Living Rock Caverns


The Living Rock Caverns are a members' only area located in the Dwarven Mine. It is regarded as one of the best locations to train Fishing and Mining, and also contains numerous high level monsters that can provide good combat experience.

How To Get There

The Living Rock Caverns are located in the Dwarven Mine, and can be reached via multiple methods. The most effective methods are displayed below, in order of speed with the fastest first.

  • Using a Combat bracelet to teleport to the Monastery and then running southwest to reach the ladder leading to the mine.
  • Running the same path as the previous method, except starting at Edgeville.
  • Teleporting to Falador and using the staircase in the northeast corner of the city to descend into the mine.

After following one of these paths into the Dwarven Mine, follow this path to reach the entrance to the Living Rock Caverns. Once there, climb down the rope to enter.


Seeing as there are multiple different things to do in the caverns, the requirements will differ for each activity. The features in the caverns allow you to train Fishing, Mining and Combat. Note that boosts can be used to perform all tasks inside.


There are two types of fish available to catch inside, Cavefish and Rocktail, both having a unique level requirement.

Fish Fishing Requirement Rod Required Bait Required Experience Per Catch
85 Fishing Rod
Fishing Bait
90 Fishing Rod
Living Minerals

The spots to catch each fish can be found on the map further down in the guide.


There are two different kinds of ore that can be mined inside the caverns, Coal and Gold. These are the same ores as the ones that you will receive when mining normal rocks, but the rocks which contain them are concentrated. This means that they will deplete much less often, and your character will continuously mine them until your inventory is full or the rock depletes.

Rock Mining Requirement Ore Received Experience Per Ore
Concentrated Coal 77 Coal
Concentrated Gold 80 Gold

The spots to mine each rocks can be found on the map further down in the guide.


The monsters inside the Living Rock Caverns have no compulsory requirements to kill, although a fairly high combat level is advised if you wish to take them on, for general killing or for a Slayer task. The recommended levels are as follows:

  • 70+ Attack, Strength and Defence (if you intent to use melee combat)
  • 70 Ranged (if you intend to use ranged combat)
  • A pickaxe (if you wish to mine the creatures' corpses for Living Minerals, requires 71 Mining)

The Living Rock Caverns

As soon as you enter the caverns, you will find yourself next to a dwarven camp. There is a pulley rift nearby that you can use to deporit items into your bank, however, you will not be able to withdraw anything, so make sure to bring everything you need when venturing down there.


Three kinds of monster can be found inside the Living Rock Caverns, and all of them are over level 120 combat as well as aggressive. Due to this, it is pretty much a necessity to bring at least one form of healing with you. The monsters that reside in the cavern are displayed in the table below.

Monster Level Attack style(s)
Living rock protector
132 Melee
Living rock striker
132 Melee, Ranged
Living rock patriarch
136 Melee

The living rock protectors and strikers are found all around the caverns, and drop various mining related items. The living rock patriarch, however, is a rather unique creature found in the caverns. They can usually be found in the corners of the caverns, and their spawn time lies around the 2 hour mark. They only have 4 drops in total, but all of them are dropped each time one dies. These drops are:

  • 3 noted Runite ore
  • 8 noted Uncut diamonds
  • 125 Blood runes
  • 125 Mud runes


Fishing in the Living Rock Caverns is regarded as one of the best methods in the game. It can be a good experience provider and source of money, and for these reasons it is very popular within high level fishermen. Note: It is recommended to play on either world 77 or world 84 when fishing here, as these are the unofficial worlds for the Living Rock Caverns. Due to the large amount of people present on these worlds, your chance of being attacked by a creature is reduced by a huge amount.

Here is a map showing the various spots that Cavefish and Rocktail can be caught. The most commonly used spots are marked with a green dot.

Once you have filled your inventory with your chosen fish, simply bank using the pulley lift and repeat. Experience rates can reach around 40-60k per hour.


Mining in the Living Rock Caverns is very similar to fishing there, simply fill your inventory and bank it using the pulley lift. The main reason why mining here is very popular is the fact that the rocks can be continuously mined, and much like trees, they provide multiple ores opposed to the usual one. The full gold mining set from the Lava Flow Mine to boost overall experience for hour, and a Varrock Platebody can be used to provide a chance of receiving multiple ores at once. The following map shows the locations of gold and coal deposits.

Use of familiars

Familiars infused using the Summoning skill can be of great use in the Living Rock Caverns for combat, fishing and mining. The most effective choices are displayed in the tables below.


Familiar Summoning requirement Effect
68 Heals 20 life points every 15 seconds
Unicorn Stallion
88 Healing Aura scrolls can be used to heal 15% of maximum life points, can also cure poison


Familiar Summoning requirement Effect
Granite crab
16 Invisible +2 Fishing boost
56 Invisible +3 Fishing boost
Granite lobster
74 Invisible +4 Fishing boost


Familiar Summoning requirement Effect
Obsidian golem
73 Invisible +7 Mining boost
Lava titan
83 Invisible +10 Mining boost

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