Cooks' Guild


The Cooks' Guild is located to the west of Varrock, just south-west from the Grand Exchange. The Cooks' Guild is home to the Head Chef who runs the guild and is also who you go to collect the Cooking Skillcape from when you reach level 99. Players need a Cooking level of 32 and need to either be wearing a Chef's Hat, Varrock Armour 3 or a Cooking Skillcape

Getting There

There are huge number of ways to get to the Cooks' Guild but here are some of the most common ways:

  • Teleport to the Grand Exchange and run south-west.
  • Use the Edgeville Fairy Ring and then run south past the guards and then head east.
  • Use the Varrock Lodestone and then run through the city towards the west bank and then continue north-west.
  • Teleport to the center of Varrock and then run west past the bank and then north-west.

Guild Floors

Ground Floor

This is the ground floor or bottom floor. On this floor you can find the Head Chef who is in charge of the guild as well as a sink, a chocolate bar spawn and a members only area that is open to those who have Varrock Armour 3 where there is a range and a bank booth which can be used for incredibly quick banking and cooking and is a popular spot for high level players and cookers wanting to gain the fastest exp possible.

Romily Weaklax is the pie baker for the cooks guild and can be found on the ground floor where he has set up his stall and sells pots of flour and pie dishes and will buy pies from you. It is advised to check the Grand Exchange price against the price on the stall before selling as you could either lose money or make money from selling pies to him.

First Floor

This is the first floor of the guild or the middle floor. On this floor there are two cooking ranges available for players to use to cook ingredients and also a churn which is members only and can be used to turn a bucket of milk into cheese, butter or cream.

There are some item spawns on this floor:

  • 2x Cooking Apple
  • 1x Pie Dish
  • 1x Empty Bowl
  • 1x Cake Tin

Second Floor

This is the top floor of the guild. On this floor there is a grain hopper which can be used to create flour. All you need to do is add some wheat to the hopper and then pull the Hopper Control levers for the wheat to be grinded into flour. Wheat can be obtained from the area north of the guild on the ground floor.

There are also some item spawns on this floor:

  • 1x Empty Pot
  • 1x Grapes
  • 1x Empty Jug
  • 1x Cooking Apple

Players can fill the jug with water on the ground floor and then add the grapes to the jug to create wine which is a free and easy way to gain cooking exp at a low level. The player then has the opportunity to keep, sell or dispose of the wine when it has fermented for a possible profit.

Guide Made by: Ashwin
Corrections submitted by: Dan, Joe, Dx1438, Vanilla990