Livid Farm


The Livid Farm is situated on Lunar Isle, and it provides adventurers who have completed the Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor quests with a place to hone their skills in the art of Lunar spellcasting. Various spells can be cast around the farm to help Pauline Polaris to produce Livid crops and ship them off, as well as various random events.



  • Completed Lunar Diplomacy (for access to the Lunar Spellbook)
  • Completed Dream Mentor (for full access to the Lunar Spellbook and the farm)



To complete regular tasks:

  • Astral Runes
  • Nature Runes
  • Cosmic Runes
  • Earth and Water Runes (it is strongly recommended that you use a Mud staff to remove the need for these)

To complete all tasks:

  • Law Runes

To complete random events:

  • Death Runes (Murky Pat)
  • Mind Runes (Ibis)
  • Law Runes (Suqah)

Getting There

The Livid Farm is in the northern sector of Lunar Isle, and hence the large proportion of reaching it is getting to the isle. The fastest ways to do this are listed below, with the fastest first.

  • Use the Lunar Isle teleport via the Lodestone Network
  • Using the Moonclan Teleport spell on the Lunar Spellbook
  • Using an Astral tablet from the Great Orb Project activity
  • Teleporting or walking to Rellekka and sailing there with Lokar Searunner and Captain Bentley

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Once you arrive at Lunar Isle, use the map pictured above to locate the farm. Beware of the level 111 Suqahs nearby to the farm - they can damage you with accurate melee and magic attacks.

The Livid Farm

The farm has a wide range of different tasks that can be performed, all of which reset regularly. Each time the farm resets, a new 'round' will begin (remember this term, as it will be used frequently throughout the guide). A map of the farm can be found below. The numbers show the locations of various tasks.

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Click a number to navigate straight to the task



The following spells are required to perform tasks on the farm.

SpellMagic level requiredRunes requiredTask
Cure Plant661 Astral, 8 EarthCuring diseased livid
Monster Examine661 Astral, 1 Cosmic, 1 MindDiagnosing Ibis
String Jewellery802 Astral, 10 Earth, 5 WaterGrouping produce
Fertile Soil833 Astral, 2 Nature, 15 EarthFertilising soil
Plank Make852 Astral, 1 Nature, 15 EarthConverting lunar lumber into planks
Energy Transfer913 Astral, 1 Nature, 2 LawEnergising Pauline Polaris
Vengeance Other933 Astral, 2 Death, 10 EarthApplying Vengeance to Murky Pat

Note: Due to the large amounts of Earth and Water runes required to cast spells on the farm, it is strongly recommended that a Mud Staff is equipped when doing so, as this will reduce the cost of spellcasting by a large amount.

1. Pauline Polaris

The Livid Farm is owned and run by Pauline Polaris. She can be found at the entrance to the farm, and will tell players the basic information required to work on it. She will be in charge of issuing rewards to players, and also plays a role in the spellcasting performed on the farm. Every few rounds she will become drained, and the Energy Transfer spell can be used on her to energize her.

2. Produce Pile

The produce pile will be filled every few rounds, and will contain 10 Livid crops. The String Jewellery spell can be used to group them into bundles of 5.

3. Lunar Lumber

The container next to the produce pile contains an unlimited supply of Lunar Lumber. The Plank Make spell can be used on it to turn it into regular planks, which can be used to fix broken fences around the farm.

4. Fences

There are various fences around the farm that will need to be repaired with planks crafted from lunar lumber. Each round, two fences will need to be repaired with the planks acquired in the previous step. No spell is required to make repairs, only to make the planks.

5. Trade Wagon

In rounds where the produce pile is full, the trade wagon can be used to deposit the produce after it has been grouped.

6. Livid Crops

The main attraction of the Livid Farm is the patches growing the Livid crops. There are two tasks that can be performed here - fertilising the soil and curing the plants.

Fertilising Soil - Each round three of the farming patches will have nothing growing in them. In order to make them grow, the Fertile Soil spell can be used on these patches.

Curing Plants - Each round there will be three diseased livid plants. They can be in one of four states, which will be displayed on your screen when attempting to cast the spell. Each state has keybinds which will make curing the plants much easier to do. The following describes the states of the plants:

  • State 1 - The plant will have one large flower.
  • State 2 - The plant will have one large flower, as well as two smaller flowers of similar size.
  • State 3 - The plant will have two large flowers, as well as a tiny flower coming off from one of the large stems.
  • State 4 - The plant will have one large flower, as well as two smaller flowers. A tiny flower will be coming off one of the smaller flowers' stems.

The plant states will always be in the same places, which is rather convenient. This shows the layout of the patches and the states of the livid growing in them.


7. Ibis (Random Event)

Occasionally a woman named Meteora will visit the farm with a sick Ibis. You will need to cast Monster Examine on it and tell her what is wrong with it.

8. Murky Pat (Random Event)

Another possible random event that can be encountered is one involving Murky Pat. He will visit the farm on occasion and request to have Vengeance cast upon him. His wish can be granted by using the Vengeance Other spell.

9. Suqah (Random Event)

Sometimes a level 50 Suqah will invade the farm, and Pauline will start to attack it. The Energy Transfer spell can be used on her to aid her in the battle.


Pauline Polaris will reward players with multiple types of magical rewards after working on the farm for a while. There are two kinds of rewards:


A series of additional spells can be obtained from the farm, all of them on the Lunar spellbook. The following spells can be unlocked:

SpellMagic level requiredProduce pointsEffect
South Falador Teleport7269,840Teleports you to Falador's southern gate.
Repair Rune Pouch75139,760Repairs Rune essence pouches and makes them last 5x longer.
North Ardougne Teleport76227,120Teleports you to the end of the path north of East Ardougne's northern bank.
Remote Farm78314,480Allows you to view the states of all Farming patches across Runescape, and to cure them if diseased.
Spiritualise Food80401,840Allows you to use food to heal your familiar, and to boost its stats.
Make Leather83489,200Allows you to tan up to 5 hides each cast.
Disruption Shield90576,560Negates the next hit you receive (only in PvP).
Vengeance Group95663,920Gives the Vengeance effect to up to 50 players standing within a 7x7 square of the caster.
Teleport to Trollheim92744,400Teleports you to the Trollheim farming patch.*
Group teleport to Trollheim93806,400Teleports the group nearest to you to the Trollheim farming patch.*
Borrowed Power99850,000Grants you the ability to cast certain spells from the regular spellbook.**

* Requires completion of My Arm's Big Adventure.

** When using an arcane capacitor necklace, the following spells can be cast from the normal spellbook:

  • Wind wave
  • Water wave
  • Earth wave
  • Fire wave
  • Entangle
  • Enfeeble
  • Telekinetic grab
  • Magic dart
  • Vulnerability
  • Enfeeble
  • Telekenetic grab
  • Teleport to house
  • High level alchemy
  • Bones to peaches

In order to use the Borrowed Power spell, you will need to charge your arcane capacitor necklace. In order to charge it, you will require the runes for 1,000 casts of your chosen spell, resulting in 1,000 casts of the spell imbued into the necklace. Casting the spell then requires 3 astral runes and 1 charge from your arcane capacitor necklace. In order to cast your chosen spell, the necklace must be worn. Autocasting is unavailable when using the spell.

Note: You do not lose any produce points when unlocking spells, so you can unlock all of them with 850,000 points.


After unlocking all of the spells from the farm, you will be able to purchase wishes with your produce points. Unlike unlocking spells, purchasing wishes will reduce your amount of produce points, so think carefully before purchasing any.

Wish Produce points Effect
Let it rain seeds 18,000 For a short time, strawberry, watermelon, poison ivy, cactus, curry tree, and orange tree seeds will appear on the floor, and players can pick up the seeds they want.
Gimme herbs 18,000 Places 3 Grimy irit, 3 Grimy kwuarm, 2 Grimy cadantine, 2 Grimy avantoe and 1 Grimy lantadyme in the player's inventory, all noted.
Vial my herbs5,500Converts a maximum of 50 herbs (with the exception of Nightshades) of a single type (multiple types can be used at once) in the player's inventory into unfinished potions of the same type. These can be noted or unnoted.
Turn lunar lumber into runes5,500Converts all lunar lumber in a player's inventory into runes. With a full inventory, 25 astral runes, 10 cosmic runes, 10 nature runes, 10 death runes, 10 water runes and 10 earth runes can be obtained.
Reduce the fish I burn18,000Reduces the chance of burning fish for 30 minutes (with the exception of inside Daemonheim).
More planks please18,000For 20 minutes the player will have a rough 10% chance of receiving an extra plank when using the Plank Make spell (with the exception of lunar lumber).
Give me an Arcane capacitor18,000Provides an uncharges Arcane capacitor necklace.
Protect a patch for me!37,000Gives a scroll that, when used with the appropriate produce, will protect a tree or fruit tree patch while it has a plant growing in it. You may only use one scroll at a time, but it will protect 10 of the same type of tree.
Let it rain awesome seeds55,000"Awesome" seeds appear around Pauline. Pick up the ones you want.

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