Underground Pass
The Underground Pass, sealed for thousands of years, has now been re-opened to reveal a complex labyrinth of tunnels and chasms. You must find a way through and get one step closer to the evil King Tyras. But the road is long, and it could be lonely. When fatigue starts to take its toll, mental strength is what you'll need...


Skill Requirements:
5 25 Ranged
Quest Requirements:
Plague City
Other Requirements:
~45 Agility is highly recommended. If your Agility level isn't 45 or higher it is recommended to train Agility until you reach level 45 before attempting this quest. It can take up to hours to get past some parts of the quest that require you to get past agility obstacles.
Items Needed: 2-3x Rope, Spade, Tinderbox, Arrows, A bow

Items Recommended: Armour, A weapon, Prayer potion (4), Food, 10,000x Coins
Reward: Click to reveal



To start the quest, speak to King Lathas on the second floor of Ardougne Castle.

Head to the entrance to the Underground Pass in West Ardougne, to meet your contact, Koftik.

Entering the Pass

Enter the Underground Pass, then climb over the rockslides to the left or right of the entrance to reach the other side of the swamp. Don't cross directly over it, for you will fall through to the floor below.

Speak to Koftik to obtain a cloth. Then, use the cloth on your arrows, and your arrows on the fire. Repeat this a few times to get a batch of fire arrows.

Fire your arrows at the Guide rope attached to the bridge. When you perform a successful shot, you will automatically walk across the bridge. There will be an arrow next to the bridge. Do not pull it unless you wish to return to Koftik.

In a small room north of the bridge is a plank. Take it, you will need it later on.

Rope swing

Head south and then east through the tunnel, ignoring any dead ends, until you reach a stone tablet. Use a rope on the old spike to attempt to cross the chasm. If you fail, you will fall through to the floor below, and you will have to start again from the entrance to the Underground Pass. If you wish to cross back over after using a rope, you can use the rope swing on the other side of the chasm.

Head east through the tunnel and then climb over 2 rockslides to find yourself at a square grid with Koftik.

Grid Puzzle

This grid has a set path that is unique for each player. If an incorrect square is stepped on, it will collapse and you will fall through to a pit. Note down which squares are successful and complete the puzzle by via trial and error. If you fall through to the pit below, you will be hit for 150 damage, so make sure you have a fair amount of food. After you make it across, pull the lever to open the portcullis, and you will automatically walk through.

Once you walk through, RUN through the southernmost corridor, as there are hidden spikes in it, until you arrive at an area with four pathways, a well and an altar. Pick up the Old journal and read it.

Four Orbs

Your next objective is to retrieve four orbs, each of which is located down its own respective pathway:

  • Use your plank on the Flat rocks you come across to the north to avoid the traps, and then take the orb.
  • Run past the Blessed spiders and Ogres to the northwest and then take the orb.
  • Repeat the tactic for the north path on the west path, avoiding the Blessed spider, to retrieve the orb.
  • Head down the southwest path until you reach the orb, hover your cursor over it and wait until you get an option to search a Flat rock. Disarm the trap and take the orb.

Run back through the spikes corridor and use all four of the orbs on the furnace, this will allow you to climb down the well.

Climb down the well where you found the Old journal.

Down the Well

Head down the corridor, grabbing the rope to the north of you need it, and pick the lock into the first cell on the south wall. Use your spade on the mud to pass the wall.

Head through the tunnel and cross the ledge at the end.

To get through the next part of the cave, either cross the ledges over the spikes, or if you have 50 Thieving, pick lock the cages to the south.

Head south and climb through the Obstacle pipe, and then search the cage by the Unicorn for a railing. Then, head south again and pry the boulder down the hill with the rail to kill the Unicorn. After you kill it, take the horn from the cage.

Three Paladins

Head through the tunnel to the north of the cage until you reach three level 62 paladins named Sir Carl, Sir Harry and Sir Jerro. Kill them and take their badges.

After you have all three of the Paladins' badges and the Unicorn horn, head west from the Paladins and use all of the items on the well. After doing so, open the door next to the well.

Run west from the door until you reach a set of stairs. Then, head south until you reach a camp.

Dwarf Camp

Speak to all the Dwarves in the camp, making sure they all talk about a witch. One of the dwarves (Kamen) will sell you unlimited Meat pies, stews and bread.

Head back upstairs and go to the eastern wall. Walk along the southernmost platform, jump across the bridge and cross the small south section to arrive at a house. Search the window to find out that she is looking for her cat. Do not open the door.

To find the cat, from the Witch's house, travel north, left, north, left and north along the platforms. Pick it up and take it back to the house. If you fail to jump a gap, you will be damaged for 150 life points.

Use the cat on the house's door, enter and search the chest by the door to receive a book on the History of Iban and Iban's doll.

Killing the Demons

Head west of her house and kill the three level 91 demons, Holthion, Doomion and Othainian, and take their respective pendants.

After you have them all, open the chest north of where Doomion was to receive the Shadow of Iban. Use it on the doll.

Go back to the Dwarven camp and grab a bucket from the respawn point. Use it on the Barrel in the smaller building to fill it with some Dwarf brew.

Head east from the camp to reach Iban's tomb. Use the brew on it, and then light it with your tinderbox to receive Iban's ashes. Use these on the doll. Don't search it or you will take damage.


Head northwest of the tomb to find a pit full of Blessed spiders, as well as a level 89 spider, Kalrag. Kill it and its blood will be smeared on the doll. You will be attacked by multiple Blessed spiders when Kalrag dies, so be careful.

Go back to the Dwarven camp and speak to Klank to obtain Klank's gauntlets. Then, go upstairs and head to the far northwest corner. Start searching the Half-soulless cages until you find Iban's dove. Use it on the doll.

Head back to the east wall and walk along the second platform from the north wall. Follow the path north slightly, then south until you reach some Disciples of Iban. Kill them to get a set of Zamorak robes. Equip these and remove all other pieces of armour and your weapon.


Head west slightly to find Iban sitting on his throne. Enter his throne room and throw the doll into the well, but watch out for his red spike attacks, as they will knock you back and damage you. Time your run to the well correctly and you will defeat the dark lord. Make sure you have three free inventory spaces to claim your reward.

After you defeat Iban, you will be teleported out of his thone room and will receive his Staff of Iban and a few death and fire runes. Speak to Koftik and then head back to King Lathas to finish the quest!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Ben
Corrections submitted by: Power of Five, Valerie