Artisan Workshop


The Artisans Workshop is a Smithing workshop located in South-East Falador. It provides a service to train Smithing which caters for both Members and Non-Members. The fastest way to get here is to use a skills necklace to teleport to the Mining Guild or the Falador city teleport spell/tab.

Getting There

There are several ways to get to Artisans Workshop:

  • Use the Lodestone Network to travel to Falador and run through the city.
  • Use the Falador Teleport spell on the standard spell book to get to Falador by the castle and then run.
  • Run north from Port Sarim or the Falador Farm and then run east just after getting through the city wall.


All training methods require using ingots of metal. Ingots can be created by using your ores (can be noted) on the smelter in the central area of the ground floor. Up to 4,000 of each ore type can be stored in the smelter and up to 8,000 coal so you can stay for a long time! After using your ores on the smelter, withdraw some ingots. Any ingots that aren't used can be deposited back into the smelter. Non-Members can smelt iron to steel ingots (Grade I to III). Members can smelt any metal ingots from Grades I to IV.

Tools can be found on a workbench on the southern wall of the ground floor. These tools are needed to train in the workshop.

Burial Armour

Smithing burial armour can be a good way to gain experience. To do so, just use the anvils on the eastern part of the ground floor.

A hammer, pair of tongs and metal ingots are required. Speak to Suak near the anvils to show you a demonstration. It is advised to do so.

  1. Withdraw ingots. Higher grade ingots give more experience, but the Grade I ingots offer the best cost:exp ratio, whereas higher grades offer better ore:exp ratios. It is advised to make Grade I ingots.
  2. Look what Suak says for bonus experience and smith that type of armour. Every now and then Suak's desired piece of armour changes. Click the anvil and follow suit.
  3. Deposit your armour pieces in the chute when your inventory is full. Withdraw more ingots and repeat the process.
Ingot Type Armour Type Helmet Chest Gauntlets Boots
I Miner Miner Helmet Miner Chestplate Miner Gauntlets Miner Boots
II Warrior Warrior Helmet Warrior Chestplate Warrior Gauntlets Warrior Boots
III Smith Smith Helmet Smith Chestplate Smith Gauntlets Smith Boots

Ceremonial Swords

Ceremonial swords can be smithed by players with at least 70 Smithing. Iron, steel, mithril, adamant and rune swords can be smithed.

The experience given for making ceremonial swords is based on performance. At metals over iron grade, 100% perfomance is not necessary to surpass the experience players would receive outside of the workshop.

It should be noted that there is a 20% bonus if a sword is smithed at 100% performance. One-time rewards can be gotten when you smith above a certain percentage for the first time. 5,000 experience is gained upon the creation of 90% and over performance. 15,000 experience is gained upon the creation of a sword smithed with 100% performance.

If players are smithing iron swords to a very high performance (near 100%) they get less experience in the workshop than outside the workshop. Players receive around +1% respect per 10,000 experience of swords smithed.

The best tactic is to use heavy hits (0-5 dent) up to a depth of 4, then medium hits (0-3 dent) for depths up to 3. Soft hits should be used (0-2 dent) up to a depth of 2 and careful hits.

The tip of the sword is the most important part of your potential experience. Finish the two 8 dent sides at the end of a blade before continuing to finish the rest.

Track Room

Dwarves continuously need new tracks for their mining carts so they are happy for anyone to smith them pieces of track. The area to smith them can be found in the workshop's basement. Talk to Sten if you need a quick tutorial.

Tracks are made from Grade I ingots of bronze, iron or steel and are provided for free in the large troughs.

Making steel carts is members-only, however free players can still work with bronze and iron. Get some ingots and use them on the anvil. Each section requires five components to complete: rails, baseplate, spikes, joint and ties which require different levels to smith.

Each piece of track shows a percentage completion for itself (in the 20% differences on their names). Completing a section of track can gain extra Smithing experience per track if you lay down the track yourself in nearby tunnels. Any unfinished tracks are automatically re-deposited when you leave.

If you don't have the level required to make a complete piece of track, build as many stages as you can and deposit them in the nearby carts. The dwarves will do the rest.

  • A section of bronze track requires 12 Smithing.
  • A section of iron track requires 35 Smithing.
  • A section of steel track requires 60 Smithing.

Cannon Repair

The cannon repair area is also in the workshop basement. It is located in the South-West. 62 Smithing and membership is required for this part of the activity. Isak will tell you that it is a five-step process that requires a hammer, cog mould, pipe mould and cannonball mould. These can all be obtained from the desk to the South-East. There are two smelter conveyors to collect ingots. Once you have a hammer, three moulds and grade II steel ingots follow this guide.

  1. Cannon Base: Pick up the broken base and empty it to obtain 10 broken cogs. Use all the cogs on an anvil to repair them. If some break then replacements can be made by using ingots on the furnace with the cog mould held. Once you have 10 cogs, replace them into the base again and place the repaired base on the rocks in the centre of the room. Repairing a cog yields 76.8 xp, smelting one yields 38.5 xp and placing the cannon base yields 403.7 xp.
  2. Cannon Stand: Take the broken stand and empty it to find three broken pipes. Once again fix them on the furnace with a pipe mould in your inventory. Fixing a pipe earns 3.5 xp. Replace them back into the stand to repair it and place the repaired stand on the cannon base in the centre of the room.
  3. Cannon Barrel: Take the broken barrel and use it on an anvil three times to fix it. Place it on the cannon stand. Repairing the barrel yields 3x 77 xp.
  4. Cannon Furnace: Take the broken furnace and fix the fuse box and flint on an anvil to gain 15.2 xp x2. Fill the empty fusebox with gunpowder from the barrels and put them back into the furnace. Place the furnace on the cannon barrel.
  5. Cannonfire: The cannon needs test-firing now. Use two steel ingots on the furnace to create 8 test cannonballs. Load the cannon to start firing. The cannon may break while it fires, if it does then fix it with a hammer. Smithing four cannnonballs earns 38.3 xp and a successful test earns a mighty 1731 xp.

Each completely repaired cannon earns 3846 Smithing xp and +0.33% respect.


Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can be found on the floor of the ground floor near the ingot furnace. They may have steam rising from them. 50 Smithing is required to repair burst pipes. Fixing one gives xp equal to 2x the Smithing level. 50 more xp is awarded for fixing burst pipes after buying Repair Expert reward. Burst pipes are unique to each player and persist for a long time. Fixing them earns 0.25% respect.

Animated Armour Suits

There are warrior ancestors (level 61 and 66), miner ancestors and smith ancestors (both level 43). Killing them gives +0.10% respect. They are relatively easy to kill, but a weapon would speed up the process tremendously.

Bronze Ceremonial Swords

Aksel will appear spontaneously and can only be seen by one player. If you talk to Aksel, he requests a bronze ceremonial sword be made. Make sure you have an empty inventory slot to accept! The rate of getting these requests is completely random. If 90%+ performance is achieved, you will get a cut diamond as a bonus. Smithing it with a 100% performance awards Smithing xp 5x your Smithing level.


With every activity comes a minigame, and this is no exception. Rewards include better Smithing exp within the workshop, cosmetic upgrades and much more. Respect is the currency for the purchase of rewards. The rewards shop can be found in the workshop basement by talking to Elof.

Reward Price Effect
Quick Repairs 5% Repairing burst pipes becomes much quicker.
Repair Expert 15% Repairing pipes give more experience.
Quick Learner 20% Experience for creating assigned burial armour is increased by 2%
Budding Student * 40% Experience for creating assigned burial armour is increased by 2%. Requires Quick Learner for a 4% bonus.
Master Student * 60% Experience for creating assigned burial armour is increased by 1$. Requires Budding student and Quick Learner for 5% bonus in total.
Ceremonial Sword Plans 1-5 * 30% each Allowed to keep a perfect ceremonial sword
Golden Cannon * 50% Turns a dwarven multicannon into a golden version. Purely for looks.
Royale Cannon * 100% Turns a dwarven multicannon into a royale version. Purely for looks and requires golden cannon.
* denotes a members only reward.

Guide Made by: Ashwin
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