Shilo Village (Quest)
New areas in the southern part of Karamja Island have been discovered with a mysterious village. Who knows what hidden treasures exist, and what dangers lurk to guard them?


Skill Requirements:
17 32 Agility
13 20 Crafting
Quest Requirements:
Jungle Potion
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: 3x Bones, Rope, Light Source (Lantern), Spade, Chisel, Hammer, Bronze wire

Items Recommended: Antipoison (4), Prayer potion (3)
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Mosol Rei, who can be found outside the eastern Shilo Village entrance. This can be reached by heading south from Tai Bwo Wannai and crossing over the bridge.

He will inform you that the village is plagued with the curse of the undead by Rashiliyia, and tells you to run for your life. Ask him if there is anything you can do to help, and Mosol will tell you to speak to Trufitus, who can be found in Tai Bwo Wannai, for more information. He will also give you a WamPum belt and ask you to take it to Trufitus.


Make your way to Tai Bwo Wannai and speak to Trufitus. He will tell you that the temple in a place called Ah Zha Rhoon (meaning the magnificence floating on water) may hold the information on defeating Rashiliyia. Tell him that you will look for it and ask him for any more information. Now, make your way east and cross over the wooden log when you come to it.

Having crossed the river, follow it down south and you will come across a mound of earth.

Dig the mound with your spade and a fissure will appear. Use your lantern with the fissure and then use a rope with it and climb down.

You will now be in a cave full of Undead Ones (level 77). Head to the cave in slightly south west from the entrance, and then search it to squeeze through.

Follow the tunnel along (still full with Undead Ones) and you will come across some loose rocks. Search these to receive a tattered scroll, and then continue along the tunnel and you will find a little sidecave, enter it and search the empty sacks to get a crumpled scroll. Now make your way to the end of the tunnel where you will find ancient gallows. Search the ancient gallows and you will receive Zadimus's corpse. Make sure you have two scrolls and the Zadimus corpse, and then exit back the way you came. You can craft the broken table into a raft or run through the cave to reach the waterfall. Exit the cave and head back to Trufitus.

Use the scrolls with Trufitus and he will be astonished; saying that one of the scrolls states to bury the corpse at a sacred site. Trufitus will tell you that the ground in the middle of the village is sacred and you may use that. Make your way towards the statue and then bury the corpse. A spirit will appear and give you a bone shard before disappearing into the ground. Inform Trufitus of the news, and he will then tell you that you should look for Bervirius's tomb which is towards the south west.

Bervirius' Tomb

Follow the west coastline down until you reach Cairn Island. Climb up the rocks:

and then walk across the bridge. Head towards the north and search the well stacked rocks and then climb down the entrance. Make your way to the end of the tomb and search the Dolmen to receive a sword pommel, a scroll and a locating crystal. Return to Trufitus and inform him of the items you have found. He will tell you to make a bronze neckless by using a chisel with the sword pommel to make beads, and then using the beads with bronze wire. You will name the bronze necklace the 'Beads of the Dead', and Trufitus will tell you that the bronze neckless acts as a ward against Rashiliyia, who would spare those who wore it.

Note: Fight ahead. Level 91, 68, 93

Make your way back to the wooden log to the east and cross it. This time, head north and look for a door hidden by foliage on the ground. Search the foliage and then use a chisel on the bone shard to create a bone key, and then use it to open the doors.


Go through the iron gates and then follow the tunnel south and west until you reach bone doors. Use the three bones with the door, and then enter it. Look at the Dolmen and the ground will shake, with Nazastarool appearing. You will now have to fight three forms of him, level 91, level 68 and level It is suggested to use protect from melee.

When you have killed the three forms of Nazastarool, Rashiliya's corpse will appear on the Dolmen. Take the corpse back to Trufitus. Now head back to Cairn Island and enter the tomb again. Place Rashiliya's corpse on the Dolmen there, and the spirit of Rashiliya will appear and thank you for putting her soul to rest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
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