Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
In Jungle Potion, the Shaman Trufitus communed with the gods to determine the fate of his people. Now Timfraku, the Chief of Tai Bwo Wannai, wishes to see his people and family return to the abandoned village. Help a depressed fisherman, encourage a raging hunter and satiate an eccentric priest in this extreme test of aptitude and patience!


Skill Requirements:
17 15 Agility
8 30 Cooking
11 5-65 Fishing
12 30 Firemaking
7 43 Magic
Quest Requirements:
Jungle Potion
Druidic Ritual
Other Requirements:
Using the Fairy Ring system can save you a lot of time instead of walking everywhere, although it is not required for the quest.
Level 65 Fishing is required to catch your own Karambwan, although you can buy it from the Grand Exchange.
Items Needed: Small fishing net, Pestle and mortar, Steel spear, Agility potion (4), 90x Coins, Seaweed, Knife, Banana, Jogre bones, Karamjan rum

Items Recommended: Food and Anti-poison potions, Mith grapple
Reward: Click to reveal


This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


The fairy ring system will help out a lot during the quest as you have to move around the island a lot.

Begin the quest by speaking with Timfraku who is located on the second storey of the house in the north-west of Tai Bwo Wannai. Select the "So Far?" chat option to start the conversation about the quest. Timfraku will ask you to bring home his three sons.


The first son is Tamayu, who is located south-east of the village near the mines. You can also run north-east from the Fairy ring by using the code CKR. Speak with Tamayu and he will tell you that he will return back to the Tai Bwo Wannai village only once he has killed The Shaikhan, a large lion on the island.

Ask Tamayu if you can join him on his next hunt, and he will agree. A short cutscene of Tamayu fighting the Shaikahan will play, where Tamayu loses. He will tell you that the Shaikahan is too agile and heals to quickly and will ask you to fetch him a different spear.

Leave Tamayu (you will return later) and head to Tinsay who is located south-west of Tamayu, on a small island called Cairn Island. Climb the rockslide that leads up to the bridge and then cross the bridge. You will need 23 Agiliy to cross the bridge, and food may be needed as you can fail to cross the bridge with lower agility levels and be damaged.


Speak with Tinsay who is located in the center of the island. He will tell you about how he is trying to repair the tribal statue in the village. You will then offer to fetch him some materials.

First, he will ask you for a bottle of Karajan rum with added banana. To do this, you need to purchace a bottle of Karajan rum from the store owner on Musa Point and pick up a knife and a banana from the table of the general store there. Once you have all three, use the knife on the banana to slice it, and then use the sliced banana on the rum. The bottle of rum will now have a small picture of a banana on the lable. Give this bottle of rum to Tinsay, and he will drink it. Speak to him again and he will request that you get him a seaweed sandwich made of seaweed and monkey skin.

As with Tamayu, leave Tinsay for now as you will return later with what is requested.


Next, speak with Lubufu who is located just north-east of the small bit of land connecting Brimhaven and Tai Bwo Wannai. At first, Lubufu will order you to leave, but just speak to him again. You will ask him what he does, and he will tell you that he fishes Karambwan. Offer to help him fish and he will tell you part of a secret to catching raw Karambwan. Offer to help him catch some bait and he will instruct you to head to the lake and catch 20 raw Karabwanji. You can make more than one trip if you do not have enough free inventory spaces.

Head south to the lake south of Tai Bwo Wannai with a small fishing net, and fish for 22 Karambwanji. Once you have all or some of the fish, take them back to Lubufu. He will take a total of 20 off you and give you a Karambwan Vessel in return. Drop this vessel and speak with Lubufu again to get another vessel, and then pick up the one you dropped. This is because you will need a second vessel later on in the quest.

Use one of the spare Karambwanji on one of the vessels to bait it. If you have level 65 Fishing, you can fish at the spot next to Lubufu to catch a Karambwan. If you are not level 65 fishing, you will need to buy a raw Karambwan from the Grand Exchange in Varrock.


Next, speak with Tiadeche who is across the bay from Musa Point and east of the Fairy Ring with the code DKP. Use your Karambwan Vessel with him and he will give you a raw karambwan in exchange for it. He will take the vessel and will tell you to give an identical vessel (the second vessel you got) to Tinsay to reverse-engineer it.

Head to a bank somewhere in RuneScape and get your Spear (Steel+), Agility Potion (4), pestle and mortar, 1 raw karambwan, runes or a bow to kill a level 3 monkey, some jogre bones and the Karambwan vessel.

Cook the raw Karambwan on a range anywhere in RuneScape. If sucessfully cooked, it will turn a light green colour and into a poison karambwan. Use the pestle and mortar on the poison karambwan to make some Karambwan Paste. Use this paste on the spear you have to make a posion tipped spear (kp).

Head back to Tamayu in the mine and use the spear (kp) and the Agility Potion (4) on him. Then speak to him, and he will take you on his next attempt to hunt the Shaikahan. A cutscene where Tamayu successfully defeats the Shaikahan will play, and afterwards he will agree to return back to Tai Bwo Wannai.

Next, kill a level 3 Monkey nearby with either magic or ranged attack styles. Melee will not work. Use the monkey corpse on Tamayu and he will give you some monkey bones and a monkey skin.

Head back to the bridge to Carin Isle, but don't cross it just yet. Nearby, pick up some seaweed off the ground near the beach and use the seaweed with the monkey skin to make a sandwich. Head across the bridge and use the sandwich with Tinsay. He will then ask you to bring him some Marinated jogre bones.

To make the Marinated Jogre Bones, you first need to use some normal jogre bones on a range to burn them. Using a pestle and mortar, grind the last remaining Karambwanji that you have to make some karambwanji paste. Add this paste to the bones to get pasty jogre bones. Use these on a range, not a fire, to cook the bones and you will get Marinated Jogre bones. Head back to Tinsay and talk to him. DO NOT USE the bones on him before speaking with him again as he will eat them and then ask you for them again.

After speaking with him, he will then take the bones and eat them. He will now return back to Tai Bwo Wannai.

Head back to Tinsay and use the Karambwan Vessel on him. He will give you a crafting manual to take back to Tiadeche. Speak with Tiadeche and show him the manual and he will return back to Tai Bwo Wannai.


Now, head back to Timfraku, the person you started the quest from. He will give you your reward of 2,000 coins. Keep reading on below for additional rewards.

Additional Rewards

Speak with Tinsay for 5,000 Cooking Experience and the ability to make Marinated Jogre bones. Speak with Tamayu for 2,500 Attack and Strength experience, a Rune Spear (kp) and access to the spear shop run by Tamayu. Speak with Tiadeche for 5,000 Fishing experience, the ability to catch and cook Karambwan and Karambwanji and access to his fishing store that sells Karambwan and vessels.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Simon
Corrections submitted by: Illustrial, Lord Arma, Quackyz, Power of Five, Umbra