The Sawmill is a unique training facility for Woodcutting, and it differs from the usual method of cutting trees. Instead, you will find yourself cutting logs into more complicated shapes than simple planks in order to gain experience. However, unlike most other methods of training, you will not make a profit from using the Sawmill, nor will you make a loss.


To use the Sawmill, you will require the following:

  • 80 Woodcutting (boosts cannot be used)
  • A Saw or Crystal saw (Note: The one in your toolbelt will work)

How to get there

Here are the three fastest methods of reaching the Sawmill, with the first method being the fastest:

  • Teleporting directly to the Sawmill using a Lumber yard teleport scroll
  • Using the balloon transport system to fly directly there
  • Running north east from Varrock

When you reach the complex, head through the furthest door to the right of the sawmill operator.

How to use the Sawmill

Here is a labelled diagram of the Sawmill:

Operating the Sawmill is very simple, and there is no skill required. To do so, follow the following steps.

1. Getting a task

The first thing you will need to do is to get a task. You can choose from either a quick task or a large task, but large tasks are recommended over quick tasks due to the higher experience rate. To receive one, right click the Job board and select the job of your choice.

The job board, with examples of a large task and a quick task

2. Picking up logs

The next step is to fill your inventory with logs, so that they can be cut into planks. Simply click on one of the stacks of logs and your character will automatically pick them up until your inventory is filled.

Loading the hopper

After you have filled your inventory with logs, you will need to load them into the machine's hopper. Simply click on it and your character will automatically insert all of the logs you have in your inventory. The logs will then be cut into planks into machine, with a return rate of two planks per log inserted.

Retrieving the planks

After the machine has cut the logs into planks, they will be deposited at the other end of it. You can then click on the pile of planks to pick them up. Your character will automatically pick them up until your inventory is full.

Cutting the planks

When you have a full inventory of planks, you will be ready to cut them into the shapes required to complete your task. Your progress towards completing the task will be displayed in the top left of your screen, and will increase as you make successful cuts. To cut the planks, you must click on one of the workbenches next to where the planks are deposited.

When you do so, you will be given an interface like this one:

You can right click any of the options to choose how many of each type of plank you wish to make. Not every cut will be successful, and you will destroy the plank that you attempted to cut. The chances are that you will run out of planks when completing most tasks, and if this is the case simply reload the machine with logs and retrieve more planks from the dispenser. The rate you fail will be decreased as your Woodcutting level increases.

Dispatching the cart

The final step is to dispatch the cart. Once you have made correct numbers of each type of plank, you will most likely have extras of some planks. If this is the case, click on the cart to inspect it and withdraw any extra planks by right clicking on them and choosing an amount to withdraw (this is not necessary, but it will save you time completing your next task as you can place the planks you withdrew into the cart).

Once you are satisfied by the amount of planks in the cart, right click the Overseer and select "Finish job" to dispatch the cart and receive a hefty chunk of Woodcutting experience. Once you have completed the task, simply repeat the aforementioned steps from step 1.

That's all there is to Sawmill training, it is regarded as some of the best Woodcutting experience in Runescape, reaching heights of around 100,000 experience per hour.

Guide Made by: Ben
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