Branches of Darkmeyer, The
Dark, feral shapes have been seen stalking the outskirts of Burgh de Rott with terrible, unnatural swiftness, and rumours abound that Vanstrom Klause himself is at large once more. Veliaf and the rest of the Myreque have taken note of these ill signs and fear an imminent attack. Safalaan has been pre-occupied of late and, outnumbered and ill-equipped as they are, the Myreque must turn to you for assistance once again.

To do this, you must enter the baroque streets of Darkmeyer; the vampyre city. With help from an unexpected source, you must infiltrate the upper echelons of vampyric society to locate the last remaining blisterwood tree, which lies heavily guarded in the city�s dark heart and whose branches are the bane of even the most powerful Vyrewatch.

Once you have done so, you�ll be able to create weapons that will end this looming threat before all is lost, and will put the Myreque in a better position to end their war once and for all. You may defeat the foe that lurks in the shadows, and the rewards may be great, including experience tomes, new weapons and an item that teleports its bearer to the Barrows, among other places, but will the end really justify the means?


Skill Requirements:
9 76 Woodcutting
10 70 Fletching
7 70 Magic
19 67 Slayer
13 64 Crafting
17 63 Agility
20 63 Farming
Quest Requirements:
Legacy of Seergaze
Legends' Quest
Other Requirements:
Be able to defeat two level 98 enemies.
Items Needed: Knife, Bronze hatchet, Needle

Items Recommended: Dragon hatchet, Gadderhammer
Reward: Click to reveal


Starting the quest

Start the quest by talking to Veliaf in the Myreque basement in Burgh de Rott. Ask him if there is anything you can do to help in order to start the quest.

Veliaf will tell you that the Myreque can feel Vanstrom Klause getting closer to the town, and he would like you to investigate a nearby cave. The entrance can be found south of the bank.

There will be a letter on the floor near where you enter, addressed to Safalaan Hallow. Pick it up and read it.

Search the coffin to the west of the room in order to receive a medallion. This will allow you to teleport to Burgh de Rott or the Meiyerditch Laboratories. It starts off with 10 charges, and can be recharged by submerging it in the nearby pool of blood. Note: You will take 10 damage when searching the coffin.

Report back to Veliaf and show him both the letter and the medallion. After a small bit of dialogue, he will state that you need to visit Meiyerditch, and that it is unsafe to visit the usual way. Due to this, he will offer to teleport you in using a tablet. Accept his offer.

You will arrive in the Myreque hideout in Meiyerditch. Go to the northernmost room and tell Safalaan you have a letter for him. You will automatically show him the medallion afterwards, and he will add an option to teleport back here.

As Safalaan what you should do next, and he will state that he must go and meet Vanstrom. He will then decide that is too dangerous for him, and he will ask you to go for him.

Lookout Navigation

You will next need to head to the lookout to the east of the base. Use the following route to navigate there.


Click to toggle route

After you arrive at the lookout point, go downstairs and talk to Nessie. Ask her what she is doing there.

She will transform into Vanescula Drakan. Try attacking her and you will be pushed away, and then talk to her. Ask her what she is doing there, then how she can help, and then yes.

Continue to go through all of the dialogue options until you have asked her everything. You will eventually get to ask her to tell you some information that you may find interesting, which you should agree to listen to.

She will tell you about a tree in Darkmeyer that is supposedly more powerful than the Ivandis Flail, and then she will hand you an envelope that must be taken to Safalaan. Use your medallion to teleport back to him.

Safalaan will tell you to talk to Vertida. Ask him why you need to go to Darkmeyer, and he will tell you that there is a drainage on the northern wall of Meiyerditch that will allow you to enter.

You will be told to collect some smoke bombs from one of the crates near the entrance to the base. Head to the crate and take out 30 smoke bombs.

Northern wall of Meiyerditch

Now you will need to get to the northern wall of Meiyerditch. Use the following method to get there.


Click to toggle route

Speak to Vanescula about where to find the tree. She will say that it is in the higher tiers of Darkmeyer, and that you will need a disguise to get there. She will say that you can use the smoke bombs to conceal yourself while you look for items to use as a disguise. She will also give you a needle and thread in order to craft these items.

You will need to find four pieces of clothing, and then stitch them up. In the first building you come across, search the southern chest to find a hood, and then stitch it up.

Next, go into the builing northeast of the one you found the hood. Search the eastern chest to find the trousers, and then stitch them up.

Head into the building just north of the one containing the trousers, and search the eastern chest to find the boots. Fix them up.

Finally, search the northern chest in the building to the northeast in order to find the top. Fix it up to complete your set. You can now equip the full set to conceal yourself from all Vampyres in Darkmeyer.

Darkmeyer trust

Note: A meter will appear in the top left hand screen of your screen which will show how trusted you are within Darkmeyer.

Go back to Vanescula and ask her if you can get the logs yet. She will say that you can't, and then you must tell her that you did not expect her to let you get them just yet. She will give you a blood scent to mask your human smell.

The next thing you'll need to do is gain status among Darkmeyer, in order to enter the higher tier. Speak to Sanguinus Vartis, who can be found at the top of the stairs to the northeast, and build yourself a name, and then accept the task that he will assign you of vandalising posters around the tier.

The posters can be found in the following places. You will need to draw eyelashes, a moustache, cat ears and a snarl on them.

Return to Sanguinus Vartis and tell him you have completed your task. Next, go over and speak to Sentinel Mortshade. He will say that he likes going to the jail and scaring the prisoners, so head to the jail in the northeastern corner of the town.

Talk to Maria Gadderanks and continuously choose the options that will scare her. Go through three sets of dialogue in order to gain the maximum amount of status points. You can wield the Gadderhammer to maximise Status gain.

Head west of Sentinel Mortshade until you find Grigan Kaninus. He will ask you to find some Bloodveld younglings, and he will say that they can be found within the middle and lower tiers. There are six to find, and they tend to wander around a lot.

Go and speak to Valentina Klaust, who can be found in the house just west of the musician, and agree to drinking some blood. Warning: Drinking the blood will damage you for a large amount, almost half of your maximum life points. Afterwards, say the blood was excellent. You should now be able to get into the higher tier of Darkmeyer.

Speaking to Vanescula

Speak to Vanescula, who can be found just southwest of the bank, and talk to her about pledging your allegiance to the Drakan family. A cutscene will occur in which you must repeat after what she says. After the ceremony is complete, she will give you another blood mark.

Go and speak to Misdrievus Vakan next to the bank. He will ask you to humiliate the blood tither nearby. Approach him and then punch him.

Return to Misdrievus and converse with him. He will tell you to take the blood tither to the tithe master to see what happens when he shows up without his vial. The tithe master can be found in the nearby building.

A cutscene will occur in which the blood tither is asked questions by the tithe master. Say that you didn't see anything when he broke his vial, and that he deserves to die.

Go south of Vanescula and speak to Sentinel Bloodmortis. He will ask your opinion of Vanstrom Klause, to which you should state that he is a nobler vyre. Afterwards, speak to him again to receive a question about Lord Drakan, to which you should answer that he should be removed from power.

Head further south until you reach the jail. Speak to one of the guards and agree to killing some of the citizens. Once you have killed enough, you will be able to enter the Arboretum.

Attempt to enter the Arboretum in the northern part of the tier. Ranis Drakan will insist that you pledge to him as well, after stating that he is not inferior to Vanescula. Agree to do so, and after a small conversation you will be able to enter.

Check the health of the Blisterwood tree inside, and see which kinds of energy it needs. Then, pull the lever to the east of the tree.


You will need to arrange the balls of energy in an order so that the tree will receive them in the order that it needs to. The blue balls represent water, the orange light and the green nutrition. By clicking an orb, the surrounding orbs in a 4x4 square will rotate once clockwise, with the clicked orb being at the lower left corner.

After completing the puzzle once, you will have to repeat it again with more increasingly difficult structures, which you can find by checking the health of the tree. After four puzzles, the tree will be ready to be cut.

Example solutions to all four of the structures given can be found below.

Puzzle 1Puzzle 2Puzzle 3Puzzle 4

Note that these are not the only possible solutions to the puzzles.

Cut the tree to begin a cutscene. Ranis Drakan will be convinced that you are not a vyrewatch, and after a conversation with Vanescula, he will be killed.

Speak to Vanescula outside the room and state that Drakan may be infuriated by Ranis' death. After a conversation, she will enchant your medallion so that you can teleport to Darkmeyer and the Barrows.

Return to the base in Meiyerditch and speak to Kael in the northernmost room. He will call a meeting in which you will discuss your findings in Darkmeyer. At the end of the meeting, you will be told that you need to dispatch of Vanstrom Klause by yourself.

Speak to Vertida about weapons to use against Vanstrom. He will give you some advice on what to make with your Blisterwood logs, and he will also give you some holy water.

Speak to Kael in order to obtain two sickles. Use these to create a Blisterwood polearm. Craft the remaining Blisterwood logs into a staff and some stakes. Next, talk to everyone in the Meiyerditch base and get three sets of advice for killing Vanstrom.

Fighting Vanstrom

Next up is the fight with Vanstrom.

Be warned - Vanstrom is very powerful, and the fight with him can turn out difficult. Make sure you are well equipped when preparing to fight him.

You should bring the following items in order to kill him:

  • A set of super/extreme potions, or one overload
  • 1 or 2 Prayer potions
  • Vertida's bottle of holy water
  • High healing food (sharks or above)
  • Combat gear (helmet, gloves, body and legs)
  • (If you are 88+ Summoning) Healing aura scrolls, and a Unicorn stallion summoned

You will need to be wearing your Vyrewatch gear, a Blisterwood polearm and any other items that can be worn around the set.

When you are ready to fight, MAKE SURE YOUR MEDALLION IS IN YOUR BANK, as if you die you can use it to teleport straight back to your grave. When you are ready to fight, head to Vanstrom's house in southern Darkmeyer.

Upon entering, you will find Vanstrom's pet bloodveld, Harold. You will need to kill it to gain entry into Vanstrom's chamber, but it is a very simple fight. Start off by throwing holy water at it, and then switch to your combat gear and protect against melee if you wish to avoid all of his attacks, otherwise just tank his hits.

After you defeat Harold, Vanstrom will be ready to fight you. Be warned, he has damaging special attacks that can deal a lot of damage. It is important that you can recognize when he is about to pull one off so that you can avoid it.

After a short conversation, the fight will begin. It is recommended that you activate Piety or Turmoil combined with Soul Split and begin to attack. Vanstrom will start by attacking you with his regular attacks. These are the less damaging attacks, and are not too much of a threat. The real threats lie within his special attacks, which are as follows:


Vanstrom will fly up in the air and blood will start appearing around the room. You must run away from it very quickly, otherwise it will hit you for a high amount of damage. He will also occasionally freeze you while performing this attack; if it occurs simply run away as fast as you can.


Vanstrom will call upon two young Bloodveld to heal him. You must kill these before they reach him, otherwise he will be replenished. It is not hard to do so, as they only have 50 life points each.


Vanstrom will say "Stare into the darkness.", at which point you should face away from him, otherwise you will be dealt serious damage.

The only time you will be able to attack Vanstrom is when he is not performing a special attack, so it can take a while to kill him (unless you are using stakes, which can be thrown at him whilst in flight when performing the Blood attack).

When Vanstrom is on very low life points, he will transform into a veil. In order to finish him off, you must throw holy water at him and lure him on top of it. Whilst doing this, he will damage you for frequent low amounts, which do add up. It will take a few repetitions as the water will evaporate fairly soon after throwing it, but eventually he will die, and hit you for a large amount of damage (but not enough to kill you).

Note: if you die at any point during the battle, do not panic. You can teleport straight back to Darkmeyer using your medallion and loot your grave, which will be placed outside Vanstrom's house.

Just before Vanstrom dies, he will summon 8 level 614 Bloodveld guardians. Before they can attack you, Vanescula and Sarius Guila will turn up to your aid. You will by shrouded by a blanket while Vanescula takes care of the bloodvelds. You will be able to control her, and she has four attacks that can be used.

  • Melee - attacks a bloodveld nearby
  • Dart - attacks several bloodvelds in a line
  • Shriek - deals a high amount of damage to all nearby bloodvelds
  • Shadow stalk - deals a high amount of damage to a bloodveld on an adjacent square

Once all of the bloodvelds die, you will be taken back to the Myreque base in Meiyerditch. Talk to Vertida and tell him that you killed Vanstrom in order to trigger a cutscene. Once it is over, you can return to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott, either by teleporting with the medallion or running. After a small conversation, you will have completed the quest!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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