Druidic Ritual
Help the druids cleanse their altar to receive Guthixs' help on defeating the trolls. If you are successful you will be rewarded with the knowledge of Herblore.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Fishing rod, Chisel, Coins

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Starting point: Northern Taverly, near the Altar of Guthix.

An Introduction to Herblore

Talk with Kaqemeex located in the northern portion of Taverly, next to the Altar of Guthix. This is located just to the south of the Heroes' Guild. Select the first option; talk about Druidic Ritual and he will ask you for help. They need Guthix on their side, so they need a potion called: The Ointment of imbalance. He will ask you to go to Sanfew, who will tell you what items are needed.

His house is in the south of Taverly, west of the Summoning and pet store, on the east side of the river. When you find him, talk with him and tell him you have been sent here to help with the Ointment of imbalance. He tells you a list of required items to make the potion:

Gathering the Items

A vial of untainted living water

To get a vial of untainted living water, go into the cave on the peninsula just south of Sanfew's house. Go all the way to the southern most part of the cave and use an empty vial on the Subterranean spring. Once you have done that, exit the cave.

A stonefishes Scales

For the next item, we move to the west side of the lake and try to catch a Stone fish. You need 1 coin to catch them. After you have caught the fish, remove the scales with a chisel, and you will have your Stone scales.

Wandering wyrmwood

The last item is the Wandering wyrmwood. They can be found south of the lake; they're little plants who jump out of the ground, run arround, and then plant themselves back into the ground. The best way to catch them is to simply wait next to one of them to pop up and pluck them.


After you have gathered all the items, go back to Sanfew. He will mix it into the Ointment of imbalance and a cut scene will follow.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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