Monkey Madness
The King of the northern Gnomes, Narnode Shareen, is once again in need of your help. He recently decided to send an envoy of his Royal Guard, the 10th squad, to oversee the decommissioning of the Gnome owned ship-building facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja.

It has been quite some time since the 10th squad were dispatched and they have been deemed missing in action. It will be up to you, should you decide to help, to find out what fate befell the 10th squad and if possible, track them down.

If only it were so simple. Sinister forces have begun to spread through the Gnome hierarchy and threaten to unleash an unknown terror upon the world. Far across the land, the fires of vengeance are being stoked once again. Can you unravel the mystery behind the deception? Can you separate the truth from the lies? Can you decide for yourself what is real and what is not?


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements:
Grand Tree, The
Tree Gnome Village (Quest)
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Ball of wool, Gold bar, Monkey bones

Items Recommended: 10x Antipoison (3), 5x Prayer potion (3), 100x Lobster, 10x Super energy (3), Ring of duelling (8), Amulet of glory (4)
Reward: Click to reveal


Talk to King Narnode Shareen, who can be found inside the entrance to the Grand Tree in the Gnome Stronghold.

The King will tell you that some of his men have disappeared nearby the Shipyard in Karamja and ask if you will investigate further for him. Accept and the King will hand you a royal seal. Now climb up the Grand Tree to the third floor and take a Gnome Glider to Karamja (Gandius), and then head north east to reach the Shipyard. Attempt to enter through the gate and the Shipyard Worker will ask your business here, show him the royal seal and then proceed into the Shipyard. Towards the south you will find a building with G.L.O Caranock inside. Talk to him regarding the 10th Squad disappearance, and Caranock will respond that he knows nothing about it, except that there were some strong winds recently which may have pushed them off course.

Following Daero

Head back to the Glider and return to the Grand Tree. Inform King Shareen of what you have just learnt, and he will give you a scroll with orders on and tell you to speak to Daero, who is on the first floor. Find Daero, who is on the east side, and give him the orders. He will tell you that he has to decipher it, and then goes on to inform you that you have been selected to go on a reconnaissance mission to the most southern parts of Karamja. Speak through all the dialogue options to find more out about the mission, and you will learn that you will be assigned to an agent, Flight Commander Waydar. He will then ask you to come with him and blindfold you.

You will arrive in a glider hangar. Speak to Daero who will introduce you to Flight Commander Waydar. Speak with Waydar and he will tell you that they are still trying to crack the re-initialisation code, but it becomes clear that the only person able to solve it would be Glough. Waydar will then tell you that you can have a try at it, so head south slightly to the renitialisation panel and operate it.

As you can see, the code is a puzzle slider. Search the crate next to the panel to find a picture of what the puzzle should look like. The trick is to concentrate on finishing a row at a time. Be aware that should you log out, the puzzle will reset itself. If you do not wish to complete the puzzle however, you can exit the hangar by using the portal at the end and speaking to Glough, in his house south east of the Grand Tree, who will charge you 200k to finish the puzzle for you.

Crash Island

When the puzzle has been completed, you will see the gliders fold out. Speak to Daero who will now assign Waydar to fly you into Karamja. Make sure you have around 3 antipoisons and the rest of your inventory filled with food (lobsters or above) and speak to Waydar again and you will set out on your journey. Upon arrival, you will be in Crash Island. Speak to Lumdo and tell him that you are here to investigate the disappearance of the 10th Squad and show him the royal seal, and ask if he will take you to Ape Atoll. Lumdo will inform you that he had specific directions to guard the crashed gliders and cannot leave his post. Speak to Waydar who will exert his authority over Lumdo, and he will then ferry you across to Ape Atoll.

Note: Ape Atoll is a very dangerous place; everything that attacks you is poisonous and there is a high risk of dieing. It is recommended to bring a friend who has already completed the quest as they can carry items for you (such as extra antipoisons, food, the gold bar and ball of wool) as they will be completely safe as a monkey.

Arriving at Ape Atoll

Following the cutscene, turn protect from range on and head northwest towards the Ape Atoll. A volley of arrows will be fired at you and you will shortly be imprisoned. When you wake up, take care not to stand next to the door as the gorilla guard will knock you back, dealing a high amount of damage. Wait for the guard to move past the jail door, and then quickly pick lock the jail door and make a break to outside of the jail. Should Aberab and Trefaji catch you, they will knock you out and place you back into jail. Also take care of the scorpion in the jail, who will poison you.

When you have escaped the jail, head east and speak to Karam who is camouflaged into the grass.

Finding the 10th Squad

Speak to him to find out that he is part of the 10th Squad and that his disguise is thanks to the Squad mage Zooknock. Now make your way south, with protect from range turned on, and speak to Garkor. He'll tell you that the 10th Squad requires a human to impersonate a human, and that they have chosen you. Garkor will then tell you to speak to Zooknock to work out your monkey disguise.

Before going into Zooknock's tunnel, return back to where Karam is hiding (with protect from range turned on), and then head southwest towards the magic shop and enter through the back door. There will be two shades to the floor, make sure you do not step into the light or get noticed by the sleeping monkey or else guards will appear and you will be placed back in jail. Search the two crates stacked on top of each other to find some monkey dentures. Now search the crate to the south and climb down. Head to the northwestern side and search the crates to get a monkey amulet mould.

Now it is recommended to teleport out to Al Kharid and replenish any food or potions you may have used. Grab your gold bar, ball of wool, monkey bones/corpse and some energy restores, and then use the glider in Al Kharid to fly back to the Gnome Stronghold. Head to the first floor in the Grand Tree and speak to Daero to return to the hangar. Speak to Waydar to return to Crash Island, and finally get a lift with Lumdo to arrive at Ape Atoll. This time, instead of heading north west into Ape Atoll, head south towards Zooknock's tunnel. These tunnels are extremely dangerous and can be very laggy. There are skeletons, zombie monkeys, traps and rockslides which can all hit high damage on you. It's recommended to keep protect from melee on at all times when travelling through the tunnel. Follow your way through the tunnels until you reach the very end, making sure to eat and drink potions when necessary. When you finally reach the end of the tunnels, speak to Zooknock. This area will be safe.

Creating a GreeGree

Tell Zooknock that you have been sent by Garkor and he will tell you that he has been looking for a human to transform into a monkey as the experiments with gnomes weren't successful. Zooknock will go on to tell you that you need something to act and speak like a monkey, as well as a talisman of some sort to manifest the spells energy. Use the mould, dentures and gold bar on Zooknock and he will give you an enchanted bar. Now you should teleport out of the tunnels to Al Kharid again and replenish your food and potions. Return back to Ape Atoll once more using the glider to the Gnome Stronghold and then from the hangar, Crash Island. Enter the city heading north west and get imprisoned once more. Escape the jail, and then head east into the temple. Turn on protect from melee, and then climb up the ladder. Climb down the stairs near Lubufu, and then go through the trapdoor to avoid being blocked by the gorillas.

You will now see two flaming pits of fire; to the south of the pit is also a safespot which you can return to if you need it. Use the enchanted bar with the pit of fire to melt it into a unstrung amulet, use the ball of wool to string it and you will receive a monkey speak amulet. Now make your way back to the jail, and to the west you will see a yard with banana trees and a Monkey Child. Take note of the child's aunt, who patrols the area to check up on the Monkey Child. Should the aunt catch you, she will call guards and have you imprisoned. When the aunt isn't looking, speak to the Monkey Child.

The Monkey Child will call you a stranger at first, respond by telling it that you are a monkey's uncle. Hide from the aunt if necessary, and then speak to the Monkey Child again. Ask the child if you can have his toy, and he will tell you that his aunt asked him to get 20 bananas. Make a deal with the child that you will get the bananas in exchange for his toy, and then pick a minimum of five bananas from the tree nearby. Hide again if necessary, and then give the bananas to the Monkey Child. He will accept them as he cannot count, and will then give you his toy.

Make sure you have the bones or corpse of a Karamjan Monkey, and now with your talisman return to Zooknock's tunnels once more. Make your way to the end and Zooknock will enchant the talisman but will inform you that it draws its energy of him, so you will only be able to use it in Ape Atoll. Now teleport out and replenish your supplies, and get some required runes for a teleport to Ardougne to save some time. Return back to Ape Atoll, and this time wield the talisman and you will turn into a monkey, saving you from being attacked anymore. Make your way northeast and enter through the gate. Head east to reach Garkor, and speak to him to learn that you need to seek an audience with Awowogei, the Monkey King, and claim that you are a monkey from Karamja seeking alliance.

Talking to the King

Speak to the Elder Guard nearby, and ask if you can speak to Awowogei. He will tell you that you will have to get permission from the Captain of the Monkey Guard, Kruk. Make your way south and climb up the ladder. Take off the talisman to turn into a human and jump of the end of the bridge, and then wield the talisman again to turn back into a monkey. You will be near the entrance from Crash Island, so renter the city through the gate to the north west. Head to the western hill and climb up it, and you will reach the area with the monkey archers. Climb up the bamboo ladder at the end.

Now, go over the bridge and climb down the ladder. Speak to Kruk and tell him you seek an audience with Awowogei and he will ask you to follow him. When you reach Awowogei, speak to him and tell you him you seek an alliance. He will set you a challenge to retrieve a monkey kept in the Ardougne Zoo and bring it back to him.

Teleport to Ardougne and head to the zoo. When you reach the area with the monkeys, wield your talisman and speak to the Monkey Minder and he will place you into the monkey cage. Speak to one of the monkeys inside and ask if they would like to escape. Get one of them to jump inside your backpack, and then take the talisman off. Speak to the Monkey Minder through the gate and he will help you out of the cage. Remember, you cannot teleport or you will lose the monkey, you must walk to the Gnome Stronghold. Use this opportunity to bank and prepare for the fight ahead. It is recommended to use range against Demon, however you can also use a Dwarf Cannon or melee it. The Demon deals high melee so range is the recommended method to use. Note that you cannot teleport with the monkey in your inventory or it will disappear, so head to the Ardougne docks and travel to Karamja on the boat. From Karamja, charter to the Shipyard. When you reach the Shipyard, head towards the glider and return back to the Gnome Stronghold. From the Stronghold, make your way back to Ape Atoll and speak to Awowogei. He will be impressed with your resourcefulness.

Fighting the Demon

Now head back outside and speak to Garkor, and following the cutscene, Garkor will tell you that he and Zooknock have devised a plan to use the 10th Squad Sigil as the transportation method, which will bring all of the 10th Squad (even the ones in captivity) to one place. If you are ready for the fight, put on the sigil otherwise go and prepare yourself and return back to Ape Atoll. When you put on the sigil, the ground will shake and you will be teleported to a battleground. You will speak with Garkor for a few seconds, and then the level 195 Jungle Demon will appear. Put on protect from mage, and to the north is a bridge which you can cross and safespot. The 10th Squad will also attack the Demon, however you will have to be the one who deals the finishing blow. If you use the safespot, you will still need to pray protect from mage.

When you have defeated the Jungle Demon, Zooknock will teleport you back to Ape Atoll. Beware that as you are human, you may suddenly get attacked and poisoned. Return back to the Gnome Stronghold one final time, and tell King Narnode of the events that have occurred. As you are now part of the 10th Squad Royal Guard, he will tell you to speak to Daero for training.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
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