Dwarf Cannon
For several years now, the Dwarven Black Guard have been developing the lastest in projectile warfare.

With the constant attack of goblin renegades, the dwarven troops who protect the mines need to put this secret weapon into action.

Only with your help can the true power of this cannon be harnessed!


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Hammer

Items Recommended: Games necklace (8), Teleport to Falador, Food
Reward: Click to reveal


This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Captain Lawgof and he will give you six railings. He will ask you to fix 6 bent railings for him and will give you a hammer if you dont already have one.

The bent railings can be found by inspecting the railings surrounding the complex. Once a broken railing is found, inspect it and you will fix it. If you fail to fix it, you will take 10-20 lifepoints of damage.

Once you have fixed all of the railings, head back to Captain Lawgof. He will tell you about how he had been sending communications to a tower to the south of him. He will ask you to go and investigate what is happening. Head out the gate and up the ladder to the south. At the top floor of this tower, pick up the Dwarf Remains. Bring these back to Captain Lawgof.

Captain Lawgof will identify the remains as Giblo's. He will tell you about his son, Lollk, who had gone missing. He asks you to head to the south-east and explore the caves to try and find him.

Finding Lollk

Head to the south-east, to a cave that is located just outside the fishing guild entrance. Head into the cave. Inside the cave, there will be a small goblin outpost in the middle of the cave. Go to the north-eastern most room and there will be a room full of crates. Search all of the crates until you find the one containing Lollk. After you find him, talk to him and then return to Captain Lawgof.

Making the Cannon

Captain Lawgof will now give you a toolkit and ask you to fix his Dwarf Multicannon. You need to match up the tool with the parts of the cannon in this order:

  • Use the hook tool with the spring
  • Use the pliers on the safety switch
  • Use the tooth tool on the gear

After you have repaired the cannon, talk to Captain Lawgof again. He will tell you that he doesn't know how to get ammo for his cannon and will ask you to speak with Nulodion about making ammo. Nulodion is located at the Dwarven Mine Outpost, to the north-east of Falador. He will be located in a small room. Talk to him and he will give you an ammo mold and some instructions on how to use it.

Head back to Captain Lawgof and talk to him. He will thank you for everything and give you your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Deathslayer
Corrections submitted by: Doctor Shemp, Simon, Dx1438, Power of Five