Piscatoris Fishing Colony


The Piscatoris Fishing Colony is the most north-western settlement in the land of Runescape. The colony thrives on a monkfish industry, but they have difficulties with a sea trolls attack. Players may accept the quest and help the colony.

*The only requirement to enter the Piscatoris Fishing Colony is a completion of the Swan Song Quest.

Getting There

There are a few ways of getting to Piscatoris:

  • Using fairy ring code, A-K-Q.
  • Speaking to Kathy Corkat west of the Tree Gnome Strongold fence, who will take the player to the colony for a fee of 50 GP, or for free with a Ring of Charos (a).
  • Phoenix Lair Teleport scrolls, who will teleport the player south-west of the colony.


1.There is one bank in Piscatoris, which is run by Arnold Lydspor, who also has a General Store. This allows quick banking of the bought items from the general store.

2.The mages in Piscatoris are a great way training combat, as they are level 85 and very crowded in a small area. Usually not populated, most of the time are free from any players. The near bank makes it even quicker to restock on food and potions.

3.The entrance to the colony is just south of the south-western corner, accessable by going through a tunnel. Remember, a completion of the Swan Song quest is needed in order to access the Colony.

4.Herman Caranos's house; used in order to complete the Swan Song quest. Searching Herman's desk lets the player find a book of an incomplete biography of the Wise old Man.

5.A furnace, used to train the smithing skill.

6.Fishing spot for 'Monkfish' - probably the top reason of why players come to the Colony. Fishing Monkfish gives extremely fast Fishing XP, since the bank is really close to the spot; most players prefer fishing in the colony until they can go to the Living Rock Cavern in order to fish Rocktails.

7.Range, used for cooking.

Guide Made by: Dan
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