Blast Furnace


The Blast Furnace is the most efficient machine at processing ores in Runescape. However, it is not as simple to use as other furnaces. It has multiple stations which must be manned by others in order for it to work, and it is not the most sturdy contraption, so it requires regular repairs. Not to worry, though. Once you know all that is needed to operate the Blast Furnace, you will be bathing in metal bars, all set to be converted into items for Smithing experience!

Skill Requirements

There aren't actually any requirements to process ores in the Blast Furnace. However, if you are under 60 Smithing, you will need to pay 2,500 coins to access the furnace for 10 minutes, so having the level is highly recommended. There are also various level requirements to operate the Blast Furnace, to make it process ore.

  • 30 Agility to pedal the conveyor belt
  • 30 Firemaking to fuel the stove
  • 30 Strength to operate the pump
  • 30 Crafting to fix broken appliances

What to Bring

For starters, you will need to bring a hammer. To increase experience and reduce cost, Sacred Clay hammers are recommended. If you do plan on using these, bring 2 or 3 at a time. There is a bank nearby to the Blast Furnace so you will be able to retrieve more hammers when all of the ones you take with you crumble to dust. If you don't plan on using Sacred Clay hammers, it is recommended that you use a Golden hammer as it can be wielded to save an inventory space. If you have neither of these items, a regular hammer will satisfy your needs.

You will also need to bring a stack of coins with you (100-200k should be enough) in order to access some of the features at the Blast Furnace.

You will need to bring noted coal and ores, depending on the kind of metal bars you wish to produce. What makes the Blast Furnace special is that you only need half of the coal you would normally need to smelt a bar. For example, a Mithril bar will only require 2 pieces of coal instead of the usual 4.

You can bring Varrock armour awarded for completing Varrock tasks to speed up the smithing of bars.

All other items that you may need can be found inside the room with the Blast Furnace.

How to Get There

In order to access the Blast Furnace, you will need to have started the Giant Dwarf quest in order to get into the dwarven city of Keldagrim. In order to get to Keldagrim, you can use one of the following routes:

From Rellekka, head north-east until you reach a cave with two statues of dwarves outside.

Then, follow this route:

You can also take the mine cart in the north-west of the Grand Exchange.

After reaching Keldagrim, head to the Blast Furnace. Use one of these routes:

Head down the stairs and let the smithing commence!

Using the Blast Furnace

Before you go ahead and start using the Blast Furnace, you will need to know about how to operate it. There are a series of contraptions built into it that will keep it processing ores, and all of them have a possibility of going wrong. Here is a labelled diagram of the Blast Furnace:

Once you know where everything is, you are ready to start smelting bars! This process has a few steps, but if you work as a team (The official Blast Furnace world is 58), you can get this done very quickly.

Exchanging Noted Ores

The foreman of the Blast Furnace, Ordan, will exchange noted ores (Up to and including Mithril) for un-noted ores for a small price, hence why it is recommended to bring coins. His exchange rates are as follows:

OreCost to un-note

Un-note as many metal ores as you have free inventory spaces, and then half the amount of coal that you would normally use to smelt the ores into bars, placing your ores on the conveyor belt whenever your inventory is full. Of course if you are smelting metals that don't use coal you will only use the normal amount of ores. You can un-note ores by using them on Ordan, and he will also stock 100 of most ores if you wish to buy any.

Pedalling the Ores

The next step is getting your ores into the melting pot of the furnace. This is the simplest step - simply hop onto the pedals if they are unmanned and your ores will eventually drop in.

Occasionally the pedals will stop working. When this happens, all you need to do is fix the drive belt by using a hammer.

Fuelling the Stove

For the Blast Furnace to produce metal bars, you will need to fill it up with fuel. This is another simple step. Simply gather coke using the spade that respawns next to the deposit, and then place it into the stove. Of course this can also be done by somebod else.

It is recommended enough fuel is put in to heat the furnace as much as possible, as it won't have to be refilled as often. You can tell how hot the furnace is by checking the coloured stripes on top of the stove.

Using the Pump

Nearly done now! The next step is to use the pump of the Blast Furnace to heat it up. Another simple step here - all you have to do is click to start pumping and your character will do so.

Watch out for the pipes breaking - if they aren't repaired, the furnace will lose all of its heat. They can be fixed by using a hammer.

Progress can be checked by looking at the temperature gauge. Once the arrow is in the green zone, the furnace is at the right temperature. If it rises any higher, it will overheat and damage the person pumping.

Collecting Your Bars

The final step of the Blast Furnace is to collect your bars. Once your ores are in the melting pot and the temperature is correct, an orange liquid will be squirted into the bar dispenser. Obviously you won't be able to collect them straight away as they will be molten! In order to cool them down, you will need to fill a bucket with water and use it on the bar dispenser. A bucket respawns near the dispenser, and you can fill it with water from the sink next to it.

Once the bars are cooled, you are free to collect them. You will be shown an interface like this one - just select how many bars you with to take from the bar dispenser.


After you have your bars, it's time to smith! It is recommended that you smith a stackable item, as a bank is considerably far away, and making non-stackable items generates more of a loss money wise.

However, if you do wish to smith unstackable items, you can sell them to Jorzik for a cheaper price than the Grand Exchange market value. It really isn't recommended to bank these items, as it will take much longer.

Once you have smithed your desired items, repeat the whole process again to produce more bars. This is regarded as a relatively cheap method to train Smithing, so the experience rate isn't as high as training normally, at around 60% of average hourly experience. However, if you are fairly short of money, this could be the training method for you.

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