Prisoner of Glouphrie, The
An old letter is found in a disorderly storeroom, leading you to Lletya in the company of a gnome mother, using a path that no human - and only one gnome - has ever trodden before.

Be introduced to Yewnock's most ingenious calibration device to date, and gain a unique insight into life within underground Arposandra, as you investigate the fate of the prisoner of Glouphrie!


Skill Requirements:
21 61 Runecrafting
23 62 Construction
18 64 Thieving
17 64 Agility
Quest Requirements:
Roving Elves
Path of Glouphrie, The
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: Ring of dueling
Reward: Click to reveal


To start the quest, go to Tree Gnome Village and enter the dungeon. From there, take the north-west path and speak to Glorie.

Glorie will then introduce you his mother, Golrana. After some talking, Glorana will ask you to meet her north of the observatory and south of the lava fields. Teleport to Castle Wars using a ring of duelling and run north until you find Glorana.

Speak to Glorana to start your journey. Once you have spoken to Glorana, head north until you come across a large dead tree. Search it to discover a hidden entrance. Proceed through the entrance and you should then find yourself in a cave.

The Cave

Once you are in the cave, investigate the ledge on the south wall. Glorana will then cross the ledge and attach a rope which allows you to cross. There is currently a glitch which involves Glorana not following you. If this happens to you, teleport away and go back to Glorana who is north of the observatory.

Proceed south until you come across some gaps in the path, jump across them all and continue north until you arrive at a river.

When you get to the river, jump across the stepping stones. When you reach the last stepping stone, Glorana will tell you that the jump will be too big and that you need to find another way around. Head back to Glorana and investigate the crevice in the wall nearby.

Now that Glorana is on the other side of the river, she will push a rock into the river to allow you to get to the over side. Follow the path anti-clockwise until you reach another crevice, enter it and you will appear east of Llyeta.

Contine the path south-west until you come across a sturdy tree, investigate it. Climb down the tree into the elven city, Ilfeen will be here to greet you and then will take you to Bolrie's lab.


When you are at Bolrie's lab, pick up the handwritten book which is on the crate next to the ladder. Then, read the book to find out what materials you need to create an anti-illusion device (all items are obtainable in the lab). Search all the crates, shelves and the picture within the lab to get all the required items. Also, read the lecturn containing Bolrie's journal. Once all the items have been collected, go to the crates near the entrance ladder and click build.

Now that you have build the decide, you must calibrate it. To do this, you must create coins using the singing bowl worth different values. The value of the coins must add up to the same amount which is shown on the machine.

To create coins, get crystal seeds from the crate near the singing bowl. The shape of the coin is determined by the amount of water in the bowl, to change shapes, just add/empty the bowl until the required shape is achieved. Also, the colour of the coin is determined by the prism. To change the colour, just rotate the prism.

The following table contains the values for all coin colours and shapes:

Colour Shape
Circle Almond Triangle Square Pentagon Hexagon
Red 1 2 3 4 5 6
Orange 2 4 6 8 10 12
Yellow 3 6 9 12 15 18
Green 4 8 12 16 20 24
Blue 5 10 15 20 25 30
Indigo 6 12 18 24 30 36
Violet 7 14 21 28 35 42

Here is a table showing what percentage of the bowl needs to be filled up to create a certain shape:

Shape Bowl Full
Circle 0%
Almond 20%
Triangle 40%
Square 60%
Pentagon 80%
Hexagon 100%

You now need to get the target colour.

Cyan can be achieved by combining a green and blue crystal of the same shape.

Magenta can be made with a violet crystal and a red crystal, but, the violet crystal must have twice as many sides (ie red triangle and violet hexagon). It can also be made a red crystal and a green crystal that have the same shape.

Yellow can be achieved by using two yellow crystals, no matter what the shape. It is also possible to be created by a red and green crystal of the same shape.


Now that the device has been calibrated, speak to Glorana who will ask you to meet her at Llyeta bank. Go up the ladder and proceed to the bank where Glorana will be waiting for you. Speak to her and you will appear at thet sturdy tree, head east from here until you find a air vent in the rock. Open it and a short cutscene will commence.

Now that you have fallen down the chute, take a few steps east and you will notice some mining tortoises. After the short scene ends, head up the nearby stairs and move along the north-east wall to avoid detection from the watcher. When you reach the watcher, rotate it to face the wall and enter the jail via the nearby metal door.

Speak to the terrorbird and tell him that you are Glouphrie, it will then leave the room. Go to the cell that contains Bolrie and speak to him. He will then proceed to ask you questions to proove your identity. The answers are as follows:

Question: What was the name of the elf that brought you here? Answer: Ilfeen.

Question: Who was the letter addressed to? Answer: Gena.

Question: What is the number of possible combinations with the machine? Answer: 42.

Question: In my lab, there's a picture on the wall. What is it of? Answer: The Grand Tree.

If you answered all the questions correctly, he will be convinced that you're not an illusion. Head back past the stairs and go around the path into the south-west room where the terrorbird will be standing. A short cutscene will commence and you will climb up to the surface.

Now push the boulder in front of the vent and then speak to Glorana, another cutscene will occur.

After the cutscene has ended, speak to Glorana who will transport you to Tree Gnome Village. Yet another cutscene will occur, watch it, after that you will be rewarded.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Tom
Corrections submitted by: Simon, Dan, Power of Five, Umbra