Herald Capes


Herald capes allow players to show loyalty to their chosen city in a completely customisable way. They can be upgraded through five tiers, each having a certain requirement that can (in any order) be completed in or around the appropriate city, and they can be customized with different colours of the spectrum.

Getting a cape

Players can obtain a Herald cape from either Lumbridge, Varrock or Falador, the three cities accessible by free-to-play players. The city a player obtains one from determines which herald will be displayed on the cape, and this can be changed at any time by destroying one's current cape and choosing another.

The capes are obtained from three heralds, each of which reside in either Lumbridge, Varrock or Falador.


The Lumbridge herald can be found just outside the general store.


The Varrock herald can be found just east of the market square.


The Falador herald can be found next to the fountain north of the Artisan Workshop.


Much like the Max and Completionist capes, Herald capes can be customized to reflect your preferences. They can take on a combination of three colours: one for the cape itself, one for the trim and one for the herald crest. In order to customise your cape, simply ask the herald of your chosen city about customization options.


The colour customisation interface

On the "Customise" interface, you can choose the three colours that will make up your cape from the entire color spectrum by adjusting both the square and the meter shown to you.

Trim and Crests

The trim of Herald capes can be upgraded through five tiers, with each requiring a certain quest or task set. A tier cannot be unlocked unless both its requirements and the requirements of all previous tiers are met.

The trims available as you progress through tiers are as follows. Note that you are able to use any tier's trim if you have unlocked it, and you won't automatically have the highest one you can use.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5

The requirements to unlock different tiers are different depending on the city you choose to promote. The following table shows these requirements.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Lumbridge Unlocked by default Completed The Blood Pact Completed Myths of the White Lands Completed Vampire Slayer Completed 56 Lumbridge/Draynor tasks
Varrock Unlocked by default Completed Gunnar's Ground Completed Shield of Arrav Completed Demon Slayer Completed 17 Varrock tasks
Falador Unlocked by default Completed Goblin Diplomacy Completed The Knight's Sword Completed Black Knights' Fortress Completed 11 Falador tasks

Crests are another customizable feature of Herald capes, however these will require all tiers to be unlocked in order to use them (with the exception of the dragon crest, which also requires the Dragon Slayer quest). Having a crest is also optional, and the option of no crest is available as well.

Crest Requirement Crest Requirement Crest Requirement
None, crest is absent All tiers unlocked All tiers unlocked
All tiers unlocked All tiers unlocked All tiers unlocked and Dragon Slayer quest completed

Herald capes can only be lost when deliberately destroyed. To get another, a trip to the herald of your choice is required.

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