Brimhaven Agility Arena


The Brimhaven Agility Arena is a dangerous activity in which players go through a maze of obstacles in order to tag the required pillars. The maze is built out of 25 platforms, each placed on a pillar. An obstacle is located between each platform, making it tougher to reach the required pillars. Players may expect numerous fail attempts to pass the obstacles, therefore food or other healing sources are strongly recommended.

To enter the arena, you have to pay 200 GP to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard. Players who have completed Rocking Out can go in for free.


The Brimhaven Agility Arena is located in Brimhaven, west of Ardougne.

A few comfortable ways of getting there are:

  • Use the Karamja Lodestone
  • Glory Amulet teleport to Karamja
  • Using the charter from Catherby
  • Player Owned House teleport (if in Brimhaven)


Level 1 Obstacles

Obstacle Speed Recovery speed XP

Low Wall
5 Seconds 5 Seconds 8

Rope Swing
3 Seconds 12 Seconds 20

Log Balance
7 Seconds Slow 12

7 Seconds 12 Seconds 16

Plank Balance
9 Seconds 12 Seconds (There are two broken planks;
those planks are guarenteed failure,
while the fixed one is guarenteed success.)

9 Seconds 12 Seconds 18

Monkey Bars
9 Seconds 12 Seconds 14

Rope Balance
7 Seconds 12 Seconds 10

7 Seconds 4 Seconds None

Level 20 Obstacles

Obstacle Speed Recovery speed XP

Spiked Floor
1 Second 4 Seconds 24

Pressure Pads
2 Seconds 4 Seconds 26

6 Seconds 12 Seconds 22

Level 40 Obstacles

Obstacle Speed Recovery speed XP

Spinning Blades
3 Second 1 Seconds 28

Dart Trap
8 Seconds 1 Seconds 30


Here are a few tips that would help gaining max experience at the agility arena:

  • While tagging the pillar, you may go over some low level obstacles when waiting for the next one to appear; this will stop your time from being wasted while waiting.
  • The lower your HP is, the lower obstacles hit if you fail going pass them; therefore it's recommended to stay at low HP, and bring food such as summer pies, which has 2 bites and increases your agility level by 5. This is also an advantage incase one of the obstacles drains your agility.
  • Karamja gloves give a 10% XP boost to XP gained via obstacles, and tickets.
  • Low weight armour, such as spotted and spottier capes, boots of lightness and agile clothes are strongly recommended.


Upon tagging a pillar, the player will receive a ticket.

Tickets may be exchanged at Cap'n Izzy No-Beard for several rewards:

  • Toadflax - 3 tickets
  • Wergali - 5 tickets
  • Snapdragon - 10 tickets
  • Pirate's Hook - 800 tickets

Tickets can also be exchanged for XP.

XP Exchange
Number of tickets XP XP with Karamja gloves 2 or 3
1 240 264
10 2480 2728
25 6500 7150
100 28000 30800
1000 320000 352000

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