Olaf's Quest
Poor Olaf Hradson. He has to live up to such expectations. His ancestors sailed all over the world, and now he has to go out and prove himself their equal. If only he could read a map... If only he could sail... If only he hadn't crashed! Can you help a depressed and soggy Fremennik regain his pride, and possibly the lost treasure of his grandfather?


Skill Requirements:
12 40 Firemaking
9 50 Woodcutting
Quest Requirements:
Fremennik Trials, The
Other Requirements:
Must be able to defeat a level 100.
Items Needed: Tinderbox, Hatchet, Food (any type), Spade

Items Recommended: Weapon and armour to fight with, Food
Reward: Click to reveal


This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Olaf, near the Rockcrabs east of Relleka. He asks you to do him a favour, which is to help make his family proud of him. He will tell you to take some carvings to his wife and his son, and to say that he is on a distant island. The problem is that his carvings aren't good with damp wood. He needs fresh wood from a windswept tree up on the near cliff.

Finding his Family

Head up to the windswept tree and cut some logs from it, take them back to Olaf. He will carve the wood into two carvings. One which you have to claim as something tribal, for his wife, and the second for his son, Volf. Head off to Relleka in search of his family.

His wife, Ingrid Hradson, is wandering near the well, east of the long hall. Give her the tribal carving, she has doubts that it is genuinely tribal. She will reward you with a freshly baked loaf of bread.

His son, Volf Olafson, is walking around north of the long hall, close to the sand pit. Give him Olaf's carving. He will reward you with his lunch, a cooked shark.


Return to tell Olaf that you have delivered the gifts. He'll be too cold to care and he needs a fire to warm up. He'll give you damp planks. Light the driftwood embers to get the fire going. Speak to him again, he will ask for some food before he'll give you the map. He will take the first food in your inventory, then he will tell you that he believes the map is cursed. With the warning, he will give you the last map that Sven the Helmsman ever made, showing the location of his treasure.

The Dungeon

Look at the map to see that the treasure is up the cliff. Go to the windswept tree and dig next to it. You will fall into a dungeon. Head east then carry on north, finally west to the picture upon the wall.

Kill a Skeleton Fremennik and pick up the key it drops. Search the wall and it'll show a puzzle. Pull the levers till the puzzle shows the skull in the correct place. Search the wall again to get past it.

Head north and grab two rotten barrels and six ropes from the spawns. Walk onto the bridge and slowly go across it. At each gap in the bridge, use a barrel on the gap. The bridge is very slippy with a high chance of falling into the water at any time. If you fall, you'll be washed close to Olaf. Every time you fall off, your character will learn how to deal with it. This lowers the chance of slipping off the bridge. Halfway across, there is a gate which you will need to open. The shape of the key's handle represents which lock you will need to unlock. If you fall off after the gate, you will need to kill another Skeleton to get a new key.

Defeating Ulfric

Once you manage to cross the bridge. Go to the ship wreck and open the chest. Ulfric will rise up from a grave nearby. He has pretty low defence and is rather easy to kill. After defeating Ulfric, open the chest, you will receive your reward.

Congratulations, Quest completed!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Jei
Corrections submitted by: Dark, Power of Five