Lava Flow Mine


The Lava flow mine is a good source of Mining experience, as well as some useful rewards. It's also one of the few ways to get mining experience whilst not fully paying attention to the game. Both the Penance horn and the Sacred clay pickaxe function here as normal. The main reward is the Golden mining outfit, which boosts the Mining experience you get while mining anywhere (similar to the Lumberjack outfit).

Quest Requirements

What to do

To gain the best experience rates, you must mine the segment with 50% flow. There are four channels - A, B, C, and D, each with eight segments. There will be a blockage in one channel, and you will want to mine there to get the best experience rates. You can talk to Foreman Jaak at the entrance, and he will tell you where the blockage is. (Though usually it's faster to check the gauges yourself.) Move along the channel where the flow blockage is, checking the steam gauges as you go, and stop and begin mining once it says "Flow rate - 50%" (Examples below.)

The amount of experience gained changes depending on the flow in that segment, as shown in the table below.

Flow rate Experience
100% 50
90% 60
80% 70
70% 80
60% 90
50% 100

Random events

Boiler Breakages

Sometimes, one of the boilers break. You will get a message in the chatbox when this happens. To repair it, you will need a random level between 70-90 Smithing, gaining a good amount of Smithing xp for helping to repair it. You need a hammer to do this - The golden hammer and sacred clay hammer work, and a normal hammer spawns at the entrance.

Lava Monsters

Sometimes a Lava monster will appear, moving along one channel, with a TzHaar hero following it. You do not get a message when one appears, though you do get one if it is caught. If everyone just ignores it, the TzHaar hero will never catch up, and you will not gain the reward. Distract the Lava monster (Left click it) for long enough, and the TzHaar hero will catch it - everyone in the mine then gets double the chances of finding gems for 10 minutes while mining in the Lava flow mine.

Possessed Pickaxe

A Dwarven ancestor spirit will take control of a pickaxe. If the pickaxe is defeated, the ancestor will grant a 10% Mining experience bonus for ten minutes to the player who killed it. You get a message in the chat box when this bonus begins, and also when it ends.

Lava geyser

Every so often, a Lava Geyser is announced in the chat box, it will appear in a random segment and players will have to attack it using water or ice spells (although abilities do deal damage). After it has been "cooled" down, it will turn to rock which allows players to then mine it for a wealthy amount of mining experience. After it has been mined, the players who mined it get a chance to get one of the four pieces of the Imcando Pickaxe.

Note: Mining the Lava Geyser will recharge Imcando pickaxes that have run out of charges which are used to grant bonus experience. When the pickaxe is charged, it will glow and produce a red particle effect.
Imcando pickaxe

To create an Imcando pickaxe, you will need to take the following to Thurgo:

  • Imcando fragments 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Gilded Dragon Pickaxe. (Can be in toolbelt)
  • Redberry Pie.
  • 1 Million GP.

Liquid Gold Nymph

Every now and then, a Liquid Gold Nymph will rise out of the lava, and offer the player a piece of the Golden mining outfit (Picture below). This outfit gives a small boost to the experience you get while mining anywhere. If you already have the full outfit, you get the option of having one of your pickaxes gilded (Sacred clay pickaxes cannot be gilded, nor can the Inferno adze.) A table of the experience boost can be found below.

ItemExperience boost

Golden mining boots

Golden mining gloves

Golden mining helmet

Golden mining legs

Golden mining top

Full set

If you own any Varrock armour, the Golden mining top will also give the chance to mine extra ores. (Up to whatever your Varrock armour would normally allow) The Varrock armour will also give you the Mining experience boost, as long as you own the top. It should be noted that the Golden mining outfit has no stats.

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