Stronghold of Security


The Stronghold of Security is a dungeon available to all players (Free-to-play content). The dungeon was introduced to help players improve the security of their accounts through offering rewards. To many lower-leveled players, this is a great place to train, as it offers many different types of combat-foes. It has no requirements to enter, however: This is a dangerous area and it is recommended that you have a combat level of 50+.

How To Get There

The Stronghold of Security can be found in Grunnarsgrunn (More commonly known as Barbarian Village), appearing as a broken rock surrounded by various ore-rocks as shown in the image below.

There are many different options you can take when traveling to the entrance of the Stronghold of Security:

  • You can travel by foot from Edgeville, Varrock, and Falador (as shown on the map below).
  • You can teleport using the Skull Sceptre.

Inside The Stronghold

The Stronghold is constructed of four floors descending down. As you go down into the different floors, you will notice a change in theme; mainly the colours. You will also notice a change in complexity with the monsters on the floor.

The Vault of War

Upon entering the stronghold, you will find yourself within the Vault of War. This floor houses the lowest level monsters, and is therefore the least dangerous. Stronghold Notes can be retrieved from the dead explorer, which may help you navigate around the stronghold.

A map of the first floor.

Floor 1 Monsters

Monster Combat Level(s)

8, 9 or 10


20 or 75

The Catacomb of Famine

The second floor you will reach is the Catacomb of Famine. This floor is filled with creatures ranging from level 28 to level 53, so it is much more dangerous than the Vault of War. A map of the floor can be found below.

A map of the second floor.

Floor 2 Monsters

Monster Combat Level(s)

Giant Rat
13 or 14

Flesh Crawler
56, 57 or 58

17 or 18

The Pit of Pestilence

The third floor you will reach is known as the Pit of Pestilence. This floor, once again, contains higher leveled monsters to the previous floor, and thus will again be more difficult. The monsters located on this floor are mainly around level 50 or above, so make sure you are prepared. A map of the floor can be found below.

A map of the third floor.

Floor 3 Monsters

Monster Combat Level(s)



Giant Spider


The Sepulcher Of Death

The final floor you will find yourself within is known as the Sepulcher of Death. This floor contains the highest leveled monsters throughout the whole dungeon, the highest being level 86. This will be the hardest challenge yet, so make sure you are well prepared, as the floor is filled with many aggressive monsters. You can use the map below to navigate around.

A map of the fourth floor.

Monster Combat Level(s)

62, 66, 68 and 70

66, 67, 68 or 69

86 or 90



At the end of each floor, you will reach a room much different from the rest of the floor rooms. This room is the the treasure room. There and four treasure rooms in total; one on each floor.

The Gift of Peace

When you reach the far room of the floor, there will be a chest in the middle of it, the Gift of Peace. This will contain 2,000 coins and will grant you the ability to use the "Flap" emote. You can climb the ladder to return to the surface (You may now use the portal in the first room th return to here) if you wish, or you can proceed down the ladder to the next floor.

The Grain of Plenty

Upon reaching the central room of the floor, you will find a large sack of grain called the Grain of Plenty. When searching it for the first time, you will receive 3,000 coins and the ability to use the "Slap head" emote. Either climb up the ladder to return to the start room, or descend down to the next floor. Once, again, a portal will be available at the start of the floor which will return you to the Grain of Plenty.

The Box of Health

When you reach the central room of the floor, you will find another chest, the Box of Health. This will contain 5,000 coins the first time you open it, and will give you the ability to use the "Idea" emote. Either climb up to return to the surface, or climb down one last time to enter the final floor. Once again, you can use the portal in the start room to return you to the Box of Health.

The Cradle of Life

After enduring all four floors, you will find yourself at the centre of the Sepulchre of Death, with a cradle in the middle, the Cradle of Life. Upon searching it for the first time, you will receive the ability to use the "Stomp" emote, and also the main reward of the stronghold, a set of either Fancy or Fighting boots. These boots provide the strongest defence bonus of all boots available to non-members, but do have negative Ranged and Magic attack bonuses. If lost, they can be re-obtained from the Cradle with no additional charge.

An image of the rewards screen.

The Skull Sceptre

The Skull Sceptre is an item that will allow you to teleport directly to the Stronghold of Security. It is dropped in parts by various monsters within the stronghold, with one monster being on each floor.

Part Dropped Floor Dropping-Monster
Right Half Skull 1 Minotaur
Bottom of Sceptre 2 Flesh Crawler
Top of Sceptre 3 Catablepon
Left Skull Half 4 Ankou

The two sceptre halves can be joined together to form a Runed sceptre, and the two skull halves can be used together to form a Strange skull. These two parts, when used together, will form the complete sceptre. A new sceptre will allow you to teleport to the stronghold five times, or ten if you made it while wearing Varrock armour.

An image of a player wielding the complete Skull Sceptre.

Guide Made by: Ben
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