Champions' Guild


The Champions' Guild is located south of Varrock and is only accessible to people who have over 32 quest points. There is not much to do at the Champion's Guild apart from use 2 shops that are on the first floor, kill chickens and start the Dragon Slayer quest.

Getting There

The location of the Champions' Guild

There are several ways to get to the Champions' Guild:

  • Lodestone to Varrock and then run south west to the entrance.
  • Run north from Lumbridge heading through the field north of the windmill, over the river and then head just east next to the farming patch.
  • Run down from the Grand Exchange along the outside of the Varrock, past the west mine and then head east a little to the front door.


Ground Floor

This is the ground floor of the guild. As you enter the guild, you will be greeted by the Guildmaster who welcomes you into the guild. Players can speak to him to start the Dragon Slayer quest.

The ground floor has limited use as the room only contains a staircase, a trapdoor which leads to the Champion's Challenge (members only) and a range. On the east side of the room, there is a door that leads to a good spot to kill chickens, players can kill the chickens and cook them on the nearby range.

First Floor

The first floor contains a large room with two NPCs that sell various armour.

Players can speak to Scavvo to buy rune armour and weapons, as well as some ranged armour.

The other NPC on the first floor is called Valaine. She runs the general store called Valaine's Shop of Champions.

It is highly advised that you DO NOT buy items from these 2 shops as they are much cheaper on the Grand Exchange.


The basement is accesible via the trapdoor on the ground floor (members only). It leads to the arena where the Champions' Challenge takes place. Creatures sit around the edges of the arena representing their race, they can be challenged only if you have a Champion's scroll.

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