As A First Resort...
After discovering the beneficial properties of some of the natural springs of the area, an enterprising human has convinced a primitive tribe of ogresses to transform their rustic encampment into a medicinal spa of sorts.

Before Oo'glog can open for business, though, the area must be prepared, a pest problem needs to be sorted and the ogres really ought to be reminded that bashing people with big clubs isn't a traditional health treatment.


Skill Requirements:
22 48 Hunter
12 51 Firemaking
9 58 Woodcutting
Quest Requirements:
Zogre Flesh Eaters
Other Requirements:
If gathering own herbs / logs, you must be able to avoid numerous powerful monsters (64 - 99).
Items Needed: 8x Achey tree logs, 30+x Eucalyptus logs, 4x Iron spear, 2x Raw chompy, 8x Stripy feather, 8x Larupia fur, 4x Wolf bones, 10+x Fever grass, 10+x Primweed, 10+x Stinkbloom, 10+x Lavender, 10+x Tansymum, Box trap, Bird snare, For deadfall traps.x Logs

Items Recommended: Ring of duelling (8)
Reward: Click to reveal

Starting the quest

Start the quest by talking to Chief Tess in the middle-north of Oo'glog (easily reached by using the Oo'glog lodestone, by usig a ring of dueling to Castle Wars and running all the way south, using the fairy ring code AKR and heading south from the hunting area, or using the Gnome Glider to Feldip Hills)

Tess will explain to you that a strange human woman has come to the city and got herself very excited about a business opportunity, even to the extent that the ogresses are being offered lots of "shiny pwetties". Tess will send you to see this woman in the newly-opened bank, slightly to the south-west. You will notice that Balnea will go into far too much detail about her plans to turn the ogress city into a spa resort. She'll send you to the ogress cook,Chargurr, in order to help her set up the catering.


Items needed: 8 Achey logs, 10 Eucalyptus logs, 4 Iron spears, 2 Raw chompy

Chargurr tells you that she needs your help to set up a giant chompy spit-fire. First, you'll need to bring her eight achey logs and ten eucalyptus logs which can be found in a multi-combat area to the west, just outside the city's gates. Talk to Chargurr again, and set the logs up for her. She'll ask for four spears now (any kind except bone or dragon). If you're having trouble with the spears, you can buy some from the Grand Exchange, kill monsters for some (e.g. goblins for bronze), or even smith some yourself! (After completing Barbarian Training.) Back in Oo'glog with the spears, talk to Chargurr again, set up the spears over the twin achey trees. She will now ask you for two chompy meats now to cook over the fire, which you can track down yourself in the Feldip Hills, or buy from another player. Bring the meats to Chargurr, and put them on to the spears for her. Use your tinderbox to light the massive fire and watch the chompy meats cook to perfection.


Items needed: 8 Stripy feathers, 4 Wolf bones, 8 (tatty) Larupia furs

With the cook satisfied, head back to Balnea. She'll send you over to assist the hotel manager Snurgh. Find her in a bedroom at the far east of the city. You'll learn that she's using raw, rotten meat to stuff pillows and you'll suggest using feathers to fill the pillows instead. You'll need to bring her eight stripy feathers, which can be obtained from hunting tropical wagtails in the Feldip Hunter area, using a bird snare. Give the feathers to Snurgh and then after a quick visit back to Balnea, the next ogress to help is Kringk the hairdresser. This time, we need four wolf bones and eight spined larupia furs (by pitfall trapping).

Getting rid of the bugs

Items needed:Eucalyptus logs, Lavender, Tansysum, Fever grass, Primweed, Stinkbloom (amounts depend on how many attempts are needed)

Once you deliver those to the hairdresser talk to Balnea again. She will ask you to get rid of the bugs flying around the pools and will recommend that you see Seegud, the ogress mystic, to help you drive away the bugs. Seegud will explain that certain scents created by burning herbs and logs can be used to drive away insect swarms from the pools. She will explain her coloured rock system to you, which tells you which materials to burn by each pool. If you forget which rock is which, you can look at your quest journal for a reference. Grab around 5 of each herb from just outside the city gates , and around 15 eucalyptus logs. Try burning some materials by a fire in relation to Seegud's coloured rock system. Sadly, it doesn't work, and the nearby ogre children snigger suspiciously. Talk to Seegud about this strange occurrence, and you be informed that the ogre children have mixed up the coloured rocks! Now, each coloured rock represents a different kind of herb, and you'll have to work it out.

Using trial and error, the easiest way to figure out which herbs to use is to visit the pools in the following order:

  • Salt-water
  • Thermal
  • Mud
  • Sulphur
  • Bandos

Alternatively, you can use the RuneScape QuestHelp system and unlock an spoiler to find out which herbs correspond with the coloured rocks.

Go back to Seegud once the insect swarms are gone. She will thank you for clearing off the nuisances and send you back to Balnea for your last task. There are hunter-related parasites wondering around areas of Oo'glog that need to be killed or relocated and ask you to speak to Chief Tess.

Hunting unusual creatures

Items needed:Logs for deadfall traps, Bird snare, Box trap, Lavender, Tansysum, Fever grass

Your task now is to hunt down 5 wimpy birds, 4 diseased kebbits, and relocate 4 platypodes. Take note that these are unusual hunter creatures, and must be lured with the smoke from a smouldering herb. Wimpy Birds are found to the west of the gift shop. Being birds, they're captured using a bird snare, and they are baited using smouldering tansymum. Unequip your weapon, use a tinderbox with the herb, and wait for a bird to be lured.

Diseased Kebbits are on either side of the salt-water pool, with deadfall traps conveniently nearby. Any log and a knife is needed to set up the traps. Smouldering fever grass is the require lure for these creatures. Platypodes can be found to the east of the red Bandos pool, and box traps are needed to capture these, lured by smouldering lavender. After capturing all four, they will be in your inventory. Go to the far east of the city, near to the charter ship dock, and release them in the reeds in the water.

With the roaming hunter creatures out of the way, you can talk to Balnea for the last time. She'll go ahead and invite loads of NPCs from all over RuneScape to see the spa's grand opening! Following the cutsscene the spa resort is fully in business thanks to all of your hard work and you will now be able to use the bath pools for free.

PoolEffectDuration of effect
BandosBandos' followers in the God Wars Dungeon will not be aggressive to you1 hour
MudIncreases your Hunter level by 8N/A - similar to any other boosts
Salt water springUnlimited run energy10-25 minutes depending on your Agility level
Sulphur springRecharges and increases your Prayer points by 10%N/A
Thermal bathHeals poison, disease and boosts ConstitutionN/A - similar to any other boosts

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Doctor Shemp
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