Darkness of Hallowvale
Fighting tooth and nail against the vampyre overlord, Drakan, the Myreque have moved their secret base camp to Burgh de Rott. Now the fight starts in earnest! Veliaf needs someone to make their way into the Sanguinesti region - the eastern side of Morytania cut off from the west behind an impenetrably huge wall.
Will the fight be supported by Myreque resistance inside the vampyres' domain? What grim discoveries are to be found behind that dread wall? And what of the Vyrewatch - deadly sky-bound patrollers of the blood-tithed lands of Meiyerditch?
Only a daring, quick-witted agent with an eye for detail can hope to pick their way through the tumbled down slums of Meiyerditch.


Skill Requirements:
23 5 Construction
15 20 Mining
18 22 Thieving
17 26 Agility
13 32 Crafting
7 33 Magic
3 40 Strength
Quest Requirements:
In Aid of the Myreque
Other Requirements:
Normal Spellbook
Items Needed: 8x Bronze nails, 2x Plank, Hammer, Air rune, Law rune

Items Recommended: Knife, Rune pickaxe, 3000x Coins, Garlic
Reward: Click to reveal


This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


To start the quest, travel to Burgh de Rott and go into the basement of the pub there. Talk to Veliaf Hurtz. He wants you to make contact with the Myreque in Meiyerditch. Go south-east from there, to find a broken boat. Repair the boat and the launching pad using your planks and nails (beware of vyrewatch there). Once repaired, take the boat to sail to Meiyerditch.

Jump out of the boat, and walk across the path. When the path takes a turn from west to north (the corner), you should see a message saying the floor under you cracks. Kick the boards and climb down. (If you get caught by a vyrewatch, you may either pick him to taste your blood, which will deal 60 damage, send you to the mines, which are in the north-east part of the city, or try to escape from it). Climb across the rocks rubble and talk to any citizen, and you will be told to ask Old Man Ral for help.

The Agility Course

Old Man Ral can be found in his house, a few steps north-east from you. When talking to him, choose the option "Old man Ral the sage of sanguinesti" and he will help you. You will now need to go through an extremely long agility course (10 minutes approximately for sharp eyed people).

Instructions to pass the agility course:

  1. Go to the house south-west of Old Man Ral with the door that faces north, and climb up the ladder.
  2. Jump south to the floorboards.
  3. Jump east to the floorboards.
  4. Go to the north-east corner of the room, then push the wall and go across it.
  5. Crawl under the wall to the north.
  6. Go north to the second room push the wall on the west side and go across.
  7. Go down the ladder.
  8. Search the table next to the wall, open the trapdoor, and go underneath it.
  9. Climb up the shelf.
  10. Crawl under the wall to the east side.
  11. Jump to the floorboards to the east.
  12. Go down the ladder.
  13. Search the pots near the eastern door to get a key, and then use it to open the door.
  14. Go up the ladder in the room to the east.
  15. Jump south to the floorboards.
  16. Go east, south, west and climb the shelves.
  17. Go west and up the ladder.
  18. Jump south again to the floorboards below.
  19. Climb down the ladder.
  20. Go east across the washing line.
  21. Climb down the ladder.
  22. Push the wall to the north and walk across the floor.
  23. Climb up the shelf to the north.
  24. Climb down the shelf that is north-east and below the room.
  25. Jump to the floorboards to the north.
  26. Jump to the floorboards to the north again.
  27. Jump to floorboards in the east - north-east part of the room.
  28. Climb up ladder.
  29. Search the wall (to the west) to get the topmost part of a ladder.
  30. Climb down the same ladder, repair the broken ladder going down with the ladder top and go down.
  31. Open the door and go north and slightly west to a house with a chimney/fireplace in it, go up the ladder, collect the knife that's on the table there, and climb back down. Remember this place - you have to come back later!
  32. Go west through the door into the next room, then north out of the house until you see barricades.
  33. Go east past the sickle logo and the house to the south should have a ladder in it - go up this one.
  34. Jump to the floorboards east.
  35. Climb down the stairs.
  36. Go southeast, search the wall, use a knife on wall, and push the wall.
  37. Press decorated wall
  38. Open the lumpy rug.
  39. Climb down trapdoor to enter the hideout.

Delivering the Messages

Talk to Vertida Sefalatis, and he'll give you a message to transfer to Veliaf Hurtz.

Go back to Burgh de Rott and speak to Veliaf Hurtz. He will tell you to speak to Drezel in the Temple of the Salve in Paterdomus. He will also tell you to speak to King Roald in Varrock castle. Go to Drezel and speak to him, by Veliaf's request, and he will tell you he heard some strange noises outside. Go west of the temple to investigate it, and search the bush just a few steps from the stairs leading to the temple. A short cutscene in which you are knocked down by two werewolves will occur.

Go to Drezel and tell him what you've seen. After that, go to King Roald in Varrock castle (Note: you may ask for runes from Drezel for a Varrock teleport). After you've done talking to Roald, go back to Drezel (if the king and his advisor are in the same room, you may ask for a teleport back to the temple) and tell him about Roald's news. Finally, go back to Burgh de Rott and speak to Veliaf Hurtz again.

You will now need to speak to Vertida Sefalatis in Meiyerditch, by going through the agility course again, or getting caught by one of the Vyrewatch and choosing to go to the mine. You will need to mine 15 ores to get out of there, and then simply walk south until you reach the hideout. Vertida Sefalatis will tell you to talk to Safalaan who is near the castle. He will offer a free teleport to the enterance of the city.

Go back to where the boat is, and instead of going down the squeaky board, keep going north. When you reach Safalaan speak to him, and he will ask you to draw three sketches of the castle; from south, west, and north. He will give you a charcoal and a papyrus.

Sketching the Castle

Travel to the north wall, and just around the middle of the castle, there will be a sickle symbol on the floor. Stand on it, and use the charcoal on the papyrus. Go to the west side of the castle, find the symbol, and draw another sketch. A cut scene of Vanstrom Klause speaking to Vanescula Drakan and Ranis Drakan will show. Finally, after the cut scene ends, head to the southern wall to draw the sketch, however, you will be attacked by Vanstorm Klause. He will kill you, but you will not lose your items. Remember not to wear a ring of life, as it will act just like in regular combat and will teleport you away when you'll have low HP. When he knocks you out, a lady called Sarius Guile will save you.

When you recover, remember to write the third sketch. Go to Safalaan - he's now with Vertida Sefalatis. It is recommended again to get caught and be sent to the mines. After you speak to him, go to the fireplace in sector 3, and use the knife on the fireplace and portrait to get a message and a key. Show both of the items to Safalaan.

Go back up through the trapdoor, push the wall, go up the stairs, jump to the walkway, go down the ladder and exit the house through the door. Walk through the house north. Go north-east, near the eastern wall of sector 3, and you will find a house with yellow and red tapestry on the northern wall. Use your knife on it, walk through it, and then use your key on the statue in the south-eastern corner of the room.

Open the door to the east and go down the stairs. Search the broken rune case for Telekinetic runes if you don't have any, and telegrab the Haemalchemy book. Bring it to Safalaan, who will then send you to Veliaf to finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Dan
Corrections submitted by: Dan, Quackyz, Dx1438, Power of Five