouregal will then appear, claiming you're too late and that his army is already at Varrock.

10. Head back to the Varrock palace. When entering, you will see a cutscene of the Zombies attacking the Varrock castle. Head quickly to Rovin. Tell Rovin what you learned at the Sacred Forge. He tells you to check the library records and gives you the Shield of Arrav. Go to Reldo, who is located in the Varrock library just a few steps east from the stairs that lead to Rovin's cabinet. If you can't talk to Rovin due to zombies attacking you, lure them outside the library and then get in and close the door. Talk to Reldo. He tells you about an old document that a zombie knocked to the floor and the old census.

11. Read the Varrock Census on the north wall of the library, and then search the scrolls behind the table. The scrolls list the names of the city's first elders.

Talk to the descendants with the Shield of Arrav in your inventory. The descendants are:

  • King Roald, the king of Varrock.
  • Aeonisig Raispher, the royal advisor to the King.
  • Sir Prysin, one of King Roald's knights.
  • Curator Haig Halen, the curator of the Varrock museum.
  • Horvik the smith, owner of Horvik's Armour Shop.

12. Talk to Dimintheis, who is south-east of the eastern bank, in the most northern house of the gated-off area where Family Crest is started. The shield responds to him, and he's revealed to be a decsendant of the founder of Varrock. A cutscene of Dimintheis defeating the zombies with his shield will be shown.

After the cutscene is finished, talk to Captain Rovin to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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