Salt in the Wound
It's time to save the residents of Witchaven - not that they want rescuing from their 'enlightenment'.

A solution has finally been found for the sea-slug infestation and it's your job to lead a crack team of slug-slaying soldiers into battle against this slimy foe.


Skill Requirements:
25 35 Dungeoneering
24 45 Summoning
16 47 Herblore
4 50 Constitution
2 60 Defence
Quest Requirements:
Kennith's Concerns
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: None

Items Recommended: Ring of kinship, Food, Armour, Ranged and mage attack methods
Reward: Click to reveal


Travel to Daemonheim and speak with Kennith, who can be found on the very eastern part of the peninsula. He needs assistance with getting rid of the sea slugs once and for all, and will teleport a little closer to Daemonheim.

Head a little west and talk to Kennith again. Ezekial Lovecraft and Eva will teleport next to you. Speak with Ezekial and make your way through all of the dialogue options. After your lengthy chat, talk to Eva and a cut-scene will ensue.


You will find yourself in an abandoned floor within Daemonheim. Head through the eastern door and dismiss the familiar puzzle on the far eastern door.

There will be a room with three monsters. Defeat all three, with the help of the signature heroes and Kennith, and pick up the Blue triangle key. Go back to the starting room and use the key with the Blue triangle door.

There will be a room with a Caustic Gazer blocking access to the jump stone puzzle. To get to the other side, you will need to distract the Gazer by tanking it with any character. Now use another character, preferably the one with the highest health, to complete the stone puzzle. The correct path is the following:

  • Jump south
  • Jump west twice
  • Jump south
  • Jump north
  • Walk north
  • Walk east
  • Jump east twice
  • Jump south three times

Now that you have reached the other side, inspect the Seeker of Truth. Now cross the gap back to the other side. An easy way to do this is to simply be caught by the Guardian Sphere, but your character will be hit for 500 life points. If the character dies, simply re-enter the dungeon and speak with Kennith.

Fishing Platform

Talk to Kennith to teleport to the Fishing Platform. When you are there, talk to him again and he will tell you the materials needed to create an anti-mind control serum.

The first ingredient is blood. Speak with Bailey, who will be in the same room, and "punch him." He will tell you that he feels zero pain. Ask him to prove it, and he will cut himself with a shard of glass. He will hand over the Blood-stained glass as proof.

The next ingredient is a live Sea Slug specimen. Head to the east side of the Fishing Platform and lure on the fishing spot. A sea slug will jump onto the dock, but do not attempt to pick it up! Rather, walk back towards Kennith and slug will follow you. Once in the room, Kennith will stun and capture the slug.

Speak to Kennith again and he will tell you all the ingredients have been obtained., and will give you a seeker gland. Pick up the pestle and mortar in the room and use any ingredient on it to concoct an anti-mind control serum. Talk with Kennith, who will head to the Citadel.

Head west, outside of the room, and attempt to enter the nearby cave by talking to the Slug thralls. Ask "Why can't I come in?", then insist that you're "not a stranger" - you wish to "seek enlightenment in the joining" and finally "I wish to hear..."

Hint: Before proceeding, keep in mind that if you log out at any time you are in the cave you will be moved to outside in Witchaven. All the rooms that you have completed will remain completed, and all the Risen knights you killed will stay dead except for the ones the villagers resurrect. You will have to walk back to where you left off, even if that means trudging through several rooms.

The Cave

Upon entering the cave, you will find yourself in the first room. Head north and knock out the villager, then use a character to remain behind while the rest continue on to the northeast. There will be a closed metal gate here that will need opening. Head south to the next metal door, killing any Risen knights and knocking out any villagers along the way. Pull the lever, and at your command move all the other characters into the northern room. Have one of them pull the lever, and then switch back to your character by clicking on the current character you have selected. Regroup the entire team in the northern room. To move on to the next room, go through the southern door in the room by pulling the northern lever once more.

You can either kill the enemies here or run right past them. Regardless, take your whole team as far north as possible and you will arrive at a fork in the road. Pull the lever and move Kennith and yourself to the east room. Leave Kennith in this room, and take your character south and pull the lever. Now take Kennith and send him to the eastern-most room; pull the lever in that room. Swap back to your character and pull that lever again. This will allow Ezekial to head west and then as far south as possible to pull that lever. Have Kennith to pull his lever again, and then have him head as far south as he can to pull the lever in that room. Take your character and head back to the central room with Eva. Send Kennith one room to the north, have Ezekial pull the lever in his room, and this will open the door for Kennith to join your character and Eva in the central room. Finally, have Ezekial pull his lever again to join everyone in the central room. Now that the whole team is together, head north and enter the next room.

Inside this room, defeat all (or as many as you can) the enemies to ensure that no one dies and making the room easier to move around in. Send one character to each corner of the room and have them all pull a lever. Once all four have been pulled, regroup and head through the northern cave entrance.

You will now be in a room with a strange device in the middle. Have your character investigate it. You will be trapped with your hand in it while the other three characters will need to defeat waves of enemies that approach them. There are three waves in total, each progressively a little more difficult. Once all enemies are defeated, head into the final room.

Hint: Exploit the combat triangle here to make the battles much easier.

Mother Mallum

In the next room you will come face to face with with Mother Mallum, the Slug Queen, whom you must defeat by using the serum on her; but you will need to distract her first. Have Kennith speak with Brother Maledict and have him open the door in order to pull the lever. Have Ezekial head north and break down the wall. Leave Kennith there while taking Ezekial back to the beginning of the room, and have him break down the east wall and kill the nearby knight. Position both Kennith and Ezekial so that they are attacking the Slug Queen.

Now you are left with Eva to defeat Mother Mallum. Have her attempt to attack Mother Mallum, but the major will block the attack. Simply knock the mayor out and attempt to attack Mother Mallum once again. Unfortunately the Slug Queen will throw you into a pillar to the north, which will weaken it. Head north of the pillar and push it over, crushing the Slug Queen to kill it once and for all.

Speak with Lucy, the old woman on the floor, and select any option. Whatever you choose will not have any effect on the outcome of the quest. Exit the cave and speak to any member of your team to finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Yolk
Corrections submitted by: Yolk, Dan, Max, Power of Five