Fishing Trawler


Murphy's boat is docked at Port Khazard, where it is badly damaged. If you wish to help Murphy you can board his ship and help keep his boat afloat. If you are successful at keeping the ship from sinking, Murphy will make it worth your while by giving you a portion of the fish caught. This is hard work to do alone, so bringing along a team would be a great idea. To take part in this activity, you must have at least Level 15 Fishing.


Murphy's boat is at Port Khazard, north of Yanille.


Before you can start this game you will need some supplies. These can be found at the general stores in Port Khazard. It is recommended that you bring:

  • Bring around 150 swamp paste for each game.
  • Around 10 ropes for each game.
  • 10 Bailing buckets.

The goal is to keep Murphy's boat floating for 10 minutes. During this time players must perform repairs to the ship and bail out the water that leaks in. To stop the leaking you need to fix holes, and in order to do this you will need Swamp paste. If you don't fix the leaks quick enough you will soon find the bottom of the boat full of water. To get rid of it you will have to bail it out using Bailing buckets, if the boat gets too full of water it will sink. Occasionally the net will break and you will need to fix it and in order to fix it you will need rope. It is important that you keep the net in good condition, otherwise you won't catch much fish.

During the game there will be bars at the top of the screen. One is used to check the condition of the boat, how much water is in the boat, fish caught and time remaining. Next to that meter is an activity meter. This shows how active you are. If you go for too long without contributing you will be thrown off the ship and receive no fish.

If you and your team should fail at keeping water out of the ship, your team will be shipwrecked. To escape you will need to find a floating barrel that will carry you to south of Port Sarim. There will be no rewards for you and your team mates, and Murphy's boat will be waiting in Port Khazard for you to try again. If you and your team are successful at keeping the boat afloat there will be fish and other items waiting in the net for you to take.


Every game you have the chance of finding a shell or a shark tooth caught in the net. The shells can be used to boost how much experience you, or your friends, can earn the next time you play. The shark teeth, once you have five of them, can be crafted into a necklace. On top of getting those unique items plays also have the high chance of finding junk in their net.

The fish you find in your net is dependent on your level.

Fish Level Needed






Edible seaweed





Sea turtle

Manta ray

Tiger shark

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