Land of the Goblins
The most ancient goblin legends speak of Yu'biusk, the far-off land that saw the origin of the goblin race. Now, one goblin has had a vision of this land and believes it is Zanik's destiny to lead all goblins to live there in peace and safety - but Zanik will not be able to realize her destiny without your help.


Skill Requirements:
6 30 Prayer
17 36 Agility
18 36 Thieving
11 36 Fishing
16 37 Herblore
Quest Requirements:
Another Slice of H.A.M.
Fishing Contest
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Vial, Vial of water, Clean toadflax, Pestle and mortar, Fishing rod, Slimy eel, Goblin mail, Blue dye, Yellow dye, Orange dye, Purple dye, Lantern, 5x Coins

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

1. Talk to Grubfoot, who is in the Cave Goblin Mine near Mistag.

2. You will overhear him asking Mistag to allow him to speak to the Chosen Commander in the city however Mistag is refusing him entry due to him being a surface goblin. Tell Mistag that you will vouch for Grubfoot, and then take Grubfoot into the city. Head to Oldak's house in the northwest, and speak to Zanik. Grubfoot will describe of his dream of Yu'biusk, the land of the goblins. Zanik talks about investigating this further, and Grubfoot suggests talking to the High Priest in the Goblin Temple, saying he may have more information. However, Grubfoot does not know the whereabouts of the Goblin Temple.

3. Oldak will have a good idea of the location of the Goblin Temple cave and will teleport you and Zanik to it. (It's the cave east of the Fishing Guild). Head northwest through the cave until you come to some stairs with some goblin guards infront. Talk to one of them and they will allow Zanik into the Temple but will deny you entry as you are a human.

4. Return back to Oldak in Dorgesh-Kaan and he will suggest speaking to the Makeover Mage (southwest of Falador) about a transmogrification potion. Speak to the Mage and he will give you some berries and tell you to mix it with toadflax. Return back to the Goblin Temple cave, drink the potion and select your appearance. You cannot wear anything, fight or teleport whilst you are goblin. If you require more of the transmogrification potion, speak to the Makeover Mage to get more berries.

5. Before speaking to the guards, pick a black mushroom nearby, then speak to the guards to enter the Goblin Temple. Head to the northeast and speak to the High Priest, and ask him where Zanik is. He will tell you that she failed to answer his test and was imprisoned. Use the pestle and mortar on the black mushroom to get some ink, and then use it on the goblin mail. Talk to Guard in black armour to the east and then speak to Zanik through the prison bars. She will ask you to retrieve a teleport sphere that was confiscated and placed in a crate nearby. Search the crate and then give Zanik the sphere to allow her to escape. Pickpocket the priest nearby, and then head back to the High Priest.

6. Ask the High Priest about Yu'biusk and he will tell you that you must first pass his test before you can receive any information. The following answers are:
  1. True
  2. The Big High War God commands it
  3. Goblins were not mighty before he chose us
  4. False
  5. It's one of the commandments
  6. Lead Goblins to victory over the whole world.
7. The High Priest will then answer any questions you have. Ask him what he knows about Yu'biusk and how to get to it. He will tell you that he doesn't know, but the previous High Priest might. Unfortunately, that High Priest is dead but he can commune with him in the tombt. You will ask to speak to the previous High Priest, however he will tell you that only he can and the tomb is locked by six different keys kept by the priests of the different coloured tribes.

Note: Fight ahead, up to level 75.

8. Head to Draynor Village and speak to Aggie about making white dye. She will tell you that requires a Hemenster Whitefish and 5gp. The Hemenster Whitefish can only be obtained in the Hemenster fishing area. Head there and catch the Whitefish. Bring it back to Aggie and she will make your goblin mail white. Create or buy from the Grand Exchange any more dyes that you require (blue, yellow, orange and purple) and then return back to the Goblin Temple cave. Drink the potion and enter the Temple. Examine the guards to see which colour mail they are using, and then dye your own goblin mail and simply talk to them to enter. Pickpocket the priests of each tribe for their respective keys.

9. When you have all six keys, open the tomb and say the name (Snothead) of the grave to the left. Snothead will begin to attack you, defeat him and then ask his predecessor's name which you will learn is Snailfeet. Head to the grave on the opposite side and speak Snailfeet's name. He will then appear and attack you, kill him and ask his predecessor's name. Head to the second grave on the left and continue this process until you reach the final grave, whose name is Strongbones.

10. When you have defeated Strongbones, ask him about Yu'biusk and he will tell you that it is on another plane, when the planes' boundaries weaken, goblin blood will cry out to return home. Head back to Dorgesh-Kaan and return to Oldak's house. Inform him and Zanik of what you have learned, and they will think of using the fairy ring to the south of the city to reach Yu'biusk and will tell you to meet them there. You can either walk there or teleport to a different fairy ring and use the code AJQ to reach the fairy ring in Dorgesh-Kaan. Oldak will have set up a machine to harness the power of the fairy ring and open up a portal to Yu'biusk, however he needs your help directing the power to the rings. Give 9 to the outer ring, 4 to the middle ring and 1 to the inner ring. You will then be transported to Yu'biusk, however it is barren due to the High War God. Head northwest with Zanik and open the strange box. Zanik will disappear and the portal will begin to close, and you will have no time to save her. You will return to Oldak's house with Zanik still missing...

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
Corrections submitted by: Doctor Shemp, DaDa, Runis Altair