Familiarisation is a distraction and diversion based around the Summoning skill. Pikkupstix and his druids have been having problems retrieving raw shards from the spirit plane, as familiars are preventing them. The main idea of Familiarisation is to lend a helping hand, and help retrieve the shards from the spirit plane.

There are no requirements to participate in this distraction and diversion.

Getting There

To start off, you will need to travel to Pikkupstix's Summoning shop in Taverley. The easiest way to reach it is to use a teleport tablet to the house portal there. Alternate methods are to travel from Burthorpe (Games necklace teleport) or Falador (Teleport spell/tablet). You can also use the balloon service.

The second phase of starting the distraction and diversion is locating Pikkupstix's apprentice, Pikkenmix. He could be at any of the Summoning obelisks scattered around Gielinor (Except the one in your POH). Luckily, Pikkupstix will give a handy hint as to which obelisk he is investigating. Pikkenmix will appear, on each world, for around 20 minutes every 2 hours. He will be investigating a special 'shining obelisk', and this is the one that Pikkupstix will divert you to. However, he will give you a riddle to describe the area he is in. The possibilities are:

Riddle Location
I expect off somewhere relaxing. He's been quite busy lately. There are currently no active obelisks on your current world.
A camp with a catapult nearby. Tyras Camp
A dungeon of beasts that crawl near the barbarians. Relleka Slayer Caves - by the Cave crawlers
A farming patch, castle, dock etc Etceteria
Near ever-flagging war. Castle Wars
A rotten town south of a corrupted, shady village. Burgh de Rott
A place that is Mostly Harmless. Mos Le'Harmless island
A large cave dwelling, full of bustling, small people with pickaxes. I see...a bank! Keldagrim - east of the bank
A large cave dwelling, full of bustling, small people with pickaxes. I see...a boat! Keldagrim - south of the bank
A place where doors talk Stronghold of Security
Between a temple and a lycanthropic town. South of the Slayer tower
Beneath a huge tree. Under the Grand tree
Beware the spider's bite, beneath a rocky city. Varrock sewers
I spoke to a tree within sight of people going over a log. Gnome stronghold
Beneath a garden where creatures dig under the earth. Giant mole's lair (light source required)
I hope the tortured souls in the jail use the chapel. West of Port Sarim jail
I hope the poor souls in the prison are allowed in. West of Port Sarim jail
I hope the villagers' defences hold against these zombies. Shilo Village
If there's blood on the sand, a victor emerges. Duel arena enterance
Northern barbarians have a cozy home. Relleka
Near the Heroic fountain. Under the Heroes' guild
North of a city of sickness. Combat training camp
Near a village of long eared people. Lletya
Near a bridge south of great expanses of danger. Edgeville
Near a fountain of green. Ectofuntus
Pass through to thirst. Shantay pass
Seaside infested with barbarians. North of the Barbarian outpost
Purple rippling near flying rugs. Pollnivneach
South of a city of sickness. Khazard battlefield
Sun, sand, freshly-picked fruit and pretty music. Catherby
South of a market village. South of Draynor village
Surrounded by Heroes, Chaos and games. Near the Heroes' guild
Surrounded by jungle, with a Mithril near. Karamja, north west of the nature altar
The lava talks, and the rocks walk. TzHaar city
The land of the moon people. Lunar isle
Under white city, through scorpions. Dwarven mine
The stench of fish is strong here. Fishing guild
Within sight of a fishing boat. Port Khazard
What a magical land ..in spite of the talking sheep. Zanaris
You must dodge the rocks to reach the summit. Trollheim
Yes it is... no it's not. It's really not! Neitiznot or Jatizso
He's near some monkeys, I hope they don't fall in the volcano. Karamja, volcano
A cheeky monkey and...oh, my! I hope that volcano doesn't explode. Karamja, volcano
Travel through demons and dwarves of chaos, but mind the axes! Taverley dungeon

Once you find Pikkenmix, simply say that you will help him to collect more raw shards. You will then be teleported into the spirit plane.

Playing the Game

Familiarisation is very simple. You are spawned in the spirit plane as one of twelve familiars. You will also be given two familiars at the start of the game which you need to avoid. Depending on your form, these are the familiars that you need to avoid:

Your form Avoided familiar 1 Avoided familiar 2
Thorny snail Barker toad Desert wyrm
Compost mound Geyser titan War tortoise
Giant chinchompa Hydra Karamthulhu overlord
Void spinner Obsidian golem Vampire bat
Evil turnip Compost mound Thorny snail
Spirit coraxatrice Spirit kyatt Spirit larupia
Spirit larupia Spirit wolf Void ravager
Stranger plant Pack yak Ravenous locust
Adamant minotaur Forge regent Lava titan
Giant ent Beaver Fire titan
Ice titan Pyrelord Spirit tz-kih
Pack yak Albino rat Spirit cobra

There will also be a maximum of four other familiars which you will be advised to avoid. You will be informed about this very clearly.

Your concentration is measured in a meter to the left of the game interface. It looks like this:

You need to avoid these familiars because they will decrese your concentration on the spirit plane.

As well as having your concentration meter fall to zero, you will also be teleported out of the spirit plane if you have spent 20 minutes there.

Aside from your concentration, the objective of the game is to collect raw shards that are scattered around the spirit plane. They are spread out around the whole area, so you will have to travel a fair amount to collect all of them. There's no catch to retrieving them - you only need to pick them up. As soon as you achieve the maximum amount of shards you are able to carry (60), you will be transported out of the spirit plane and will be ready to claim your reward.


After collecting raw shards from the spirit plane, you can claim a reward from either Pikkenmix or Pikkupstix. You can claim either a selection of Summoning ingredients or a time period in which you can obtain triple charm drops.

If you choose to obtain Summoning ingredients, you will be given a bundle of ingredients used to infuse pouches. The amount you recieve will be dependant on your Summoning level. If you choose triple charm drops, you will be given 40 seconds per shard you collect (This affects all charms except Talon beast charms).

Tips & Tricks

  • You can only participate in this distraction and diversion once every week. Note that if you participate again before claiming your previous reward, you will only be able to keep a maximum of 30 piles of raw shards from your previous trip. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you claim your reward before participating again.
  • The effects of the Oo'glog salt water spring work in the spirit plane. This can be very beneficial, seeing as you lose run energy considerably faster in it.
  • A good tactic is to scout around the edges of the area and to retrieve all shards you can see, and then moving on to the centre of the area. This helps a lot, seeing as you are much less likely to miss the odd pile of shards.
  • If choosing triple charm drops as your reward, it is recommended that you instantly head off to kill frequent droppers of Crimson or Blue charms, such as Waterfiends, Abyssal demons or Greater demons.

Guide Made by: Ben
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