Family Crest
The Fitzharmon family crest has gone missing, and the family honour has been lost. Can you find the crest and return it to Dimintheis in Varrock? There are 3 different rewards available, but you can only choose one, so choose carefully!


Skill Requirements:
13 40 Crafting
14 40 Smithing
15 40 Mining
7 59 Magic
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Have items to cast all four elemental blast spells at least once.
Must be able to defeat Chronozon (level 120).
Items Needed: Pickaxe, 2x Ruby, Shrimps, Salmon, Tuna, Bass, Swordfish, 2x Antipoison (4), Ring mould, Necklace mould

Items Recommended: Teleport methods to Al kharid, Falador, Ardougne and Varrock, Amulet of glory, Explorer's ring, Combat bracelet, Silverlight or Darklight, Food, Armour, Weapons.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Go to the small house next door to the Fancy Dress shop in Varrock and talk to Dimintheis.

Talk to him about the Crest, and he will tell you it is split between his 3 sons.

First Son

Go to Varrock, and search for a house next door to Gertrude's with someone named Caleb in (for players completing this quest on Old School RuneScape, Caleb is found in Catherby). Go inside and talk to him. He agrees to give you his part of the crest if you get him some cooked fish; Swordfish, Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp and Bass.

When you have got all these, he will give you his part of the crest and tell you to talk to the Gem Trader in Al Karid to find his brother.

Second Son

Talk to the Gem trader in Al Kharid and he will tell you that the person you are looking for can be found in the scorpion-infested mine to the north of Al Karid.

Talk to the Man standing next to the gold rocks with a gold cape. He will agree to give you his part of the crest on the one condition that you get him a ruby necklace and ring made of the finest gold. He tells you to talk to a dwarf named Boot for more information on where to find such items.

Go the the Dwarven mines under Ice mountain and venture in the the far west caves until you see Boot. He will tell you it can be found in a dungeon near Ardougne.

Gather up the armour, food and weapons you need and travel east of Ardougne, near Witchaven, until you see a strange dungeon entrance. Go down it and you should be in a room with Hobgoblins. Continue down the tunnel until you reach a room with lots of levers. Pull the levers in this order:

  • Pull the one in the north wall up
  • Pull the lever in the south room up
  • Pull the one in the north wall down
  • Go inside the north room and pull that lever up
  • Go back outside and pull the lever on the north wall up
  • Go into the south room and pull the lever down

The gate should now open.

Run inside and mine 2 Perfect gold ores, you may have to kill the level 122 Hellhounds.

Go back out of the dungeon and use the ores on a Furnace to get 2 Perfect gold bars. Use the bars on the furnace and make a perfect gold necklace and ring.

Return to Al Kharid and give the man the 2 gold items you made. He will then give you his part of the crest, and tell you where to find his other brother.

Third Son

Bring an anti-poison potion to the Jolly Boar inn North-East of Varrock. Go upstairs and search the rooms until you find a wizard. Talk to him, and it will turn out he has been poisoned. Give him your anti-poison potion and he will be healed. He will tell you that his part of the crest has been stolen by the demon Chronozon.

Bring weapons and armour, and all the runes needed to cast all 4 blast spells. Go down into Edgeville dungeon and make your way to the gate leading to the Wilderness dungeon. Do not enter this gate, continue walking west. Players completing this quest on OSRS will need to enter this gate, and head towards the earth obelisk.

You should now be in a room with Chronozon and the Earth Obelisk. You must now attack Chronozon. While fighting him you must sucessfully cast all 4 blast spells on him. If you don't, he will regenerate health. When he is dead, pick up the part of the crest and get out the dungeon as fast as you can.

The Crest

Go back to Dimintheis and give him all parts of the crest. He will reward you with some steel gauntlets that you can take to any of the 3 brothers for a unique enchantment. If you lose them, it will cost you 25k to re-enchant them. Caleb will enchant your gloves to reduce the chance of burning food while cooking, Avan will enchant them to become goldsmith gauntlets, which will boost the xp gained while smelting gold ore by 250%. Jonathon's enchantment is purely cosmetic in RS3, but in old-school will increase the damage a player can deal while using bolt spells.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Deathslayer
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