Eagles' Peak (Quest)
The Ardougne Zoo is always looking for new specimens, but one of their anticipated new attractions - a ferret from the north - has been proving elusive.

One of the Zoo's more eccentric freelance specimen hunters is reported to be on the case, but after setting out for the far western reaches, somewhere between the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and the Tree Gnome Stronghold, nothing more has been heard from him.

Will you be able to use your skills as a Hunter to track him down? What else will you discover at the mountain known as Eagles' Peak?


Skill Requirements:
22 27 Hunter
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Must be able to defeat a level 20 Kebbit.
Items Needed: Yellow dye, 50x Coins, Swamp tar, Noose wand, 10x Eagle feather

Items Recommended: Teleports to Ardougne and Varrock
Reward: Click to reveal

This quest is relevant for current RuneScape and Old School.

Starting out

You begin the quest by talking to Charlie the Zookeeper in the Ardougne Zoo.

Charlie will tell you about some missing ferrets and how an associate Nickolous has gone off looking for a replacement. He will tell you that Nickolous was last known to be near Eagles Peak.

You could either, walk or you could catch the Balloon to the Grand Tree. You need to complete the quest Enlightened Journey to use the Balloons system. Alernatively you could use the fairy ring AKQ then run south.

Once you arrive you will need to go all the way around, until you find a deserted camp.

Finding Nickolaus

You should begin by inspecting the books and you'll get a book named "Bird Book". Once you open it, a Metal Feather will fall out.

Climb up the rocks, and inspect the Rocky Outcrop. You will notice that you have a feather in your inventory. Use the feather with the Outcrop, and an entrance will open.

You will arrive in the Eagles' lair. Head South East and you will enter a cutscene where you see Nickolaus. Talk to him and when you're done, take 10 giant feathers.


Teleport to Varrock, and then go to the Fancy Dress Shop, which is South of the East Bank, through the gate.

Talk to the Fancy Dress Shop Owner, and ask about a couple of Giant Eagle costumes.

You will need to get some Swamp Tar, and some Yellow Dye, these can be obtained from Lumbridge swamp, and from Aggie in Draynor Village respectively.

Head back to Eagles Peak with the costumes.

Getting to Nickolaus

You will now have to go to Nickolaus. Head south and try to go through the door. You won't be able to get through.

First we need to use the south west tunnel, enter it and you will find a feather sitting on a pedastal. Try to collect the feather

You wont get the feather, The pedastal will have been hoisted up into the air. Go to each corner and move the winch until the pedestal lowers.

Inspect the next pedestal. You will see some tracks coming away from it.

Inspect the western Rocks, and some more footprints will appear.

Inspect the other Rocks, and then inspect the Opening.

A Kebbit, which is level 20 will appear. Kill it and it will drop a Silver Feather.

Go back outside, and go to the top most tunnel on the east.

You will appear in a maze. Take some food from the Birdseed holder, you will need approximately 10.

  1. Pull down lever.
  2. Use Odd Bird Seeds on Bird Feeder.
  3. Use Odd Bird Seeds on Bird Feeder.
  4. Pull down lever.
  5. Use Odd Bird Seeds on Bird Feeder
  6. Pull down lever.
  7. Push up lever.
  8. Use Odd Bird Seeds on the Bird Feeder
  9. Pull down lever.
  10. Use Odd Bird Seeds on the Bird Feeder.
  11. Use Odd Bird Seeds on the Bird Feeder.
  12. Take the Golden feather from the pedestal.

Once you have all the feathers, go to the Stone Door, and use each feather with the door.

Wearing your beak and eagle cape pass the eagle.

Talk to Nickolaus. The other Eagle costume will disappear, and you will be told to meet Nickolaus back at the campsite.

Catching a ferret

Go back down the rocks, and speak with Nickolaus.

Ask if you can get a Ferret, and he will give you one. He will offer to teach you how to catch your own.

A cutscene will show you waiting with Nickolaus, and then a ferret being captured.

All that is left is to take the ferret back down to Ardougne. Go talk to Charlie.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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